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  1. Greed and fear motivates the free market. No mystery there. A democratic society is by nature a capitalistic society. Nothing, however, erodes a democracy like corruption and disparity. Capitalism allowed to run amok without governors will create both. bludog's economic "bill of rights" are common sense guidelines. They establish boundaries of corporate institutions (capitalism), balanced by a measure parity of income (socialism).
  2. According to CNN this afternoon (11/16) there are 9,000 US personnel on the ground carrying out rescue and aid operations.
  3. Amazing. Hillary hasn't yet declared any intention of running and cons have their panties in a bunch at the thought. Face reality. The tea party and GOP is eroding. It's a dinosaur facing extinction. It may evolve into something else at the last minute, and I hope it does. As it is now, it's a party of limited intellect and imagination and resistant to any change. Like the guy standing on plain ground, looking at the horizon, and calling it proof that the world is flat.
  4. Well, sleeper, I don't wish you to lose your life. Right now, however, you seem to have lost your mind.
  5. I assume you're referring to the "47%" who Kerry said should be ignored? Who should the American people "leave it up to" if not the voters?
  6. And only in the mind of a conservative is a womans sex organs a political issue.
  7. And that's why Hillary will be the next president if she decides to run. She won't even have to campaign, especially if her opponent is Ted Cruz or Rand Paul. She has world-wide recognition and is about the most popular woman in the country. Meanwhile, the GOP is "reaching out" to women by attacking womens health issues, minorities (who aren't so minor) with obstructing immigration reform, gays by opposing marriage, the unemployed by reducing safety nets, the poor by reducing social services, the elderly by reducing benefits, and everybody else by shutting down the government. Good smear, though. Now if you can only get everybody to believe it....
  8. Bay Area is a great place to visit. Wouldn't want to live there. It's overcast and cold, windy and cold, wet and cold, foggy and cold, expensive, overcrowded, gridlocked...did I mention that it's cold? I've learned to park the car and use the (mostly) effecient public transport system. Lots of stuff to see in SF.
  9. While you're cherry-picking, post a few pics of animal rescue efforts during oil spills. Let me guess, all the volunteers are conservatives; not a liberal among them.
  10. They don't. Despite sporatic differences we still have a strong common bond with Philippines acquired in WWII. There is a statue marking the spot where MacArthur waded ashore on Leyte. There are comemoration plaques along the road of the Bataan Death March. School children take field trips to visit these places (well, obvisously not now) and learn the significance of these sites.
  11. Far as I know from broadcast journalism, Saudi Arabia has landed at least one cargo jet. Right now I don't know what commitment they made. You are correct that the US is donating a major portion of the crucial aid. We have come across with bulldozers, trucks and helicopters. As well as tons of medical supplies, food and water. Four Marine Osprey helicopters are delivering heavy equipment and supplies to isolated towns and villages. By now, we should have doubled the Osprey's to eight. Additional air transport is being utilized from the carrier George Washington. In the past, we have aided moslems in Iran for an earthquake. We (and the other countries) left when it was learned that the aid was being siphoned for Iranian military. We and NATO saved moslems in Serbia, when the Serbs were committing genocide with their "ethnic cleansing." We also aided Indonesia when it was hit with a tsunami. They wanted us gone because the behavior of our troops and their aid efforts countered the Indonesian government's propaganda that Americans are minions of satan. Indeed, the public began asking why their military wasn't helping. Likewise, our military presense in Saudi Arabia had women noticing that we had female personnel, many of whom (gasp!) were driving vehicles.
  12. The Euro Zone put their populations on an auterity diet. Seems to work o.k. for them. No strikes or riots in Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy, or France. Everbody is happy because their getting trickled down on by "job creators" everbody is living within their means.
  13. "A lawnmower needs an operator, an automated lawnmower is illegal, I didn't say that power tools were illegal to use... Nobody benefits when they don't have jobs and money. Did Detroit benefit from robots ? take a walk down the street in Detroit. now abide, or go to jail." Are not robots "power tools?" Technology did not erode Detroit. Eroding consumer demand did. So did the relocation of factories.
  14. Ever hear of a scarecrow? How about a noisemaker to frighten the birds off? I'm no bird-ologist, but surely there is a practical solution.
  15. I was once told that a US consulate in India hired six locals to squat and "duck-walk" to cut the lawn with hand clippers. Why not simply get a lawn mower? It would put five men out of a job. The drawback was it also supported a low standard of living and paid a cheap wage. Technology has jeopardized jobs before the industrial revolution. Yes, it did displace employees and the transition was painful. In the long run, however, the general public and the economy benefited. Such advances did not stop at effecting the job market. Society itself was also effected. For example, mass production factories also saw the formation of labor laws and unions. Electricity did away with the water wheel for power and the populations of cities increased overnight. Technological innovation--progress, if you will--is here to stay once it's out of the box. Taking a step backward is economic suicide.
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