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  1. Governor Christie should just holler ''what difference at this point does it make?!?'' That would have closed the whole matter.
  2. The case gets made for Christianity,I think, because Jesus was an actual historical figure who most reasonable people can agree that at the very least was the most extraordinary human being who ever lived. Add to this his completely unjustified execution and you do have basis for worship even without the supernatural elements to His story. Jesus himself was not a big fan of rigid organized religion so skepticism about church and doctrine doesn't seem so wrong. It seems to be the faith in what you can't prove is tripping people up but logic has its limitations too. Faith is related to imagination. It's conceiving of something you can't see or feel and imagination is what keeps us on the cutting edge of what is and isn't possible . I'm sure it didnt seem logical that the colonies could defeat the mighty British Empire or that we could travel to the moon at one time, but it was imagined possible and then made to happen. We can imagine a higher being who created everythng and haven't yet proven it but when you dovetail this with the story of Jesus and the wonders he performed then there is a solid basis for a religion. I bet most religions had a similar start and may seem just as illogical. Logic, however, great as it is, just I isnt enough and is not the end all and be all of knowledge .
  3. Well played sir. Except maybe for that sister thing. OUCH
  4. You never met one so they didnt exist. And if Bush spent us into oblivion then what the hell is this guy doing?
  5. Real Cons don't give Bush lattitude either. Bush spending is what spawned the Tea party , but Obama spending is what made them a factor.
  6. The Tea party is dead ,but Occupy is going gangbusters isn't it.
  7. Just so I dont further suffer from being gullible, what are the true number of plans that have been cancelled by Obamacare? This administration seems to have trouble even telling us how many have signed up versus how many have been dropped.Furthermore, if Obamacare is not ruining so many plans as I "maliciously" claim, then why this effort to restore all the plans that were cancelled? Certainly the president wouldn't be delaying mandates and scrambling to get those insurers to cooperate with him to bring cancelled plans back if the number of people affected was insignificant. I could claim that mandating that people purchase a service they dont want, need ,or maybe cant even use is "malicious" , but i dont. Not every opinion that differs from yours has a sinister motive. Now if you'll excuse me,I have to go to my conservative masters and swallow more of thier crap.
  8. I definitely believe single payer is what liberals want. It may be giving them too much credit, however, to say they planned this debacle to further their goal of single payer.This disaster may be achieving this regardless if it is intentional ,but they seem to have hopelessly crippled their credibility .I choose to believe that this failure is a big win for conservatism and not just phase one of an ingenius liberal plan. I do hope I'm not wrong.
  9. To insure the un insurable. Not defending it , just trying to grasp this mindset. They chose the most complex solution imaginable to cover high risk people.
  10. If the ACA is mandating you pay for a service you dont want, need or cant even possibly use to subsidize others that do need it, then Obamacare does do more than just "set up" exchanges. In addition, these insurance companies will also be subsidized if the law hurts thier profits, similar to a bailout. They have no risk of losing profits because the government will cover any shortfalls which means, us taxpayers or the treasury will cover any shortfalls. This hardly seems capitalistic.
  11. Just because someone thinks this healthcare roll out and policy completely sucks doesnt mean that they want uninsured people to die. This ACA wasnt going to cover every single person anyway, so what good did ruining millions of plans do? You cant possibly believe that this guy is actually happy that children are sick and dying without coverage. By this logic, any objection to Obamacare makes you a sadistic monster.
  12. if the government is taking money from some and giving it to others in the form of subsidies, then how is this not socialist ? Mandatory coverage you don't need or want is clearly an end run around taxing you outright but it's a tax all the same. Another curious thing is that unnecessary coverage is being called "better" coverage. I see nothing "insane" about doubting the government's ability to manage healthcare since they mismanage everything they touch.
  13. I heard this story on the radio and couldn't believe how easily they accomplished this. Evidently, they just simplified everything unlike the government Site which tried to "boil the ocean" as they put it.$600 million plus whatever the fixes are gonna cost and it may never work or be secure. Even if you're a committed progressive, how can you not be upset over this colossal waste? It's your money getting squandered too you know. Defending this seems preposterous but it's happening. It's almost like they want to be ripped off.
  14. Exactly. How is paying for coverage you dont want ,dont need, or cant even possibly use not getting bilked? Suddenly every single policy that got cancelled was crappy. If the customers don't complain, then how crappy could they have been? The policies could have been less crappier still had you been able to buy health insurance from out of state like you can every other kind of insurance. We artificially put a limit on our choices. I have no idea what that restriction was all about but that set the stage for what eventually followed. Less competition... costs go up.
  15. Isn't the stigma of racism far worse? most socialist wear that badge proudly it seems.
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