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  1. You can do fine being a loner, so long as you don't let people get to you, enjoy what life you have, and keep your ethics and morality in line with society. Most people are annoying and I avoid them, that is just a personal choice as I don't believe other people (save close friends and family) view me as anything more than monetary value or a thing to talk to. You can find 'bullies' on both sides, it isn't exclusive to 'conservatives'.
  2. I have had no problems with the TSA, and they do a good job (or the best job they can for what they are paid). But I like dancing, so a little touching doesn't bother me. The Patriot Act is questionable, and its successor still remains questionable as plenty of attacks have happened since the Patriot Act was implemented, many of which were against US military installations. It depends whether you believe the 'little freedom for a little security' trade off is worth it - even though one of America's founders thought it wasn't.
  3. I have dated Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians before. So if we ever lived in a totalitarian society, I would be pretty much screwed - and not in a good way. Obviously not a racist though.
  4. Never heard of it, and never visited it. Where white trash congregate to rage against the rest of the world, most of which don't live in a trailer park getting drunk and interbreeding with their sister. Run by an anti-semitic, America-hating crazy, who thinks 9/11 was an inside job. He is a useful idiot for the Russian government. Have visited a few times and face-palmed.
  5. 1979 against Vietnam, though conflicts continued till 1989 when Vietnam withdrew from Cambodia.
  6. MrBabyman is cute, he's that guy in anime that rages about his country's superiority. Yeah, no. When all the companies are either state owned or state influenced, the corruption and incompetence remains. There will be plenty more poisoned baby milk I have had plenty of food, shoes, and clothes made in China, maybe I should buy some more knowing that it will exploit you further. Yeah, no. We don't massacre American students peacefully protesting in public squares, even if they act like Occupy Wall Street. When the US invaded and conquered Hawaii, it didn't create a BS story or go after religious movements, its rather pathetic you deny the Chinese invasion of Tibet though. China 'freed' Tibet just like the Soviet Union 'freed' Poland. Nah, China owns 1.2 trillion or 8%, which is even less than I first said (when I checked it up). Americans would love for you to sell off all the debt and try and crash the US economy, as foreign investors value US debt more than stocks or currency; and the retaliation would be even better because of the big tariffs the US could impose on Chinese goods. It is amusing to hear the nonsense stories spun by nationalists the world over that they could destroy or threaten America with US debt, even though the debt is mostly debt the US government owes itself. i.e. the US govt owes its own social security programs and so on money. This is different from debt in Greece or Europe. Though keep going. This is popcorn worthy entertainment. The Chinese GDP might be higher, but its GDP per capita (PPP) is lower than Iraq's (12.8k vs 14.5k), and goes nowhere near America's $54,000+, so keep trying as wages and salaries might be stagnant but they are still way higher than in China.
  7. Hillary vs Trump or Trump vs Sanders (if he wins the nomination) would have the same result, defeat. But its still funny to see the Trumpies get energized.
  8. Keep dreaming, though it will be amusing when they sink due to climate change (or better get hit by a tsunami) and all that money China has wasted building runways goes down the toilet. As for US debt, you are so wrong it isn't even funny: http://usgovinfo.about.com/od/moneymatters/ss/How-Much-US-Debt-Does-China-Own.htm China owns only about 8% of US debt or 1.2 trillion - even if you were to demand all that back, the US government could easily take out new loans with other creditors. 4.5-4.6 trillion is the amount of US public debt owned by the US government, meaning debt the US government owes itself. If you think China should sell all its US debt and a stupid nationalist furor, and lose itself a good investment, go ahead. It won't make a dent. In fact US debt is worth more as an investment than stocks or currency; so creditors would be lining up around the world to buy up the debt that China drops.
  9. The conservative judges you love so much endorse the patriot act and government surveillance, and many have adopted 'liberal' stances on the issues. Do you even have an ass to wipe something on, or did you sell it on eBay at discount along with your soul? Even if you change the judges to 'conservative ones' they will still screw you over, as the judges usually want a nice retirement and maybe even a nice book deal for their memoirs. You can't get that voting for dry issues that make a judge unpopular, 'the gays are coming', 'cavemen rode dinosaurs', 'abortion is evil' are all stances so silly and misinformed that they won't stand up.
  10. Not necessarily, though many are considering leaving China due to the political situation for places they can exploit easier. Some jobs can't 'come back' as the manufacturer has decided on a low wage exploit till they drop model, so if they locate it will be to Vietnam, Indonesia,etc.
  11. China is shooting itself in the foot with heavily pushing claims in the South China Sea, and creating the very turmoil that past Chinese administrations tried to avoid. Even if they manage to enforce their special zone, they will antagonize the other countries to the point that it begins an Asia wide arms race - which ironically will make their claims un-enforceable without declaring war on Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam. In all plays in the hands of the United States and 'the west', as we can easily support China's neighbors (whether with simple gestures of support or weaponry), and get all the political goodwill while all China gets is hostility and suspicion. They think they are playing a smart game, but in reality China is setting itself up to marginalized, and losing out in the diplomatic game. If China was smart (which it isn't) it would bide its time and not push the South China Sea dispute. Instead it would carefully negotiate separately with all the countries for access to the oil and gas; and with that settled it would just be a matter of negotiating what happens to the fishing areas and islands. Might cause a lot of tension between the US and China, but we still win the game, as China loses out diplomatically (as countries view China as hostile to their interests), militarily (due to arms races and regional hostility), and economically (as countries view China with suspicion).
  12. I knew a perfect match once, a sleazy white guy and a bitchy (but very attractive) Chinese woman.
  13. We can take all your women then. You must be annoyed because you can't find a woman, as they are all dating western men and the wealthy elite Chinese: http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2014/12/26/asia-pacific/social-issues-asia-pacific/chinas-bride-shortage-crisis-getting-much-worse/#.VfUByflVhBc
  14. Meh, how much do you get for spouting this crap, because if you don't get paid for it, you really are a useful idiot. Victories in wars do not require technological superiority, but the right tactics. I am not even going to go into how the US could have won the Vietnam war. 'The West' had a victory against Indonesia (that was supported by China and the Soviet Union) in the Indonesia-Malaysia Confrontation, which resulted from the right tactics being employed: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indonesia–Malaysia_confrontation If all you have is 'Vietnam', a country which opposes China's claim of the 'South China Sea', then you really are picking at straws, as though Vietnam might still have grievances against the US, they are relatively minor when compared to the grievances Vietnam has with China (which at the very least go back centuries): http://www.forbes.com/sites/donaldkirk/2014/05/17/vietnamese-anti-china-protests-reflect-grievances-far-beyond-chinas-oil-rig/
  15. Enjoy your poison baby milk, toxic skies, and shit jobs in sweat shops where you make shoes for little European brats, who couldn't give a toss if anything made in China is made unethically. Freedom of speech in China consists of only being allowed to rage against western countries, as if you dissent they lock you up in a political prison or kill you off for 'corruption'. Also using Tibetian Monks as punching-bags, and Turkic Muslims as toilet paper might piss people off, so China isn't as united as you think. As for US debt, it is vast majority US based and US owned debt, even if foreign creditors sold everything and tried to crash the US economy, it wouldn't make a dent, also the US is nowhere near 'collapse' debt wise. It would be like saying 'yeah! We own 10% of x, so lets sell our stake so it destroys the company'. US debt is one of the world's favored investments, so it would just be bought up by others, as it is more popular than currency or stock trading.
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