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  1. Favor or not,we are almost there.We said we would change America and we are moving in that direction.We can now boast how we fooled the young populace into voting for our side and no one better question us.We don't need deception any more.Even the Republicans are frightened to say anything(Rascism if thet do).Just a little more of the chaos talk and we own America.Thanks should go to OUR media and the supreme leader.All hail OBAMA!!!!
  2. tea party is done. These uninformed people still believe in the Constitution and the Bill of rights. They believe in hard work and being successful thru hard work.We are eroding all that as fast as we can.If they only knew that if they would just get a little lazier they will be taken care of by those who work .The pursuit of hapiness goes thru my leftists in power.We have to listen to NBC,CBS,NPR,ABC,etc. to get the info we need.We must make sure we show up when it is time to ask for the freebies.Thank you goes to our Messiah,Barry Obama the supreme leader.
  3. Conservatism is all about freedom and the constitution and the Bill of rights.Worry not.We are doing all we can to get rid of these.We need more people like you to oust these things.You sound like one of us.ALL HAIL OBAMA!!! We don't need any of those rights contained in those documents anymore.We will take care of you.
  4. Gonna let you in on something.We(socialists) are going to negotiate with Syria.We will also negotiate with N. Korea,Iran,and Russia. Our media will help my side by telling those uninformed dupes that the GOP are terrorists.We will have the power to control America soon.Obama is our GOD!!!
  5. I am sorry my side had to revert to lies to get so many on board.We will use Obama care to attack those terrible freedoms we really never needed.If we can dupe so many it will prove our point. Most of America isn't smart enough to deserve those freedoms.GO OBAMA!!!!
  6. Shhh...We don't have to talk right now.My side has spent yrs. fooling both sides into believing whites hate blacks and vice versa.We are dividing and conquering.Thank yous should go to the media and all their hard work.Please don't educate the uneducated.We can play on the emotions of these ignorant people and gain our control by taking away freedom and they will never know until we have that control.
  7. Obama care is awesome.It is part of our plan to divide and conquer. We will be closer to total control.Just give in to it.We will take care of you.Thank you Mr. President.We will use Ocare to get rid of those freedoms that aren't really necessary.Putin will be envious.
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