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  1. Some vegetarians drink milk & eat eggs. Lacto-Ovo Vegetarians do. So to be more specific you would have to ask a "vegan." I am not a vegetarian of any kind so I wouldn't know .... and if I were, well .... nice girls don't tell.
  2. I'm a happily married mom in case you didn't know. I have been a dancer .... but I wasn't a mom then.
  3. He's exercising leadership .... since there has apparently been none in the House of Representatives for quite some time & now there will be none in the Senate. Somebody's gotta do it.
  4. Hi dlk. I've been away for a while, busy .... but thought I'd drop in & see what's going on here nowadays.
  5. God is a spirit. How do you think the Spirit of God interacts in the physical world? Through people, that's how. To say God allows ISIS to rape children is the same thing as saying you & I allow ISIS to rape children. Do you allow ISIS to rape children?
  6. Jesus did not teach hell. Jesus taught love & forgiveness.
  7. I am not at all surprised ... we will continue to see health insurance company disasters like this until eventually the people clamor for a nationalized health care system.
  8. If the HOR passed a budget that didn't include funding for DOJ .... would you accuse Obama of refusing to enforce the laws?
  9. One-third of the government can't propose a poison-pill bill like this & expect to be able to dictate to the other two-thirds. . Does anybody seriously think the Senate is going to take the bait on this? The bill will be tabled by the Senate along with all of the other nonsense bills that have been sent to them by the HOR the past couple of years. It's just more political grandstanding from the GOP; it's transparent; and it won't earn them any points with the overall electorate who see it for what it is. It may help the GOP energize certain more radical elements of their base for the Nov elections. Elements who tend to lot of noise but often don't seem to manage to actually make it to the polls. It remains to be seen how much it will help them. Not much is my prediction. These childish tactics will back-fire on the GOP in the long run. It damages their credibility.
  10. "Hear this voice from deep inside It's the call of your heart Close your eyes and your will find The way out of the dark"
  11. The vast majority of immigrants come into your metaphorical bank called America make deposits ... not withdrawals. The native born population of this country has a higher percentage of net-takers than the immigrant population.
  12. Sure. But I fail to understand why you'd want to wait in line like we have tot? (I've been known to use the men's room when the women's line is too long - never quite been able to master the art of peeing while doing a half squat facing a urinal though!)
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