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  1. Yep. Trump is going to clean your clock. Maybe 49/50 states again.
  2. Yeah. Actually that report justifies shutting them down. Not acceptable practice. I suggest we assist drvoke in his suicide as Trump is elected.
  3. I used to think you were Chinese but it is obvious you are not cool like MrBabyMan. You are just a African-American transvestite like the Hillary in your signature. African-American homosexuals with norm-defying behavior likely cross-dressing are the most likely group to be hoping with the AIDS virus. Please take your HIV elsewhere shintao.
  4. http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/tech-company-no-indication-that-clintons-e-mail-server-was-wiped/2015/09/12/10c8ce52-58c6-11e5-abe9-27d53f250b11_story.html So they are going to "recover" a bunch of new e-mails in an attempt to make Hillary look good. With Sanders catching up the only thing the liberals can do is try to exonerate Hillary from this e-mail scandal. I am sure any e-mails they come up with will look clean. Problem is, the reason I hate Hillary has nothing to do with e-mail. It has to do with the fact that she is a manipulative bitch who relies on manipulation.
  5. PAHAHA.... Nobel peace prize is like a Grammy now I guess. You aren't ticking me off by telling me the shit stain might get another one. The last one he got for "things he was going to do." I rest easy knowing that years from now the guy is going to be seen for what he is - a nothing. People won't give two shits about Obama in a decade.
  6. Fine by me. The health fanatics should pay more for produce. The U.S. Troops from the Vietnam war were drafted and therefore in Vietnam mostly against their will. This is very different from the volunteer army of today. Johnson was also a complete moron and insisted on planning the deployments himself instead of letting the Military experts handle it. His state department was also loaded with communist spies who fed info to the Russians and ultimately the Vietnamese. Only a handful of people here really understand how much the military was held back from using their full potential. Nowadays we are forced to fight wars in a "humanitarian" way now and it is a complete waste of American life. We have the technology for one solider to massacre 1000 enemy troops. It would involve considerable civilian causalities so instead we send our troops into stupid situations instead of just leveling entire cities. A howitzer shell has a 70 yard kill radius. A battleship could shell a city out of existence without ever needing nukes. We could be brutal but instead we rely on ground troops going in squads of vulnerable helicopters and LAVs that attempt to ID enemies apart from civilians. Sometimes this is a good thing, but often times the civilians are the enemy and they have no love of the U.S. either way. All in all, democrats run very wasteful wars. FYI: Bush lost less lives than Obama. Under Obama: 75% of Casualties in 13-Year Afghan War; 55 More in 2014 http://cnsnews.com/news/article/ali-meyer/under-obama-75-casualties-13-year-afghan-war-55-more-2014
  7. Yeah. The poster here is a demented sack of shit. They always want to seize assets but history shows that liberals don't know how to use most assets to do anything. You guys are the epitome of stupid. You get control of a space program? Lets turn that into a global warming studies program. You get control of education? Worst and most expensive education. Communists always seize private property. They did it in Cuba. After a few decades everything turns to shit and development stagnates.
  8. I am for making it a constitutional right to turn people away again for non-life emergency services. A merchant should have the RIGHT to decline service to ANYBODY they choose. That includes ghetto trash or fudge packers. Office depot can decline a prayer and a store owner should be able to tell gays "to get the fuck out of my store because I don't want people hopping with the AIDS virus contaminating my furniture." Enough is enough. No more tolerance for liberals if they don't tolerate us.
  9. No. He should be insulted as well. He always has caustic remarks about whites or Republicans. I don't mind pointing out how bad this thread is. Welfare democrats are SUPER common.
  10. General Election: Trump vs. Clinton CNN/ORC Clinton 48, Trump 48 Tie General Election: Bush vs. Clinton CNN/ORC Clinton 47, Bush 49 Bush +2 General Election: Carson vs. Clinton CNN/ORC Clinton 46, Carson 51 Carson +5 General Election: Trump vs. Biden CNN/ORC Biden 54, Trump 44 Biden +10 General Election: Bush vs. Biden CNN/ORC Biden 52, Bush 44 Biden +8 General Election: Carson vs. Biden CNN/ORC Carson 50, Biden 47 Carson +3 2016 Democratic Presidential Nomination CNN/ORC Clinton 37, Sanders 27, Biden 20, O'Malley 3, Webb 2, Chafee 0 Clinton +10 Looks like CNN is now manipulating the democrats by trying to say that Biden would fair better than Hillary against Trump. I do not know how they reconcile this with the fact that Biden is behind Sanders and Clinton but their polls are frequently fabricated to manipulate public opinion instead of represent it. The only significance of this poll is that the democrat establishment realizes that Hillary is DEAD ON ARRIVAL. Sanders was cute as a weak opponent to make it look like Hillary actually was vetted but come on.... He is actually serious about separating Washington from money. (Something liberals in Washington certainly don't want.) I am laughing my ass off. Trump is going to have an easy time if Biden is the nominee. Lets face it, Biden is no Obama. Biden is not black and when he talks I want to fall asleep.
  11. Looks like ghetto trash structures. Here is where many of them live: LOL China would be there eh? Who cares? What is China going to send? A ping pong brigade? I seem to remember many Russian failures in the Middle East. We did in weeks what Russia could not achieve in years. You are very ignorant as to the nature of modern warfare.
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