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  1. Probably. These dims are always whimpering and bickering about something.
  2. CNN was involved, so you could be right.
  3. If he is killed, we can look to Hillary.
  4. Nobody wants a war with anyone. You retards were shouting and screaming how Trump just started a full on war because he killed your terrorist buddy. Yet, nothing came of it. I long to see the day where you libs use logic over emotion.
  5. Since Trump killed your idol Salamihead you, and your emotionally wrecked selves, shouted that Trump just started WW III. How's that war coming along?
  6. Shilly, your question was answered several times. You just didnt like the answer. I answered it and you ran away. Im still waiting for a response. I dare you to respond without your usual deflections.
  7. Lol. Only if i had a prostate massage along with it.
  8. Thanks Harry. I respect any man or woman who beat cancer. My hat is off to you. I had a recent change of heart toward TrumpBeGone. He sacrificed a lot to care for his parents. Thats comendable. He has my respect as well.
  9. Lol. Not what i had in mind, but thank you. Its the thought that counts.
  10. I actually lost my coverage when obamacare rolled out. I had to find another job to get coverage. I prefer Trump when it comes to health care over any dimocrat plan.
  11. They see him like this because they listen to CNN and the other MSM outlets. If they stood back, and looked at things objectively, they would find that everything they thought Trump to be is a lie.
  12. Women have no business running for president. They should be home cooking, cleaning, and giving their man blow jobs on demand.
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