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  1. 1. Does 57 = 13? 2. Have you figured out how to put the fy2020 in a larger conceptual framework? 3. What's the difference between farmers going bankrupt vs committing suicide? 4. My signature 5. +/- 20% margin of error. Shall I go on?
  2. In other words, he never made any threats to you. You are just being your usual wimpy self.
  3. Just saying. How many times has our government interfered with foreign elections? When I say government, I am referring to both parties, so dims, stuff your virtue waving up your ass. If there was voter fraud, then I have to ask, why didn't any of us care about our government interfering with the democratic process of foreign countries, but all of sudden, it's unacceptable for them to do it here?
  4. Oh, Kfools changed your name. LOL! I am not like you. I bet you think Ovomit is immortal , therefore you bow before him. You have no principles. You just go with whatever your precious news tells you to go with.
  5. I don't give a shit who won. Unlike you sheep, I don't follow people, I follow ideals and principles. Presidents come and go. Ideas and principles remain. If Biden holds to the idea of American liberties, then he has my support. I'll never understand why you retards follow people. Are they immortal or something?
  6. And you listen/read to CNN and Vanity Fair...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
  7. Enough with your thesaurus talk. Everyone knows you are stupid. Trying to make yourself sound intelligent makes you look dumber than you already are.
  8. LOL! @IcebergSlim, have you noticed that I am not the only one who finds your dumb ass predictable.? Whitamaker also accused you of it, along with Huey and myself. Stupid asshole. HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
  9. In other words, you admit that that sample is pathetically small. You could just say that.
  10. You are missing the point...as usual. Your population in that "distinctive group" is so miniscule with respect to the representation of what republicans Phds really think, that is laughable. Math is not strong suit. Go read some more of your fiction crap.
  11. Your rebuttal is my height? Next time, learn some math before you pedal around that stupid article. 1. You'll pedal around that flawed shit anyway because you have TDS.
  12. Yes, it is a "fact." I demonstrated it to be a fact. To understand, you need to know some math. But you don't. 1. you'll say "no..." followed by another deflecting question to hide behind.
  13. For fuck sake Icehole! If you aren't going to keep up, then fuck off. God man.
  14. 26 out of 5000 is a fact. (5300 to be exact). 26 out of 5000 is .52% That is a fact. Margin of error: +/- 20%....WTF? A 20% margin of error? That is shit. Do you understand? The goal is at most +/- 5% Look at table 1.1. http://www.beaumontethics.ie/docs/application/samplesizecalculation.pdf It's a shit and flawed surveyed back by facts. Now fuck off.
  15. As usual, you don't even bother giving any facts or logical reasoning to debunk. You just "no..." followed up with crap. Read slowly: 26 out of 5k = shit... Got it? Ehhhhh...of course you don't. You are too fucking stupid. Now fuck off until you can increase your iQ.
  16. For fuck sake...How many times do we need to go over this? It doesn't matter! It's a shit sample. Look...you will never admit that you are wrong. You know that, and I know that. Therefore, I have no choice but to humiliate you again.
  17. Idiot. If there are over 5k colleges/universities across the country, then it's more than reasonable to claim that there are over 5k Republican Phds in political science. Your article found 26, LOL!
  18. No way to find out. I don't know how many Democrats either. The point is that 130 dems is also a small sample compared to the thousands out there. It's a flawed survey. It makes a great headline for Trump haters. That's it. Nothing more.
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