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  1. You have given me information that doesn't even relate to the conversation. You cannot think for yourself. I have yet to hear your thoughts on this matter without you coping and pasting from someone else.
  2. Lol! You are hopeless. You cant do a thing without stealing someone elses mind. You are clueless. You arent even giving me the right info. If you cant think for yourself, then you are a waste of time.
  3. Your confidence appears quite high. How about that bet? If Trump is impeached, i leave the board for good. If he is not, then you have to kill yourself while live streaming on this board for all of us to enjoy.
  4. Unlike you , i don't need to copy and paste what efficiency means in solar power. I already know. You on the other hand need to google crap. Do you see that 3%? Ok. That doesnt cover sh*t. Not for what 3 billion hungry impoverished Asians. Solar energy will not cover the power needed lime fossil fuels can. Not even close. Even with fossil fuels, we have 3 billion hungry people still. And you want to drop the energy source to 3% when we cant even help the 3 billion now? My God. You are dumb. And for God sakes. Do you have any thoughts of your own on this matter or do you need to just copy and paste crap?
  5. Actually my reason was because i was at work. Something you liberals know nothing about.
  6. You literally have the dumbest posts on this board.
  7. Show me one post where i told people how to live their life. Go on, ill wait. Thats a liberal thing.
  8. You know, if you are saying that a plane hit the Pentagon, then why didnt you just say so in the first place? HAHAHAHAHAHA. Jk.
  9. True. Dont forget the 26 times that Billy the rapist flew on Epstein's private plane to hump little girls.
  10. Low efficiency is meaningless? HAHAHAHAHA. Why doesnt it surprise me that you would say that?
  11. Nah, there is no way i could compete with you or Leftwinger.
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