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  1. Pulling the victim card doesnt answer the OP. Poor poor these people....poor poor those people...blah blah blah. Personal responsibility. Learn it.
  2. People who exercise regularly, such as myself, drink the same milk they do. You libs do this crap all the time. Shift blame from the individual, and onto some evil corporation. Same old song and dance.
  3. 😂😂😂 i wonder if Putin knew michelle was a dude.
  4. You mean America loving citizens who are loyal to this beautiful country unlike you america hating communist traitors?
  5. 😂😂😂😂😂 look at this keyboard warrior acting tough behind a computer. I bet your writing this in some safe space somewhere immediately after a theropy dog had to calm your tantrum down. Lol
  6. For the last time, we are a republic, not a democracy you ignorant stupid butt-plug.
  7. And blaming outside entities dor our eating habits is the dumbest thing i have ever heard. We already have health programs for the poor (medicaid). Why do wen need to cover 350 million people just because we have poor people that already have programs.
  8. But the systematic ways you are referring to is an easy fix because at the end of the day, we decide what we put in our mouths, we decide to exercise, we decide what lifestyle we should live. You are blaming outside entities and their corruption. Im sure you are right about their actions, but it says nothing about our responsibilities.
  9. Deflecting. Nice try. Im not arguing anything you just claimed i argued and you know it. I dont care about dense or sparse populations. If the people in a dense are generally healthy, then their healthcare cost well be less. Same with the sparse. Its about the lifestyle of the people, not dense or sparse. Again, and for the final time, whoever bought out and owns whatever doesnt xhange the fact that Americans have an unhealthy lifestyle, thus our healthcare will cost more. Stop deflecting. Enough of your dodging. Im still waiting for an answer Willy.
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