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  1. Everything on the news and most topics here are something about Corona. Ok i get it already, there is a virus out there thats killing people. Aside from taking the required precautions, what the fuck am I supposed to about that? Lets switch gears. Liberals, how do you stop a bad guy with a gun? Here are your common responses debunked, so try something else. 1.. well...just ban guns. Yeah, meth and heroin is banned also , but its all over the damn place anyway. We started a war on drugs over it, how did that turn out? 2. Well...just call the police. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Ok....and in the meantime what do you do while they take 3 min to arrive? 3. More gun laws. Jesus you idiots. There are hundreds and hundreds of gun laws already on the books. What one law can you possibly come up with that will magically work?
  2. Is it really? I heard goat milk is pretty nutritious...though awful tasting.
  3. Women with trash mouth like that have very low IQs. Its no wonder why all the libs here like this.
  4. Idiot. Do you think the fact that those states in the top 5 are the most populated states in America might have something to do with it? Nevada is number 32 on that list, we have 2.7 million people in the whole state. California has almost 40 million. You are an idiot.
  5. You are still pointing the finger. God thinks you are a hypocrite and a liar. Therefore, you are hell bound. Repent now, and Jesus will forgive you. But as of now, Satan is welcoming you with open arms.
  6. You are pointing your finger at others, but not yourself. Thats hypocrisy. God doesnt want to hear what you think about Trump. He wants to see if you are following him. You are not. You are going to hell.
  7. You are a liar and a hypocrite. Jesus hates liars and hypocrites. Repent now, or you are going to hell.
  8. Obama started the whole kids in a cage thing. Jesus hates liars. You are a liar. You are going to hell.
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