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  1. Lol. Dont forget to respond to the emails from Kenya about you being owed a 4 million dollar inheritance. They just need your bank info to wire the money.
  2. Most , if not all, of these ass clowns dont even know why they are pissed. They are just pissed...so they can be pissed. Their faces should be used as urinals.
  3. He's a pedo and part of Antifa? Damn. Just when you think one cant get any more mentally Ill.
  4. Who the hell doesnt know that there are robocalls out there trying to scam people? If you dont recognize the number, then what the hell did you answer it for? Seriously. How fucking stupid are you? I hope they clear your bank account. Idiots like you deserve to be scammed.
  5. I predict he will default on his loans, thereby sticking us with cost.
  6. True. I wonder how many pictures of himself he has.
  7. He is level 1 on the Blooms Taxonomy. That level is mostly about raw facts, memory recall, and basic data fetching. That's where he lives, he cant take it to higher levels that require relating these facts to other concepts, synthesizing them, interpreting them, analyzing them, or deducing any kind of meaningful evaluation. He throws out facts as if they are the end rather than a means to an end. That's all level 1.
  8. True. Skipper and Gilligan sitting in a tree...
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