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  1. I saw both...one of the stores that was robbed by mostly black people, but they were many whites involved there too.
  2. Poor lil' fellers...their lives depend on blaming Trump for everything.
  3. I said man slaughter at the least...and it could easily be murder charges. The cop at the center of this has been in many other situations that were bad and the prosecutor at the time was democrat Amy Klobuchar...she declined to prosecute that cop. I'm pretty sure I know what you would say if she were a republican.
  4. Stop posting like an idiot. Those cops abused and killed Floyd. At the very least they should be convicted of man slaughter. Now shout up and put in a fresh tampon.
  5. It's not stupid Mindy...our pets are part of our family. I had to put down 2 kitties a couple of years ago and I cried like a baby both times. You gave yer kitty a good home and a long life. Hang in there.
  6. It doesn't. Some are using Floyd's death as an accuse to loot. Peaceful protesters are doing it the right way.
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