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  1. Will do...just got off the phone with my friend about tomorrow's work. Have a good evening bud...we'll be talikn'.
  2. The foxes were gone weeks ago...the lady that owns the field hired someone to mow the grass but she left the area around the fox den un-mowed. That was thoughtful of her. I always respect yer knowledge and positions, but the company I drive for part time has experienced their busiest June ever. I've been driving a lot in the last couple of weeks and I'm a bit tired, so I'm not at my best. I have tomorrow off, but I'm helping a friend deliver a counter top tomorrow and then more driving later in the week. Although I enjoy the supplemental income, I'm supposed to be retired. Hang in there bro...we'll continue another day.
  3. Don't know about all of that...but Trump has been good on medical needs and costs. The world isn't perfect...some things sadden us both. But I choose to wait for more certainty. Trump has had to fight the dems and the media ever since he took office.
  4. Those countries rarely enjoy dissent. If ever. List Trump's wars...no alleged precursors please.
  5. Why do you always have to go back months or years to show some hits on yer threads?
  6. Please don't spread that around...I have my reputation to think about.
  7. Who knows...but dopey-intelligence has definitely replaced traditional liberals.
  8. 100 Trump judges...and the 9th circuit is in view. 4th grader beats Hillary.
  9. "Orlando Sentinel endorses 'ANY' Democrat over Trump In 2020" Which means they're full blown partisan media.
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