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  1. Post yer favorite critter stuff. This guy got lucky after a mamma griz attacked him... Before rumors spread and things get blown severely out of proportion this morning I was mauled by a Grizzly Bear bow hunting in Montana.Due to the closeness (12 yards) I did not have time to react besides getting into a defensive mode/stance,My hunting partner Greg Gibson and I surprised a Sow grizzly and her cub as we were moving in on some Elk. We walked up to with in 12 yards when we all saw each other And before I could even reach for my bear spray she was at full charge. I was able to get my arm up to someone at protect my face when she knocked me over, Greg was only a few steps behind me and he was able to get his bear spray out and give one shot to the bear which stopped her and she reared up and came towards him, he was able to give her one more blast where she and her cub retreated.Readying myself for another attack I was able to get my bear spray out of the holster and unfortunately during all the chaos sprayed my self.My arm is broken in two spots where she grabbed on with her mouth and I have a nice couple of scratches on my face where she got me with her claws.We were able to make it to Livingston to the ER room. Because of the bear bite and fractured bones they were afraid of infection so they put me in an ambulance and sent me to Bozeman where they needed to do surgery to clean out the wound. I will be here until Monday as they want the wound to drain lessening the cause of any sort of infection.Just received an updated tetanus shot and started a series of rabies shots.Huge shout out for my hunting partner Greg has his quick response was able to minimize the damage and severity of this attack.All in all I am in good shape.My arm is screwed up a little and sore and the vision is good, I will be fine.Huge shout out to the Livingston ER room and the Bozeman hospital and surgeons, nurses, etc.In a few days I’ll give you a little bit more of a update. https://www.foxnews.com/us/grizzly-bear-attacks-hunter-in-mountains-north-of-yellowstone
  2. personreal

    Grizzlies and other Critters

    Yep...actually walleye are a member of the perch family. Keep an eye open and you'll see the similarities...sometimes it's very striking.
  3. personreal

    Grizzlies and other Critters

    We can get em around 12 to 14" here...but most of them are smaller. Once in a while we see a big boy...but no where near the consistency of Cascade Lake in Idaho.
  4. Remember...CNN's Jim Acosta proved border walls work. "Sovereign nations around the world have taken steps to end illegal mass immigration, most notably the relatively small countries of Australia, Bulgaria, and Slovenia — all of which have enacted strict border controls." https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/01/17/photos-bulgaria-australia-slovenia-prove-border-walls-stop-illegal-immigration/
  5. Nancy also has a wall around her multi-million dollar estate in Cal. wine country.
  6. Yep...many people have been hurt or killed trying to enter our country illegally...and the dems encouraged it all.
  7. Bernie ran as a democrat...Barney. Show a link with the stuff Trump rigged. Stay away from the dossier...that wasn't Trump.
  8. So claims an established liar...thread fail. The DNC was rigged in favor of Hillary and against Bernie...what happened?
  9. personreal

    Cohen "Trump told me to lie to Congress"

    A judge would say 3 things to Cohen... #1 If Trump told you to jump off a cliff would you do it? #2 Yer already a known liar...these latest claims have no creds. #3 MAGA
  10. Even partial walls will make it easy to stop illegal aliens.
  11. You gotta see this... https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipOffpdHMyeX6LI8XAYkuANin2UY66ek8_EqDSgEToHcF6IzfwBLiusUUVdUV8sqHA/photo/AF1QipOSFVPHmBFIFsKh5bwwl4eTrcJIcis94_lRgcsN?key=bFBQVlB1YU1qYjBTSDlPVGN2TkdwWEZrZ29jS25R
  12. Here's a funny one... https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipOffpdHMyeX6LI8XAYkuANin2UY66ek8_EqDSgEToHcF6IzfwBLiusUUVdUV8sqHA/photo/AF1QipOSFVPHmBFIFsKh5bwwl4eTrcJIcis94_lRgcsN?key=bFBQVlB1YU1qYjBTSDlPVGN2TkdwWEZrZ29jS25R
  13. This is funny... https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipOffpdHMyeX6LI8XAYkuANin2UY66ek8_EqDSgEToHcF6IzfwBLiusUUVdUV8sqHA/photo/AF1QipOSFVPHmBFIFsKh5bwwl4eTrcJIcis94_lRgcsN?key=bFBQVlB1YU1qYjBTSDlPVGN2TkdwWEZrZ29jS25R
  14. I would go with that. Thanx How about a little humor to lighten things up. I don't care who you are...this is kind of funny... https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipOffpdHMyeX6LI8XAYkuANin2UY66ek8_EqDSgEToHcF6IzfwBLiusUUVdUV8sqHA/photo/AF1QipOSFVPHmBFIFsKh5bwwl4eTrcJIcis94_lRgcsN?key=bFBQVlB1YU1qYjBTSDlPVGN2TkdwWEZrZ29jS25R
  15. The ideology of tolerance is at it again. Threatening people they disgree with...cause they have no message or ability to debate. "Ahead of Ben Shapiro's Thursday speech at George Washington University, the conservative student organization that sponsored the event posted a picture of a threat made against the group." https://insider.foxnews.com/2019/01/18/conservative-student-organization-threatened-inviting-ben-shapiro-speak-campus
  16. harry...if you were in charge of border security what would you do to stop illegal aliens?
  17. And that's who some dem 2020 hopefulls are hitching their wagons to. AOC's supporters are uninformed, which is why they feel comfortable with her...they can be just like her, they don't have to know anything.
  18. ^^ Needs repair...stuck in first gear.
  19. That's fine...let's put up those kinds of fences then. They're working. Lion...if you wanted to stop illegal aliens what would you do on the border?
  20. And the majority don't care what you say.
  21. Good...please contact the dems and encourage them.
  22. He supported Hillary and voted for her both times... "Dershowitz Says Trump Impeachment Would 'Backfire' on Dems"
  23. Then please encourage the dems to do it. 10/4/2018... "Democratic strategist Don Calloway on Thursday said that he does not think Democrats should impeach Trump if they win back the House in November."