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  1. personreal

    Clintons' Collusion with Russia

    Access to the Clinton network.
  2. personreal

    Clintons' Collusion with Russia

    No one pays $500K unless they expect favors. Including the Russians.
  3. Cause they're still recovering from the Obama economy.
  4. Yes...Hillary is not a good candidate. Nor a good loser after she lectured the country on accepting the election results.
  5. This thread is not about yer IQ. LOL
  6. Which means he will get a second term. Thanx for admitting that burger boy.
  7. That wasn't me...but I seem to remember something like that from one of the folks here.
  8. I wasn't sure he would win long before the 2016 election cause Hillary had all the advantages...and she still managed to pull defeat from the jaws of victory.