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  1. Sucking up to guest for bad administration doesn't cut it.
  2. If she won't resign, the dem party is fucked on this one! Game over!
  3. Too late Midd...even your own party is calling for her resignation. Your excuses won't work this time!
  4. Looks like the dems have no choice...throw out one of their own bigots!
  5. "She quickly deleted her post, but not quickly enough. By mid-afternoon, the political verdicts of her own party were rolling in:"http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/govt ... aaf2e.html
  6. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2017/08/17/missouri-democratic-state-senator-says-hopes-trump-is-assassinated.html
  7. As a mod.. I couldn't say what I thought

    I'll see you at the other site. My name there is "roadkill". (watch Zaro follow) LOL
  8. Mod Help Needed Please

    Another deep video? lol
  9. Mod Help Needed Please

    Either way...I don't hide who I am like many leftist do here. Soks-O-Plenty on the left.
  10. Mod Help Needed Please

    The left needs to control the message to survive.
  11. Mod Help Needed Please

    Why do you care...you're literally challenged.
  12. Zaro is Midd's Mouth Piece

    You are all over the map. Are you futz from the other site?
  13. Mod Help Needed Please

    I'm thinking about that too. There is plenty of disagreement over at the other site too...but the mods are much better. One of their top mods was asked to come back here, but she declined.