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  1. Only a crybaby like you would support an inconsistency.
  2. Either this forum is consistent or I'm gone.
  3. I didn't let them win...my departure means they lose. Go to the same name as this forum only ".net".
  4. Sorry...I did nothing that the leftists haven't done here. Join me at the .net thread later...I have to think of a cool new name.
  5. Go for it my friend...I'm out of here thanx to WillFranklin. I'll make up a new name and go to the other forum.
  6. WillFranklin just scrubbed my LA Sh*thole thread. I'm leaving this forum and I wish you all the best.
  7. Fuk em...I will leave if they don't restore it! Join me at the Cannon's fake ass copy cat site if they won't restore my thread. https://Cannon's fake ass copy cat site/viewforum.php?f=3&sid=3a36a7c9dae319a63122a0c2ef397f01/no-holds-barred-political-forum This forum just skewed my link to you. Just use the same name as this forum but use .net instead of .org. It may have been WillFranklin that did this.
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