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  1. Just read yer thread title again. It appears you need a fresh tampon and diaper.
  2. Another example of how the left tries to control the narrative...Antifa, in part, is funded by leftist George Soros.
  3. How many times have we heard the left whine about conservatives on "liberalforum.org"? Yet they spend most of their time on "NHB"...when they could freely spend their time on the LO forum. Go figure. Comcast/Rachel Maddow/MSNBC/NBC has the same fear...they are afraid of OAN...and now they are being sued. "OAN (One America News) is suing Rachel Maddow, Comcast, NBC and MSNBC for defamation for accusations made by Maddow during a broadcast to the effect that OAN were "literally" "paid Russian propaganda". Here is a real lawyer breaking down the lawsuit and the exhibits. It's fascinating. Enjoy!"
  4. Why hasn't Drive-By-Dennis posted this??? Because they are leftist leaders??? https://video.foxnews.com/v/6145069779001#sp=show-clips
  5. Of course not...even his friends call him Drive-By-Dennis.
  6. It's a good thing harry doesn't play baseball for a living.
  7. "this is their new hoax." Drive-By-Dennis still hasn't figured out that this is false. Poor lil' feller.
  8. Will the leftists here offer their opinion on Chloroquine use to fight COVID-19? Disclaimer: I'm not holding my breath.
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