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  1. So why did Gore lose Tennessee on Nov. 7 — the first time a presidential candidate has failed to win his own state since George McGovern lost his native South Dakota in 1972? There are multiple reasons why he lost Tennesse but reversing some of those reasons could have also given Gore the Presidency. Gun owners could have given him Tennesse. ""Al Gore lost his home state of Tennessee in 2000. He didn't lose it by a large margin and polls indicated that there were enough single-issue, pro-gun voters to have made up the difference". http://marks-truths.blogspot.com/2012/07/gore-tennessee-and-gun-control.html" President Clinton's advice is that gun control is a liability for Democrats. How much more misery and suffering is placed upon the poor because of the Democratic stand on guns? "www.msnbc.com/msnbc/democrats-lose-jobs-over-gun-controll" How much has gun control advanced in proportion to the decline deeper into poverty for a significant number of citizens? Estimates are that between 70 to 80 million USAmericans own guns. Gun control is not making much progress but victims continue to become victims. Why not focus on crime prevention? Is violence inversely proportional to wealth? If Democratic Politicians would create more jobs would that reduce violence ? Instead of alienating constituents with gun control they should protect constituents with more jobs. ‎ Cached
  2. Gena McCarthy was on Mourning Joe espousing energy independence while at the same time relegating the pipeline to a non or minor player status. Selectively supporting has to be a liability for competing and complimenting industries. Nothing can be win win. There are areas that natural gas can,'t support as well as other energies. On her way to environmentalism her short sightedness will impose yet another burden on the majority . Obama wouldn't support alleviating .18 cents a gallon tax in the summer prior to the election. I had one worker that had to drive an old 3/4 ton pickup 150 miles a day to get to work. Gasoline was the largest item in his family's budget. Lifting the .18 cents gas tax would have given his family $13.50 . This is a big deal to families spending $300 a week out of a $600 dollar weekly paycheck. Politicians campaign to local working people for a job that serves big business. In much the same way environmentalist appeal to the conscience of the working poor to support policies that will further impoverish the poor. The EPA approaches the environment from a conservative standing. The EPA should become progressive by finding ways to fix the by products of industry, not conservatively starving and hampering industry. Cutting spending is a last resort before failure. Stifling industry should be replaced by helping industry. Revenue produced from new and thriving industry would create more ways to compliment industry.
  3. "The moral underpinnings, courage, and conviction of our Founding Fathers. It used to be "United we stand, divided we fall." Now, everything is about "celebrating our differences", http://sandiegohomes4u.com/Dollar-Bill-History-Lesson.htm Who needs help? There are people who succeed exponentially. There are people who are never sick. Do they take credit for both situations? Or do they express gratitude? Whatever the case the message that gets through is that you are a master of your destiny.
  4. I think that one of the reasons that there is not more outrage from the public is because we (collectively) don't know what it is we really want. People don't care about things they can't do anything about. Their reality is cognizant of a consuming daily routine. Getting through the day and making it back to the couch is success. They are so absorbed with daily life that there is no energy to expend trying to understand unrecognizable influences that determine their life. I experiment on Facebook with different subjects. Food, pets, sports, pictures, humor and subjects along the lines of immediate gratification are well received. A remedial reference to futures being expanded will not and has never received a "Like" let alone a "Comment". They are made to feel guilty about an income over which they have no hope or influence. They don't want to be upset by undestanding that inflation on a fixed insufficient income that takes food out of the mouthes of their children is contrived. They believe that everybody suffers in a bad economy. They can't conceive of the idea that the lives of their children are knowingly relegated to poverty and worse. Whether it is fact or ficition I find a description of Poncho Villa letting villagers being killed by Federal Troops before interceding to be relevant. We sustain the EPA and National Marine Fisheries and other regulators and protectors of our resources while at the same time assuming utter despair for human life. What is it that places human life subordinate to the environment and plants and animals? What about Human Rights? When Human Rights are recognized as Rights then there might be movement. If possible to survive it would take another FDR to instill and inspire. People have been taught for so long to apologize for living that it is hard for them to ask for let alone demand a life.
  5. "High unemployment in the US is seen by many of the ultra-rich to be advantageous. It puts employed workers in a compromised position by devaluing their labor..... Worker can more easily be replaced. It weakens the bargaining position of new hires. It discourages labor unions. And, combined with a low minimum wage, high unemployment forces the US worker to increasingly, compete with slave wages abroad." This is the reality .
  6. Reality is hard to face, hard to promulgate and hard to defend. Telling every student in a classroom that they can be president of the USA is disingenuous . The reality is odds of becoming President are 1 in 10,000,000. But telling students they most likely can't become president would be criticized as counter productive. The philosophy of the right is to recruit the successful regardless of how many people fall by the wayside. Our school and education system support that philosophy by the rewarding of the few at the expense of the majority. Scholarships are based on excellence. Scholarships should be abolished in favor of expending the money to improve the entire education system. Everybody deserves to make a living. Telling people they can become anything they want if they work hard enough is simply a way of diverting attention from our education system. Our education system needs to be comprehensive and responsible. Promises of achievable success should be replaced with sound preparation for earning a living. Could the valedictorian be an average student that displays consistency ?
  7. People have an enormous capacity for taking a beating. I think I read that it takes mass hunger before people will react. Unfortunatley there is so much brainwashing going on that the right wing talkers have the average American believing that right wing policies favor the working class individual. You can walk into any convenient store and safely say we have to cut spending and everybody there will agree. Everyone would be negatively effected by spending cuts but they will support spending cuts. Another thing lost on the avarage person is that if we take back jobs that went overseas we will be putting those people out of work. The average person does not understand that other avaerage people are not responsible for their hardships. Not only should we put our people to work but we should guarantee nobody suffers from our good fortune. The right wing talkers have recruited a mercenary army that actually pays back instead of getting paid. There are enough resources and money so that everybody could have a life sustaining job. The goal of business has to be shifted to full employment and the senseless profit driven business model has to have another step added to it. Profit should be the tool for developing living growing economies. The path now leads to the next to the last step. Profit should aid economies, not strangle them.
  8. If you buy something from HD that is motorcycle related it should be compatible. I bought a pair of motorcycle boots called Men's Brake Light Performance Boot. They still sell the boot. It is a good looking boot with zippers and hardware and exterior lacing. The exterior lacing is guided around the boot by D-rings and cloth loops. The only problem is that the D-rings scratch the drive cover on the left side of the bike. That is disheartening to look down at that big piece of chrome and see it scratched by the D-rings. On another HD bike I had dual front disc brakes. Appently and accoding to Harley the system was so effective that it didn't require much effort to slow the bike down. The flips side of that was due to the light pressure the discs would squeal. They would squeal enough that car drivers in the other lane would look around to see what was going on. It is hard to develop a riding style that makes it look like the squealing was on purpose and if your bike didn't squeal you weren't cool. To stop the squealing you had to apply the brakes hard and release and do this until stopped. Harley could not fix the bike and they had tried different pads and different rotors. This dealer didn't let you test drive before you bought and that was another irritant.I wouldn't have bought the bike if I had a test drive and experienced the sqealing. I bought a Road King Custom and I was particularly drawn to the bike because of the huge train looking headlight. Then I bought a HD windshield for the bike. Don't particularly care for windshields but thouught it would help on long rides. The comfort given by deflecting the wind was nice. But riding in heavy rain proved to be dangerous beyond belief. The huge headlight happens to deflect the wind above the windshield. When it rains the rain accumulates on the windshield blocking your vision.. The experience is exhilirating because you have to lean forward and reach around to the front of the windshileld to wipe the rain off so you can see the road. Now really, if you buy something from Harley it should be a pleasant experience, not irritaing and life threatening. Harley should really spend a little cash on R&D.
  9. Cutting spending is the last act of a failing plan. Money needs to be spent for a system to thrive. Hoarding money leads to stagnation.
  10. There is no plan that is win win. That is why you can turn off the air bag for the passenger seat in your car. Removing all guns from private possession would be like prohibitng the turning off of the passenger airbag. But there are more far reaching negative results. Al Gore did not carry his home state in the Presidential election and lost the election and the Congress was turned over to the Republicans in the Clinton Mid term elections. All because of the Clinton Assault Weapons Ban. Clinton even acknowledged the negative effects of gun legislation on the Democratic Party last summer when it was brought up. www.outsidethebeltway.com/bill-clinton-warns-democrats-against- overreaching-on-gun-debate Liberals and other pro people groups should stop telling people how to live and start helping people to live. Can you give a work for food entrepreneur money that will probably go for booze and feel good about it ?
  11. Many ponder how it is that the Fed has increased the base money supply 400 percent since 2008 with practically no inflation.”http://www.theblaze.com/blog/2014/04/09/economist-rickards-collapse-of-the-dollar-and-international-monetary-system-is-entirely-foreseeable/ There is no inflation because the money supply did not go to people that would spend it.
  12. Full employment is out of reach of the market economy. There are too many people. Already in the USA it is not possible to achieve full employment. There are no shortages locally or internationally so the economy is stable at the levels of employment that exist now. Higher levels here would require an emphasis on non market solutions. Taxes would need to support an expanding infrastructure construction. The same would apply internationallly. Taxes would have to suppport non market construction and maintenance. Parks and recreation would become infrastructure. . The benefits would be multifold. More people working would increase spedning. The spending at lower income levels would direct money back into the economy. Warren Buffet said you have to put money into the hands of people that will spend it.
  13. Just trivia: The earth receives 20,000 times more energy from the sun than from all anthropomorphic sources combined. The only historical recorded ocean level that I am aware of is the clearance under the Brooklyn Bridge. It was 135 feet in 1883 and remains unchanged at 135 feet today.
  14. The Affordable Care Act deals with health care in the same way that The Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act deals with the financial system. It is essentially feel good legislation so somebody can claim credit for addressing a problem. That the problems are not adressed in a meaningful way is not of importance. The aftermath has good people that care left in the awkward position of defending legislation that is neither comprehensive or responsive. I read an a description on the exchange that says " quality care at an afoordable price". The reason a lot people do not have health insurance is that they cannot afford health insurance. A fact that seems to be lost on our leaders. It cannot be affordable to a significant number at any cost. For some it must be free. A glaring punishment is then to penalize people that cannot afford insurabnce with a $1000 penalty. This proves the out of touch status of the leaders. Furthemore it is a travesty. If you take $83.33 a month away from poor people you are taking food out of the mouthes of their children. The affordable care act probably takes poverty families and lowers them another step. Does the law assume that poverty families have discretionary income that can pay the penalty for the premium ? Are they punishing them with a fine because they are hoarding money? What the $1000 penalty does is reduce the tax crdit that poor families receive. Poor families count on the tax credits they recieve including earned income, child tax credit, unmarried head of household etc. The results of taking this money away from poor people is harmful in many ways. First you are lowering families even further into poverty. Seocnd is the fact that poor people spend this money so it infact is a stimulus for the economy. Third is poor people cut food when money is cut . So in some ways the Affordable Care Act is going to be the single biggest hardship ever placed on poor people.
  15. Nonsense You say nonsense in spite of the fact that speed is the winning edge. Speed in trading is taking money away from entrepreneurial trading.. The purpose of finances has to be directed to employment. Electronic signatures facilitate speed. Speed is short sighted. When there was an economy of overall prosperity there was a lack of foresight. Progress dealt strictly with profits with no thought given to the welfare of the worker. Even the unions sold membership down the drain by accepting robots in exchange for lucrative retirement benefits and high wages. Full employment will change the impersonal nature of finances. The current path of finances is a path of destruction. It is the staus quo of finances. There has been no significant change since 2008. The conditions are worse and there is now more money securing the drerivative market. The situation has become a case of brokers getting investors to bet on every horse in the race. The brokers win no matter what because of fees and some of the investors win. The percentage of profits is small and that requires enormous amounts of money to be under management. World peace is the alleviating of tensions. Full employment is every able body working. Accepting the mantra of if you work hard you will succeed then everybody should work. The market economy is obsolete on a large scale. The amount of people not working can never be put to work by a market economy. There is no demand for a significant part of labor. Money lying fallow in Swiss Banks was mentioned earlier. The money in Swiss Banks is invested in derivatives the same way it is invested in the US. The money in derivatives is lying fallow. Employment would make that money be put to work..
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