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  1. WOW !!!!! Very well put. I am gonna try to print that and make a poster out of it. Nice
  2. She is educated!!!!! She just got done telling you she read an article. Unfortunately, all of her "education " is just gleaned opinions of others who read an article. Thats the best part of being a Lib, you don't need to have an original thought. Just parrot. She doesn't need facts. Scout just marches along in lock step.
  3. It's not her fault. The surgeon who performed her lobotomy did a flawless job. You could spend the rest of the year feeding her information but she will never be able to digest it.
  4. Jim Crowe laws and prohibition , That's two for you to choke on. Where did you have your Lobotomy performed , was it done at community or a state university.
  5. I don't care if you drink the Kool aide , but don't drink the whole bowl by yourself, save some for your friends!
  6. Definitely Bull, but it's not the eye. I notice you always respond, but never offer a point of substance. You remind me of my sister. Illogical, irrational, emotional and very opinionated.
  7. Thats all you got? The Salem witch trials took place 100 years before the U.S.A. was a country. .. I really can't tell if you hate America or just hate everything. There are lots of Socialist examples around the world to show the err of your beliefs. America (or what is left of her) is the wealthiest, most powerful, most free nation on earth. You are cheering for it's destruction in order to bring a NEW socialism because" this time" it will work. All this because of a blip in history. Just for giggles look around the history of the world and see how how many other nations were burning witches.
  8. So you are an anti Semite, homophobe. ... I will challenge you to show me one mass media source (other than Fox) that does NOT support the occupants of the region formerly known as Palestine, and had a single bad word to say about Obamas support of the Muslim brotherhood, Arab spring. ....... I do encourage you to continue to listen to Chris, even just a few facts could straighten out your twisted mind. You should go back to college and get a refund to pay for psychotherapy. They really did a number on you.
  9. Constitutional....... Law........ The Constitution is fine, it's the law part that ruins it. When all else fails , read the directions. The left is doing a magnificent job of erasing and rearranging history to suit the whims of disgruntled, do nothings. If you read the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights you should grasp the mindset that the founders were in. NONE of what is happening today would have been tolerated.
  10. Evangelical Christians are the traitors????????? Christians built this country, wrote the constitution, and have defended it. The socialists that are tearing the country apart now are of the same mindset as every socialist movement that had destroyed nations and murdered millions. Christians are the problem??????
  11. All good points but I haven't heard from the Dems explaining any of it. Where you at Libs.
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