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  1. Arrest and incarcerate all registered democrats for conspiracy to commit election fraud
  2. A third world election will give you a third world leader who will bring you a third world economy. There's no going back after that. It's over. When the offspring of Libs(if they have any that lived) ask what happened to America, they need only say , sorry.
  3. Conviction by accusation? Prove your innocents ?????????????? Sounds very third world.
  4. Quoting a crooked liar !!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. sad. I almost feel sorry for you
  5. That would have carried some weight if Trump had been impeached for a crime by an honest house. Neither of those things being true it's a lame talking point.
  6. My neighbors daughter in law just got back from the polls. The electronic scanner malfunctioned . She asked for help. The election official came over to assist and "accidently" changed her vote from Trump to Biden. When she got caught she simply said oops, sorry about that, and changed it back to Trump. I wonder how many people don't pay close attention and it just slips by.
  7. I did notice that the dumbest stuff he said was when he was a Democrat ,twenty years ago. You should do a video like that for Biden.
  8. I NEVER agree with anything you post, EVER. But this was a stupid move/idea. Mail in ballots is a stupid idea. Trying to "delete" them is worse.
  9. Trump closed the door on countries with high Covid rates and he is a racist. Then Cuomo locks down N.Y. for Thanksgiving and Americans can't see family for the holidays????? WTF.
  10. Lots of white guys in suits trying to stab cops in your neighborhood?
  11. There are armed police at Black lives matter plaza. Which an actual place here in our nations capitol. To make sure that nobody does graffiti over the graffiti.
  12. Lunatic with a knife is now dead. Sounds like they were trained perfectly.
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