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  1. Calling us out for wetting our beds like that. Tactic and insult in the same pedigree. Classic. So angry you are.
  2. Oh man thank you for being one of the only posts that made me glad I followed this.
  3. This is fantastic but I don't see how this is liberals speaking up other than it is being allowed to happen. *very carefully*
  4. Let's acknowledge that women are still playing in a boy's club when it comes to politics. Don't want to do that? Fine. Let's acknowledge this latest filibuster was the best attempt that women had to address a persistent sexism and violation of women when it comes to reproductive health. Don't want to do that? Let's acknowledge that law-making and procedures (if not filibusters themselves but the processes that go into them) are unbalanced and non-sensical. Don't want to do that either? Either. Fine. Then let's acknowledged that republican senators nit and picked their way through Texas today calling highly ridiculous and unnecessary means to stop this filibuster, and then completely disregarded the laws. You may not refuse to acknowledge that one. http://soupsoup.net/2013/06/26/texas-senate-changes-date-on-their-sb5-results/ It's right there. Wendy Davis has done something for women that is a wonderful thing and she was cheated. Even if you disagree with her ideals or agenda if you allow this nonsense to be acceptable then you are letting it happen to you. This entire ordeal started as an injustice with the bill, leveled off with a magnificent attempt from Davis to use our system to make an appeal to common sense, and ended with a huge travesty. This was insulting for women, this was a complete disregard of the law... This was yet another event that makes it obvious our system is broken.
  5. Before I join in just to add to the nonsense: http://soupsoup.net/2013/06/26/texas-senate-changes-date-on-their-sb5-results/
  6. Think the bigger question is why this is even an insult, not because I agree with socialism, but because I don't find economic systems all that insulting to any one of the flesh. That being said, he couldn't follow God's Law and be socialist? I don't follow.
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