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  1. Primus and Sausage was my go to music when I used to drop acid all the time.
  2. Do you grow your own then? Its a nice hobby, plus it could save you thousands per year.
  3. Yea that's for sure lol... Nah man that's THC dust man...its the good shit!
  4. Because not every governor has seen the $ yet. Just wait once they realise they can fix budget problems with the influx of weed money plus the savings of not spending on incarceration, they'll come around.
  5. Yea its harder to get pristine quality outside because even non pest bugs take up residence in pot. Spiders spin webs etc. Its still good pot but outdoor doesn't really meet medical standards. Pot actually does fine growing at high temps if you have the right strain. Its just that so many generations of pot have been grown indoors to avoid detection that its sort of become spoiled.
  6. Yea about the poison. Before getting into this I didn't know about how rampant pest problems were and now I realise how much "ornamental" fungicide and bugspray we've been smoking all these years. If someone growing for a dispensary are using pesticides never intended for consumption can you imagine what south Americans spray on their shit? Yea I've been growing plants that don't get you high for years now and its way more fun growing ones that do....even though I can't smoke...damn probation
  7. Yea totally native. I feel so lucky to have an opportunity like this. I've missed my chance to get in on the start of new industries multiple times now so I'm hoping this is the one where I get an interesting innovative career.
  8. Its not hard to lose money if you don't know what you are doing. People think "its just a weed" "easy to grow" and dump a lot of money into an operation only to find that growing top quality cannabis is not so easy. Also investors take the word of a "grower" that he is competent only to find they just read about it on the internet. That's why the industry needs more trustworthy growers. There really isn't a lot of them out there. Just a bunch of wanna be and scammers or even people that assume growing one plant equals growing another. Just about the minimum amount of time you have
  9. Scotts miracle grow just bought out a hydroponic nutrients company and a grow light company. The only good I see from an industrial fertilizer company buying in is the lobbying power that will be brought to bear.
  10. Every bit of money paid to US producers is money that stays in the US instead of going to central and south american gangs too. The DEA just can't stand to lose all the money and stuff they confiscate due to weed being illegal.
  11. I'm actually glad the Dea didn't reschedule pot. Then the govmt would regulate it to the point only corporate drug companies would be able to produce it. Just think. It wouldn't make it any more legal for recreational use and the fda would be in control of testing all new cannabis products. It needs to be treated like alcohol, not meth.
  12. Greenhouse is going to be the new wave. Its taxing on the environment to do lots of warehouse grows. In a greenhouse you only need to supplement or block sunlight to achieve the same effect as a warehouse. Plus you get more light for a lot cheaper.
  13. I mean what's up with beetles anyway. Always thinking their better than me? I can bench like 100lbs. I'd like to see a fucking beetle do that. Am I right?
  14. I mean what's up with beetles anyway. Always thinking their better than me? I can bench like 100lbs. I'd like to see a fucking beetle do that. Am I right?
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