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  1. He already has them dumb shit. Remember? This is an ongoing war on terror. Obama is the one who refused to win this quick and easy when it started It could have been over and saved millions of lives but for his inaction. He said no boots on the ground. Remember dummy?
  2. Hillary says Isis can't be contained. She's wrong about arming more Syrians though. Americans are the only ones who should be using Americas weapons.
  3. http://www.smith-wesson.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Product4_750001_750051_766315_-1_757753_757752_757751_ProductDisplayErrorView_Y I wish they had this gun in .22 mag. It would be a perfect varmint gun. A laser scope would be mega handy for fast movers at night, plus maybe a 3x red dot sight for short to medium range targets.
  4. Because I can't justify paying that much. Lol. It would be an awesome gun though. Laser sight flashlight and scope on the rail.
  5. We can shoot wild pigs anytime. They are a destructive, invasive species. They kill wildlife, livestock and my garden. Bolt action .22 for the win. Actually I'm going to buy a nice .22 wmr semi auto pistol for just such occasions. Only having that 1 shot just then was a bit sketchy. Luckily I hip shoot pretty well because it was pissed off!!
  6. I take it as a compliment. I just pop shotted a pig in my garden while my dogs were chasing it around. The fucker saw my light and charged right at me and I got him right between the eyes at about 3 feet away. He about 120 lbs and full of lice so I drug him down the road so the buzzards can eat him. Helt Texas
  7. The thing is that sanctions have already been lifted by everyone else. We were only part of the sanctions. Stop trying to make this deal a right wing thing. Its on Obama the naive and gullible.
  8. Non-sexual would be more accurate?
  9. Fpv quad racing is the shit. It reminds me of pod racing in star wars.
  10. See poachers are the problem, not permitted hunters. Funds from permits protect animals from poachers.
  11. Its that countries resource and if they want to sell it, go ahead. Do any of you give avfuck about fish? What about corn. Corn reacts to pain. Go get a life. He didn't torture the animal, he killed it. The permits they sell fund the protection of these animals from poachers who do much more damage. What about cowardly fishermen? Cowardly flower pickers.
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