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  1. If you’re unvaccinated and think you’re not endangering people around you, you have no business in patient care.
  2. It is, however, Republicans’ fault that they place party/Trump loyalty ahead of the public good: they honestly see their role as being the anchor tossed to a drowning man.
  3. Endangering yourself and others is not “right” no matter how you misinterpret it.
  4. So Republicans vote 50-0 against something, because Republican, and Democrats vote 49-1 FOR it, and Republicans get no blame for it failing. your “logic” is unassailable.
  5. That ought to coffin-nail the “duplicate ballot is fraud” bulls hit. not that the incorrigibles like DullEdge will get it.
  6. With CyberNinjas talent for not knowing what they’re talking about, that is probably more like zero.
  7. Time for Maicopa County to sue the Arizona GOP for all the expenses the county incurred due to their shenanigans.
  8. Well good. he’ll grift the very rubes who are asking for it, dry up campaign contributions that might go to legitimate candidates, shred the campaign planning of any potential Republican candidates, possibly damage the Republican primaries if his teasing goes into 2024. I don’t see a downside to any of this. Of course, Cohen is probably incorrect: Rumps ego will compel him to run again.
  9. Mostly false. https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2021/sep/15/infowars/biden-plan-require-more-bank-account-reporting-irs/ which is what one should expect from a claim spawned by infowars.
  10. “The wife I've had Covid and we're immune” yes, he really did post that. 1) no, you’re not immune, you’re still susceptible to new variants 2) you’re still a carrier and spreader. No one really cares if your reckless self-centeredness kills you, but when your behavior starts killing other people, fuck you.
  11. I can’t believe that even Rump is crazy enough to want all the facts in this case laid out in open court. this is a nuisance suit, nothing more: one of Rumps longtime tactics.
  12. Republicans have been trying to trash Social Security since FDR. This is just their latest thrashing.
  13. The S&P500 closed today at the same level it was on July 21. as corrections go, that’s not impressive.
  14. He knows that he has, has had, and never will have, any chance with a chick that hot.
  15. Just fing relax. The market was overpriced and due for a correction. September is usually an off month anyway.
  16. So, where’s that drop off you optimists were predicting four weeks ago? https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/us/
  17. THATS the latest Con hogwash?! ”vaccines and mitigation and NOT GETTING SICK are BAD things because you have to get sick to be healthy”? WTF is wrong with those assholes?
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