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  1. Actually, it turns out that the high schoolers were provoked by a third group, the Native American tried to calm things down, and was provoked by the white boysfor his troubles. He he should have just let the white boys get mobbed.
  2. So you think their budget went up 40x in two years. Stop embarrassing yourself. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/2018/03/21/amtrak-gets-nearly-2-billion-federal-spending/447301002/
  3. Rudy changed his story yet again. https://www-m.cnn.com/2019/01/21/politics/rudy-giuliani-trump-tower/index.html?r=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.cnn.com%2F
  4. Bulls hit. https://thehill.com/policy/transportation/269711-amtrak-requests-18b-for-2017-fiscal-year thats 1.8 billion. You’re only off by an order of magnitude by four.
  5. theLion

    Trumps speech

    That’s why only a third of the electorate supports his wall idea.
  6. theLion

    Trumps speech

    Depending on which tRump quote you like, it was supposed to be just parts, or 900 miles, or a thousand miles, or 2,000 miles: thirty feet high or (pick a height): solid concrete, solid masonry, solid steel, or any one of a number of fence types. And anywhere from from five billion to thirty billion, paid for by Mexico directly, by Mexico indirectly, or by the democrat congress. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/18/us/politics/trump-border-wall-immigration.html
  7. theLion

    So what is a starter Nancy?

    What’s a starter? reopen the government. Accept the spending bills the Senate already agreed to.
  8. theLion

    So what is a starter Nancy?

    She also seems to be the one telling tRump what’s acceptable. The Gay Eminence, as it were.
  9. That’s the four killed by ISIS attack after tRump declared ISIS defeated, right?
  10. The NFL has clearly decided that they have to have their big market teams in the big game.
  11. theLion

    Kamala Harris to run for president in 2020

    Yeah, that won’t last.