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  1. Too bad tRump already publicly admitted it was because of the Russia thing.
  2. California has made good use of the Obama Recovery to put the states fiscal house in order. Whats texas’ excuse?
  3. What happens? After lying for months that he wants to talk to Mueller, and having been offered endless opportunities to do so under limited conditions, tRump will prove himself a liar by fighting a subpoena.
  4. Typically, none of the Cons gloating over Chicago's misery, have the slightest clue how to actually do anything about it.
  5. Is foreign interference in an election, which we have done numerous times in the Cold War era and the recent Israeli election, mind you, serious? Yes, who wouldn’t think it’s a serious issue, and we should prevent further intrusions, but vote counts weren’t altered. It was mostly a social media campaign loaded with trolls and shoddy Facebook ads, the costs of which were in the low six-figures. If you think that $100,000 in ads can wipe away American institutions, you’re insane. No, you’re insane anda sore loser. Even The Washington Postsaid it’s virtually impossibleto hack our election system. If there were solid evidence of collusion, we would have found out about it. If there were an infamous pee tape, we would have seen it by now. This collusion circus has been going on for over a year. The investigation's approval ratings have sunk due to people seeing that this is a wild goose chase. We’ve found nothing. It’s time to shut it down. Why do you lie so goddam much?
  6. Hence the tRump reference. None of them have any f’ing clue what they’re talking about, just like the Orange clown.
  7. So yer theory is is that a lose-lose is somehow a win for one of the losers. That at makes sense in tRump land, maybe.
  8. If you think ICE can or does have any affect on street crime in Chicago, you ARE confused.
  9. It was probably “bought” by Regnery or someone like that, solely to artificially boost it onto the best “sellers” list. A year from from now they’ll be $1.99 in the checkout line at Walmart.