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  1. Both are merely concepts.
  2. I somewhat pity Cruz. How he hocked his manhood to tRump is squirm inducing.
  3. He’s also more apoplectic, and the sooner the better.
  4. “Do you really think the NRA wants all people to have access to guns.”
  5. Ah, the usual “Neener neener “ *rebuttal*, with a straw man twist. Well failed.
  6. theLion

    Ted Cruz Just Won Reelection

    TRump is desperate for affirmation.
  7. Sure he’s lying. His attempt to pin the Parkland shooter on an Obama initiative is a complete lie. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/nikolas-cruz-promise-obama/
  8. If you think the nra is interested in preventing the legal sale of firearms, tRump’s got a bridge he wants to sell you.
  9. So now the Rightie line is that buying a high powered weapon is a warning sign. The nra will be delighted with you. 🦍
  10. Do you really think anyone on this forum doesn’t realize what a blatant and constant liar you are?
  11. Thanks to the tRump phenomenon, the researchers will have no shortage of test subjects.
  12. Oh, and a bottomless investigation of Chinless.