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  1. Paula Jones: took the money and ran. Broderick: swore under oath that the rumors of Bill Clinton's alleged sexual assault on her were untrue. Yeah, they're going to carry a lot of weight.
  2. You do know that Bannon is expected to lead notsoBreitbart in a viscious attack on tRmp, right?
  3. Slavery lesson #2!

    Yeah, nice try - but the outfit shown is from the 19th century. Johnson lived in the 17th.
  4. Slavery lesson #3!

    Forrest, the founder of the Klan. Yeah, he was really a civil rights icon.
  5. Chicago: 2.7 million population. 45% non-Latino white, 33% black, Asian 6%, the remainder mostly hispanic. Cook County: 5.2 million, 55% non-Latino white, 25% black, 6% Asian, the remainder mostly hispanic Chicago Metropolitan Statistical Area: 9.7 million, 53% non-Latino white, 17% black, 6% Asian, the remainder hispanic. All data as of the 2010 (most recent) Census.
  6. So you're in the far south suburbs. Thanks for clarifying.
  7. Bannon BOOTED!!!!

    Since he IS a goy, what's your problem?
  8. Yeah? Where in Chicago are you?
  9. Who's got September 15th in the "25%" pool?
  10. That's actually the most intelligent thing you've ever posted.
  11. Bannon BOOTED!!!!

    Well, you're half right.
  12. Bannon BOOTED!!!!

    I feel the same sense of regret about this that I would over the death of a rabid dog.
  13. "Pig's blood"

    Does tRump know the truth of that fable, thus he's lying, or does he not know the truth of that fable, in which case he's ignorant? Take your pick.
  14. My guess is that she's paraphrasing HG Wells' epitaph, over and over.
  15. I wonder if tRump knows that Pershing fable was a tall tale. Or if he cares.