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  1. “Hannity appealed for her not to take it personally:” yeah, that sounds like Hannity: he went after her personally, then whines when she responds in kind and hands him his coward ass. Wuss.
  2. Let him try to pay with anything but cash and his identity will come up in blazing letters.
  3. This “unfit to be an Uber driver” must be today’s talking point. Fess up, Cons: who fed you that line?
  4. Geller has certainly made a lucrative deal out of being an ass hole.
  5. Vinyl is the medium of choice for serious audiophiles. Cons need to catch up.
  6. You know that Fordham and Harvard are entirely different schools, right?
  7. How ironic, to see such a question from a Nixon who never bothers to get his facts straight before posting. https://fox2now.com/2014/03/27/redneck-road-rage-video-shows-driver-getting-taste-of-instant-karma/comment-page-1/ “I couldn’t move over because there were trucks in the right lane and I sure as heck wasn’t going to speed on a rainy day with the roads being as slick as they were. I was turning left in about a half-mile when this happened.” youre welcome.
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