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  1. Texas AG Paxton, fresh off getting laughed out of the SCOTUS, building a case based on a Veritas video. yeah, this will go well.
  2. Bulls hit. Take responsibility for your own actions.
  3. All? no. the ones who took part. Starting at the top.
  4. It’s too late, tRumplings: apologies, mea culpas, sudden epiphanies will do you no good. theyve enabled and abetted the Orange child for four years, they don’t get a deathbed confession and absolution. if I had my way, anyone who worked for tRump or the republicans in Congress these past four years would be permanently blacklisted.
  5. His thugs are going for all fifty states AND DC next Sunday.
  6. No. Objecting certification is certainly their privilege. put them all on the “cats and dogs” committee for the rest of this Congress.
  7. Yeah, he said something like that to his mob last Wednesday, then scurried off to his safe place like the coward he is.
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