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  1. And is using his illness to urge everyone to get vaccinated. Good on him.
  2. From you, or anyone else in your bubble, that’s actually a compliment.
  3. Yeah, it takes more than a couple of weeks’ pay to get caught up on 18 months of missed rent. cons and arithmetic, my god.
  4. Not really. Article one section seven says “All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills.” …but says nothing about where SPENDING bills come from.
  5. As to the VA, that’s a health care environment: long ruled constitutional to require vaccinations. my god, you guys are so uninformed it’s funny. Almost as amusing as your efforts to vilify “mandate” where there isn’t one.
  6. As to the military: >In comments at the White House, Biden stopped short of imposing a vaccine mandate right away. But he said he has asked the Defense Department to look into how, and when, the military will add vaccines to protect against COVID-19 to the list of other vaccinations service members must receive.<
  7. So where’s the fraudit freport?
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