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  1. That might be an apt comment except for the facts that: 1) I’m not in cook county, and 2) cook county doesn’t start early voting for a couple of weeks yet. other than being full of shit, your comment was a splendid example of Rightie ignorance.
  2. Five student deferments and then classed 1Y after an exam by an actual army induction doctor. so the question is, did you vomit your falsehood through ignorance, or were you deliberately lying?
  3. So, charged and convicted with what, again? I don’t seem to see it in your flailing. by the way, the night she died, the police found nothing illegal at her hom. pull your head out of Tucker’s ass.
  4. https://www.270towin.com/content/electoral-college-ties/
  5. I agree, this will be a moot point. unless tRump finds some way to nullify some state’s results (Pennsylvania?) long enough to prevent theEC from completing their vote.
  6. No. if nobody gets to 270, the House picks the new President from the three highest EC vote receivers: probably two in this case. interestingly, the House does not vote individually in such a choice, but by state.
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