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  1. Criminal charges five minutes after tRump leaves office.
  2. Actually, tRump pilled his “stalk out of the meeting “ shtick on Kim. It led to to the failure of whatever his NK plan was.
  3. “Transparent”: you don’t seem to understand what the term means.
  4. District courts have always had this power. Only the criminal organization known known as the tRump administration has a problem with it. Gee, I wonder why?
  5. TRump says he doesn’t care about payback. Bulls hit. It’s all he cares about.
  6. No one is asking tRump to see his returns.
  7. Sanders wrote a book. Royalties from two years add up to his net worth.
  8. Pelosi is in the House, dolt.
  9. TRump was stuck in boarding school because even an adzehole like Fred Drump couldn’t stand him.
  10. It’s been debunked. Two arrests, not twelve. No assault charges. No injuries. No hammers. Red State knew all this when they published / lied. You bought it, racist simp that you are.
  11. He did this same tactic with Korea , and with China, and with Congress on immigration. It was his go-to tactic for decades in “negotiating “ with (bullying) contractors. In each case it has failed. He hasn’t figured out that he can only bully the weak.