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  1. He’s been arrested. When, not if, his parishioners start to die, up his charges to negligent homicide.
  2. One days decline does not establish anything, especially since it was a Sunday and the reporting mechanism itself may have been undermanned.
  3. Just that Adam smiths market forces theories, which led to so much offshoring, isn’t necessarily the best decision tool for the larger picture.
  4. “Postulation: When all the data comes in (about 24 months), we will likely deduce that this pathogen's strain-specific mortality rate USUALLY falls between .008 and .0035 ....depending on a measurable set of any given population's anomalous environmental, biological, and genetic variables. Trumpanzee Translation: That means mortality rate outcomes will range between a best-case 8 deaths per 1000 and a 3rd-World case 35 deaths per 1000....along with the RARE single-digit case exceptions that inevitably fall outside what will become accepted COVID-19 mortality fallout bell-curve upper and lower control limits. “ try again: 35 per 1000 is 3.5%, not .0035, which is 0.35%. 8 per 1000 is 0.8%, .008. Congrats, you got that one right. 8 per thousand, 60 million cases, is 480,000 deaths: your “best case”.
  5. Righties are beginning to realize that The Invisible Hand has arthritis, carpal tunnel, MS, ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease, and fingernail fungus.
  6. That said, I’m gonna cut tRump some slack on this: I believe what he meant is that 100,000 deaths, while terrible, is far better than two million. I would agree with that.
  7. Nice try, but you’re comparing the BESt case death figure with the WORST case total-cases figure. if you assume 65 million cases, a more realistic death total is around 1.1 million, based on the current 1.75% death rate.
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