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  1. Putin gave TrumPOS the extra 20 Million votes he needed to come in second
  2. Just noticed, Barron Trump looks a lot like Putin,???? Who's yo daddy?
  3. LMAO Reminds us the Ruskies are better looking also.
  4. He is/was one of the best actors. Personally, I don't drink much beer, its all swill to me. I used to go to northern Canada fishing years ago, drank a few Molsons which was decent as I recall.
  5. Travolta is a actor, his career is fantasy shiite, It's not real, Its fake. Funny how many of you wingies think movies are real life.
  6. Naw, Russians are much smarter, and dress better, No pointy toes boots, Huge belt buckles, stupid fkin cowboy hats, drooling their diping Skoll outta their mouths. Krist they're dumbfks. get smarter answers from a pile cowshiit
  7. He did say that, AS usual the wingies wanna make everything about Clinton/Obama and ignore the criminals/crimes of the Right.
  8. He should have beaten Bush, it would have save us10's of thousands of casualties, 3 wars and $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$Trillions.
  9. Epstein prolly has tapes of TrumPOS, Acosta, Lush Limpwick, Clinton, McTurtle, Ryan and rest of the perverts in DC, NY, FL. That's how he got off the first time, a R greased some palms.
  10. Probably, Might explain why you hate the brown skinned people.
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