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  1. He also became Putins number 1Cock Holster Takes a special kind of dik sucker to do that.
  2. Trump proved again that only the dumbest 32% of Americans like him, The 68% Majority still ridicule, and hate the dumbsumbeeech
  3. It turns out that McConnell and Trump were recently in a shouting match. Mr. Trump has been actively targeting individual Republican senators. It is clear that McConnell must know the president has committed impeachable offenses based on the statement from his former chief of staff. The New York Times article is worth a read. It clearly illustrates the level of dysfunction between this Republican President, Congress, and the governance of this great country. Trump proved again last night, He's not presidential material. He is 3rd rate reality TV material
  4. Duh Turtle can help make Trumpie a one term president
  5. Ha, ya like to read his constant whining? You need a life dude.
  6. C'mon bossman Get to the part when will we win the war there, I'm betting Never, What's Cheeto saying about the ultimate win and when? Does Rumpskin have stocks in the military contracting industry? I'm betting yes, again. Trillions more in debt? Howz he gonna pay for it ? Actually he didn't say anything other than we will continue with the spending and debt. SOSDD
  7. When Trump Tweets,

    Aww yes, I am doing well, been busy Howz bout yourself? Did you get your plant sprinkler(s) done yet?
  8. When Trump Tweets,

    It's amazing that tRumpos has spent his whole life blowing smoke up his own ass.
  9. Money to be made, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Billions and Billions.
  10. Because the Ignorant are followers, easily led by their corrupt partys
  11. Tradition , of course. The same failed plan + another 100 years