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  1. Biden = Corporate whore They have funded his entire career, and will continue to fund because he does what he's told.
  2. TrumPOS should be arrested for being so ignorant and stupid.
  3. Jon Mecham had a great article on the DNC's choice to Play Hillary 2.0 in today election environment. I wish I could find it again. The DNC chose to ignore the 47% of Independents/progressives and try to win over the 5% of Republicans that might switch tp D this time. It's almost like they would rather lose to Trump than engage and win the Independents. Stunning
  4. He doesn't like anything Bernie is for, seems to be his agenda, Like Trumpos hates anything Obama did.
  5. I would rather have Bider the R lite than have Trumpos the wanna be dik-tator. 'Get along' Joe will not rock the boat. same ole same ole.
  6. You're right on this. As in; "We can give you fame, fortune and power if you do this for us, ___ ___ _____ ______, Deal?"
  7. You born in Texass? Stupid fkin twit What's the title of the thread? Get someone smart to understand it for you, buttplug.
  8. Same with the RNC, Heritage is what has brought out the Conservative agenda of Trumpos Joe will be the same puppet of corporate agenda we have now and what we've had for the last 30-40 years.
  9. I'm surprised about her, she did so well early then nothing much since.
  10. Trumpy nicked named him Sleepy Joe. Nor far off.
  11. Yep, A Liberal vs A Republican lite. That was a sneaky move by the DNC to have Mayor Pete and Amy drop out the day before Super Tuesday and endorse Biden, Now Bloomburger, same game, Makes me wonder what was promised by the DNC.
  12. If you were smarter than an 8 ball, You could have figured it out also. But I agree with you on one thing, You can be stupid the rest of your life. Doesn't bother me at all.
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