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  1. I ask for proof, not more methane, You came up short, again, gasbag
  2. All that and yet the 20 investigations couldn't find even one thing to indict her on? Sounds like you think the 100's of R lawyers are stupid or incompetent or both. Pretty sure they didn't ask for your advice.
  3. Show your proof it was illegal, twit Standard procedures and judges okays, to investigate Russian bribery, consorting with the enemy.
  4. Moron, Hillary indictments coming soon, eh, Deek? Right after another 13 investigations? Or? Don't quit your day job at McFat Burgers.
  5. Looks like you don't know for sure, or you wouldn't post stupid shhit
  6. Coup? Dumbass Yes, the leader of the coup is the VP; Pench of Shat.
  7. By calling them Treasonous. That should cost him $$$$$$$$$$$$$ Millions for libel. When will they Sue this dik?
  8. You want us to figure out what you said or meant? WTH, you don't even know. Right?
  9. Your wants don't register on any scale I look at. , You want them, then you should pay for their food, welfare, clothing, healthcare, education, etc. Let me guess, you don't want them that bad, eh?
  10. Would you consider for someone else making that decision for your mother, daughter, wife, granddaughter? Do as they demand? Perhaps It not either pro or anti choice It none of your business how others choose.
  11. There are a lot of you limiteds, most of you seems to be standing out in a field somewhere in KS wondering WTH happened. But there are none in the R establishment to vote for and haven't been since Reagan sold out to corporate America. Tom Delays 'Pay to Play' was well advertised and highly effective. Now R 'Conservatives' are high spending, low taxes, charge it to the national debt, war and destruction.
  12. I think Pelosi's plan to slow walk this until election might work, The constant drip, dip of obstruction, possible money laundering, Russian connections thru Dooshe Bank, illegal Saudi money, eic may do the job. Personally I hope they start the Impeachment hearing tomorrow,