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  1. AKA; False Flag operation Who benefits? Our gas prices shot up $.20 cents a gallon the 2nd day. Saudi's get the US to fight their long time enemy and raise oil prices at the same time? Win/win for them. Wasn't it the Saudis that were responsible for 911 and now Trumpos is sukin them like a $ 2 dollar ho because the buy his overpriced real estate?
  2. It's the symbolism, There are dozens of like weapons.
  3. An AR-15 is an EGO boost for the short dik crowd(R's). makes em feel all manish.
  4. FL is a R state, chances are all 53,000 voted for Trumpos
  5. Yo, Deek Breath Like you didn't vote for TrumPOS?
  6. White boy would have got probation or less, if he came from a 'Good' family, he would been sent home without charges.
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