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  1. Prove it, Putin said so, but no proof its happening. Hes like POS, he lies to help is agenda,
  2. He got a nuke treaty, Something POS tore up and let them start building again.
  3. You guys can't see chit, even with your head buried in it. Ole Tube Lips Trumpos hasn't ever told Putin to stay out of our election or else. he's Putin pull toy.
  4. LOAO It's okay for ole Putie pal helping TrumPOS But not a Dem? You conturds got you knickers all knotted now. Funny chit
  5. Poor ole James He can't believe anyone would ever kick the party to the curb.. Need a hankie James.
  6. We agree, almost, we still got kids being killed over in that chithole, needum out yesterday Ur showing signs if intelligence, keep up the studies and hard work and you will become a progressive yet. Cheers
  7. You did recognize it, again, still Get someone smart to read it and unnerstan it for you. Do you know anyone smart?
  8. Get yo head outta the Orange craptee piles ass. Every intelligence service on earth has told us different, even the 18 US intelligence services. Sorry, it's tougher on you for being so fkin Stupid. Have you tried a kiddie channel?
  9. LOL Ole Matt is another chubbie R coksuker. He and Nunes spend a lot of face time with Trumpos dik? He was a criminal before he was a R, like most R's.
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