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  1. the driver has the right of way in las Vegas not the person i should know i been hit by a car and cops would not do any thing about it. the laws are different if you don’t believe me ask the people in las Vegas they make thees laws to prevent more law suits. Research the traffic laws in Las Vegas it states when a person jay walks all the driver has to do is honk the horn and try to avoid the person and it never tells the driver to hit his or her brakes. Most drivers in Las Vegas honk the horn and hit the gas when they see pedestrians in front of them. This is one of the only states where the driver has the right away. I tried to find information about the many Las Vegas pedestrians that were killed by drivers and I was ignorant enough to tell the police station my name. The next day a person followed me to the casino. Then he was in my gated neighborhood right by my house honking the horn at me. Then he followed me when I got pizza and he honked and waved at me. This was the first and last time I saw that person
  2. it is legal to kill people in Las Vegas by running them over with a car The killer Alice Alava was given only two misdemeanors for her crime. She served no jail or prison time. The tragic thing about it is she broke a law and drove recklessly in this accident. The law she broke was not stopping at a crosswalk while another vehicle is stopped at the crosswalk waiting for pedestrians to cross. When Alice Alava ran over the three innocent little girls she was driving so fast, reckless and unaware of anyone else on the road that it took her between 50 and 100 yards to stop after she ran over the three little girls. Alice Alava cried and said she was sorry for running over the three little kids and killing one of them. This means in Nevada a person can run somebody over recklessly while breaking the law and not be punished severely. Thank God it can only happen in Nevada and not all over America. Alice Alava only had to do was cry and say I’m sorry and that killer can walk away free. This case shows that the traffic laws in Nevada need to change now before more killers like Alice Alava find more innocent victims to run over. In most states in America Alice Alava would be convicted of manslaughter, but not in Nevada. Nevada’s traffic laws are different than most states in America. Most of the drivers that are involved in killing innocent pedestrians or other drivers are driving recklessly in Nevada. The problem is most of these reckless drivers are never convicted of a serious crime that would send them to jail or prison. In most of the states in America people who drive recklessly and break laws that cause the death of an innocent civilian would serve jail time for their crime. In most states in America when a person is driving and breaking a law or driving recklessly and they kill a pedestrian or another driver or passengers they would be convicted of manslaughter. There were many more cases where Nevada citizens were ran down recklessly by other drivers and the drivers were not punished. More innocent pedestrians will be run over in Nevada and more innocent drivers will be killed in Nevada by reckless lot breaking drivers in Nevada. Until politicians in Nevada change the traffic laws the reckless drivers in Nevada are open to kill as many innocent pedestrians or drivers and their passengers as they want to. The politicians in Nevada don’t understand until harsh punishment is putdown in law to punish reckless and law-breaking drivers for killing innocent pedestrians and other drivers and their passengers the more innocent civilians will die due to traffic related deaths. Amount of pedestrians that are run over by cars in Nevada and the amount of people that were killed in car accidents in Nevada are horrible especially when people who are responsible for the deaths are not punished. This is why I am thinking about a movie or TV show when a man would say have you ever killed a person just to feel how it is to kill a person. The horrible thing is in Nevada a person can legally kill someone by running them over in his or her car and get away with it and without being convicted of any crime. Even more horrible is a person can run over and kill a jaywalker and him or she will not be of any serious convicted of a crime and she or him will also is able to put a lawsuit against the family of the person he or she killed. This makes me think should Las Vegas slogan change to “pedestrians beware run quickly before you ran over and killed” because drivers are legally able to run over and kill pedestrians without receiving any harsh punishment.
  3. I A person is tackled by the secret service when he was protesting against Barack Obama. He called Obama a Republican bitch. He yelled to Obama: help the poor people, stop helping the rich people, and stop helping the corporations. Then the media lied about that incident and told the people they could not hear what that man said because the crowd was too loud. This is proof what the heckler said to Obama and how all the media stations lied about this story to protect President Obama. This is proof that all the media is corrupt and will lie as much as it can to protect President Obama and to push their Propaganda on to the American Citizens.This story proves that all of the employees of the Media are not ethical Journalist, but puppets that spew lies to the American people because the Largest and most powerful corporations order them to do this.
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