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  1. Prayers and remembrance for the victims and their families.
  2. The new ones are called First Strike Rations. Sure doesn't seem like much for a 24 hour meal but that's how they're selling it.
  3. Regardless of how anyone feels about the gay lifestyle the slaughtering of 50 human beings in cold blood was just plain wrong. Let's all put aside our differences and offer prayers or positive thoughts for the victims and their families of this senseless act of brutality. And please no politics or gay bashing. Let's just give them respect out of common decency. Many thanks. God bless and be with them and the people of Orlando. May they all find peace and comfort.
  4. It's been like this ever since wall street bought our government two decades ago
  5. While the title specifies retirees the article paints an increasingly worse picture for military families. Welcome back to the clinton nineties where there's no operational or training budget and families are stuck with rising costs while military pay and allowances don't keep up with the cost of living. Once again servicemembers are going to be forced into making the very hard choice between serving their country or taking care of their families. We lost so many of our best and brightest back then because their children became ill and civilian medicine offered much better services than mil
  6. Well said and I apologize if I came on too strong my Brother. My bad. Just kills me to see us all being played against each other. This is insanity where we're all losing.
  7. What are we supposed to believe then? Is the German government just trying to cover this up to avoid further violence or was she actually assaulted? There's so many reports of this I'm inclined to believe she was as this point. For the sake of humanity I sure pray I'm wrong.
  8. Reid is in bed with China over building a solar farm to provide energy to Las Vegas which is what the Bundy incident was really all about so if this isn't the pot calling the kettle black I don't know what is. They're all crooks.
  9. Oh my God. A great victory? Wall street has sold the liberals that ACA is their idea when in truth it absolves companies of providing health care to workers by placing the burden of health insurance on the worker thus freeing up more money for investor's profits. To add insult to injury wall street is using none other than IRS as their enforcement tool so it doesn't cost them a single penny to force you into purchasing their inferior insurance products. Now wall street is union busting which takes away your ability to collectively bargain your fair wage which frees up even more mo
  10. Really good analysis that makes total sense IF the election is rigged ... and I believe it is ... Hillary will win and she'll need the very support exactly as you write ALSO Hillary will need SCOTUS backing her own EO's which of course she'll blame on GOP for blocking her initiatives So the obvious question becomes what are "they" really up to now??? The plot thickens ... This is some really underhanded diabolical type outlandish shit wall street and DC are pulling off if it's true .. and I believe it is Very well done Shin
  11. Fifties under Eisenhower seemed pretty good. Lot of people worked and seemed like most had money even if it wasn't a lot.
  12. No matter how many recounts or explanations anyone gives a lot of us will never trust that election and still question every one since Sam you know I'm a big fan of common sense conservatism and GOP but both hurt our Country big time with their insane antics just to get Bush in the White House on that one. Be that as it may both sides should have backed off and let an independent non political group verify the votes so we all could have lived with it either way. Because that process wasn't allowed to happen voter count integrity has been questioned ever since.
  13. Sure hope I'm totally wrong but it keeps coming up with big money back dooring us with her Sure would be nice to pick who we want rather than being force fed their choices like hillary and jeb
  14. Let's see ... Rubio ... Sanders or clinton? Rubio
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