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  1. bgr39

    Where gun control ends.

    The forefathers described the "militia" as "every able bodied person".
  2. The recession was officially over a few months after "H" was elected in 2009. "H" stopped the country from recovering from the recession for eight years. Reagan inherited a worse economy than "H" did. Within two years, Reagan had a booming economy. "H" kept his boot on the throat of the American economy for the eight years he was President.
  3. Every time that Syria started a war with Israel, Syria got it's ass kicked, badly!! THAT is why the Golan Heights belong to Israel .
  4. Gee, how much bitchin' did you do when "H" sent millions and his "people" to Israel to try to defeat (MEDDLE DIRECTLY) Netanyahu when he (Netanyahu) was running for re-election?
  5. The Jews "empower" themselves. The Jews have been "empowering" themselves since the 1947 Israeli war for independence. It is the stupid arabs that get their asses kicked every time they open their mouths.
  6. IF the people had CCW's and were carrying, THEN they would've had a chance to stop him.
  7. The only people that obey a "gun-free-zone" area is law-abiding citizens. Do you REALLY think that someone that is planning a mass-murder will not kill the people IF the people are in a "gun-free-zone?? The same with "No weapons allowed" signs at businesses ..... Only law-abiding citizens will obey THOSE signs too!
  8. One way to decrease mass-shootings is to do away with the "gun-free-zones". just about all mass-murders happen in a gun-free-zones. Would-be mass killers KNOW that there will be no one armed at those locations to interfere with their killing rampage.
  9. Are you saying that the only federal laws that DON'T apply are the laws that YOU select???
  10. Gee, do you mean like the federal laws applying to illegal aliens and pot that some states totally ignore???
  11. We could do like ole' useless-Joe suggested. "use a double-barreled shotgun, and fire a couple of rounds and hope to scare them off". rotflmfao
  12. Joe's brain is about as useless as boobs on a boar hog!
  13. WOW have you got a fast bullet. Mine only travels at 850 fps!!!!
  14. Gee, just about all mass-murders happen in gun-free zones. How is that "gun-free-zone" working out for ya?
  15. ..... Punch azzholes that piss on your car or knock your hat off your head.