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  1. It is now, and has been since 1934, to own an assault weapon. You need to find out what you are bitchin; about BEFORE you stick your foot in your mouth and make a fool of yourself. Do you have any idea what an "assault weapon" is?
  2. You sound like you were born ignorant and have been going down hill ever since. You REALLY DO need to see a "shrink".
  3. Gee, how many of those mass-murders LEGALLY bought the gun the used to kill those people?
  4. When some drunk gets behind the wheel of a car and kills someone, will that fruitcake "Guilluam" blame the car for the deaths????? Just wondering!!!!
  5. SO, you are saying that with a knife, or a razor-sharp machete , there would've only been 8 murders instead of 12? Wow, are you saying that if only 8 people had been hacked to death (I.E. murdered) with a machete, the surviving families of those 8 people that were theoretically hacked to death with a razor-sharp machete would feel much better knowing that a gun wasn't used to kill their loved ones? You really are dumber than a box of rocks!!!!!
  6. I'm sure the surviving family members of the victims would feel a lot better IF their family members were murdered with a knife instead of a gun! You ARE an ignorant fu ck!
  7. !!! REALLY!!! ... And YOU KNOW what my sex is?????
  8. Women die from walking down the street, too. Once a woman gets pregnant, there is another life to worry about. Once the baby is born, the woman can do what she wants with her body!
  9. It took just about 8 years of crap economy. Gee, what a coincidence!
  10. "The little boy blue ................................ ................................ And his mother knew!
  11. Mueller's full report, the whole 400 pages is right on the internet. Go read it and THEN you will know the "essense of what Mueller found"! Oh, wait a minute, that's right, you don't know how to read....... Go find someone that can read it to you. You are a TRUE shlt-for-brains liberal.
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