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  1. unless you are peepee... He knows EVERYTHING about money. Probably rents the basement from his mom.... Just mention your last oil change or the grade you got in 7th grade English and he'll tell you how little you know about "real dollars". These chatrooms are FILLED with experts that read a couple books once. There are some really stupid people that live until they die of old age. Life ain't that hard apparently. Dumb people do it all the time. According to peepee (and a few others) there's only one way to make it successfully. How so many complete idiots aren't killed before they're old is a mystery to those guys (being geniuses an' all).
  2. If being a repetitive poster was grounds for banning then WillFrankenstein needs banning. He's been pounding the same thread for THOUSANDS of bumps. He's even got the same one here. Of course this place needs a kick in the butt too sometimes. I'm not sure what is the draw.
  3. I saw some stuff about that but kinda ignored it thinking it was bluster. He was raggin', you were spitting back. What was the final straw? I mean, I have insulted the crap out of him. You must have the secret power to piss off people. LOL
  4. Well I meant figuratively dumpster diving by being here... ; ) So are you pissed off at the other site/people? Tired of the same crap? I know there are a couple posters that are just plain repetitive boors that think the world of themselves. BUT... You can't really escape those unfunny drones. Like Willfuklin...
  5. I'm out dumpster diving... You still pissed at somebody? I get bored with chats in general after a while. This place with the fake nod toward civility censoring is a bit much... "Bad word" it.
  6. War and famine (usually bringing a healthy dose of disease with them) are doing just fine. The population will reach its limit whether we try to "control" anything or not. ps I don't believe she is honest at all. AT ALL. You actually think she is? Good luck, sucker. lol
  7. Ok, here's what I say: She's an opportunist blowhard. That nonsense she spews cannot be believed in by anyone with a brain. In order to further her "career" she has become an attention whore. Those types are generally phonies. I don't want the world "destroyed" by humans unintentionally or intentionally. What facking idiot would? Jabbing your finger at people with purposeful deceit is for asses.
  8. Put your emotional baggage aside for a moment. To what do you attribute this serious turn of events?
  9. Shill Franken is still boring people with his "Desperate Shill" baby talk? Whatta Fvckin' 'tard.
  10. Soros is a really creepy guy. I think that why progressives love him. He's "edgy". : )
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