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  1. Most conservatives never spoke up anyway. It's the lib malcontents with the big mouths. We see them burning shit too.
  2. I wouldn't care if there wasn't a game to watch in the first place.
  3. 😆You actually believe that shit? ps NFL SUUUUCKS. Spoiled attention whores. Fuck their "voice".
  4. Even blacks don't like niggers. That's why black people hate being called nigger.
  5. Let the lib/progs keep singing about how low Trump's poll numbers are... It's a winning formula, remember? 🙂 The dems did Trump's heavy lifting last time, too.
  6. So he interrupted the current "street theatre". ...and that angered the faux outraged? 🤔 You are pretty much a double-standard douche bag at this point.
  7. Probably someone who just identified as a White Nationalist that day. Which bathroom did it use? Oh, what's a White Nationalist anyway? Anything like the Tooth Fairy?
  8. Shades of Lou Reed. Quirky lyrics. ...and for some reason Britta Phillips. A doll with a great tiny voice.
  9. Hey, I never brought them up. I'm more into Luna. Gone but not forgotten... Saint Toadie, Prostrator forgives all.
  10. I don't know what that one is...
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