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  1. more troll crap to defend the defenseless. don't worry though.... HE IS A LIBERTARIAN!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHA... hypocrite scum
  2. how about this.......... YOU FUKKN IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!! are you really all grown up?????????? jebus fukkn chriscrinkle do you REALLY need this explained to you????? use your brain boy. you can get it if you really want to.
  3. why would you pretend to know such a thing? YOU DON"T, that I know for sure. shall I tell you the answer? simple, your ultimate insignificance and powerlessness drive you to establish that you are superior to others. selfworship is a handy survival mechanism
  4. you are extremely stupid aren't you? do they make trolls this stupid eat at the trough.
  5. you are not qualified to help anyone except yourself, and hardly that.
  6. that is his way of convincing himself that he is doing god's work. and no, it is not a matter form being that important. Substance shapes the form.
  7. aahhhhh yessssssss.... another slimy piece of shit pretends that he knows my fate..... all to justify his hatred. I see you little man. You think your need for envy is covered by your pretense. QUite the contrary. It is exactly what makes you recognizable as a shallow little hate mongering feces slurper.
  8. there are plenty of people with faith that are miserable scum sucking slime bags. I would never call that a reason to be happy though. To me it looks like a typical example of confusing faith with the need to be envied. there is nothing that people wont lie to themselves about.
  9. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA... in spite of your conjugation challenges one word John Kerry
  10. The premise is false, and is the product of induced logic. these are simplistic concepts folks. no one should need to teach you this at your age
  11. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAA this slow witted little twit pretends that he speaks for christians HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHHHAHAHAHAHAHHHAHAAAAA do they love you at stormfront much, facist boy?
  12. why did you lie when you claimed that I threatened you????????? why can't you answer that simple question? it appears that it is because you are a despicable hateful slow witted child with an extremely low IQ and no moral compass whatsoever. Don't you have to answer for your sins little boy?
  13. all indications are that the seed has been planted, and the nurturing process is well under way. the interesting squabble will be, who gets to cut the cord?
  14. aaaaaaaaah... so THAT is what the "220" is for. The amount of volts it takes to run that thing.
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