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  1. First off I'd like to state that I am a fellow Christian as well as a republican and it's statements like those that people hear and it gives them a preconceived and untrue thought about Christians and makes them dislike us all. But how does that have any logic behind it at all? As I've noticed there are MANY black Christians out there so are you saying they shouldn't get healthcare either as your fellow brother in Christ? Now I believe that yes, people should work for their health insurance and this country should not have universal health care but now I'm just starting to see that statement was just discrimination against the blacks. It's not segregation era anymore. But here's the thing, being a nursing student I know that people in this country can NOT be refused HEALTHCARE (in general, not private physicians) when coming in to an emergency room. Whether they are black, white, Christian, atheist, legal or illegal they can not be turned away. Now yes many of those people may not have a private physician but let's look at the facts because that's what matters. Under this new ridiculous thing called Obamacare, not only will we be forced to pay for it out of our tax dollars (and will be charged a hefty fine if we don't), but we will be paying for less sufficient medical care. Patients will sped less than the average 8 minutes face-to-face time with their doctors, and for the number of people that will be coming into the private sector for medical care, and the number of doctors we will have, our number of doctors would need to increase by I believe the source said 32% in order to compensate and be sufficient to our needs. As of now, since Obamacare passed, it shows too that our number of physician students is dropping drastically. The government even considered offering raising the pay but then refused to do so. So as our number of patients is about to increase GREATLY the number of physicians is only continuing to decrease which is not going to help matters. Also touching up on the point the guy up there made about people saying the government can't/shouldn't impose on their personal medical decisions like abortion and birth control, well this is the government getting more involved with it than ever before, not only that but your paychecks. You wanted big government well now you got it and it is about to royally screw us all over.
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