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  1. centymeters?!!! What the fck are you talking about you Englisher dude?!!! Go back to the island. we don't cotton to intelleckchuals here!!!!
  2. Dude, you're really quite a liar to say they were all liberals. We have about the same lib/con percentage now as we had over here. In fact, some of them post on both sites. Give it a rest.
  3. It's not a name? Then what was his last name? BTW, is his middle name Henry? Is that why we cuss Jesus H. Christ!!! When are you going to actually name those who advocate homosexuality, adultery, and drugs? I don't know any of those people. Gay people are just gay, they don't try to convert anyone, because, unlike you, they are smart enough to know that's impossible. And nobody advocates drugs or adultery. You're an idiot. Keep up the good work. You really should post more often.
  4. I think the only thing you have proven with your post is that your kids are dumber than you are. Good job. I wish your parents were liberals, they may have aborted you and saved us the trouble of putting you to sleep. Wow, good post. I see Chuck has upgraded the posting quality on this site from good to neanderthal. (that's good in conservative-speak). I had that dude in my orchestra class. I learned how to play a mean game of poker.
  5. You guys named yourselves and now it's our fault? Hilarious!
  6. Well, when the shoe fits, azzholes! Cannon's fake ass copy cat site with a sht load of cons, too.
  7. He's not whining. He's explaining. He wants to do more for our country and your party won't let him. Is he supposed to sit on his hands and do nothing? Voters need to know what is stopping immigration reform, jobs bills, budget grand bargain, etc....something called "governing". Hey, I saw Rich Clemm at the other site. Did you have an abortion, or just wipe your azz? I can tell he misses you. He needs a wing man to support his assinine ramblings.
  8. Don't you conflict with your own party on this? Actually, I think cons should be chasing their own tails on this issue. Let's say we're talking about Christmas. Would you be spouting the business line or the religious freedom line? Don't you confuse yourself a little?
  9. Your party is going to attempt to blow up the economy in January. People will stop thinking about Obamacare, then.
  10. As always, it has nothing to do with your stupid one-liner regarding what the Tea party stands for, it's their actions and racist attitutdes. We're going to keep the Senate and come close to winning the House. Your favorite dingleberry, Cruz is going to tank your numbers again in January. You ought to sick the birthers on that guy! I agree, this is the only place you can get away with talking about religion and politics without losing friends or getting in trouble at your job. (unless, of course, you're str8tedge and this is all that you do at work)
  11. I don't think it's laughable at all. The president has been attempting to do what has been attempted by virtually every president since Teddy Roosevelt using a Republican idea and has received nothing but obstructionism and criticism. States with Democratic governors are doing ten times better with Obamacare than those with Republican governors. Republicans crying about people losing their insurance are, at the same time, turning a blind eye the the millions of their constituents who could sign up for Medicare is those governors would just expand the coverage. It's hilarious that our president has been tirelessly trying to help over 40 million Americans and has suffered nothing but criticism and blockage from a group of politicians who have no ideas, and don't give a damn about those Americans.
  12. We'll never have to bail out insurance companies. AIG was the only one I ever heard of and that was because of mortagages. Not health or life insurance. Insurance companies operate like Vegas does. the house ALWAYS wins. Yea, everytime I ask them for ideas, they cover up and say something like "we're not going to bail you out!". Azzholes. Even if Obamacare never works, nobody will blame us for trying to help people. Republicans don't give a fck. California and Connecticut are on track to beat expectations. Kentucky is doing great, so the turtle looking guy is going down. The rest will catch up post haste. Massachusettes got most of their signups in the last month. The winning formula seems to be: set up own exchanges and help Obamacare to succeed and your state will succeed. Do everything possible to slow, block, and convince people NOT to sign up, and your exchange will not do as well. January will show all Democratic governors will meet or beat expectations, while Republican run states will lag behind. It will show, very obviously, that it's Republicans who are keeping health care from their citizens.
  13. Butt out, golfboy. Dude made a statement, and I asked him to back it up. I'm not dumping anything into anyones laps. You didn't vote for it, so you don't own it. You will rue the day, however, when it works.
  14. Oh, I'm going to have loads of fun rubbing your nose in this sh1t next year. Massachusettes has already proved this system works. It will work and you guys will be revealed as being stupid lying azzholes!
  15. why can't you quote what those solutions are? I've seen them and they don't solve sh1t. What does a tax cut or a medical savings plan supposed to do for someone who doesn't pay federal taxes or doesn't have the extra money to save? Your solutions don't solve anything.
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