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  1. Yah. I haven't either - but then, it feels like I'm always washing my hands. Between cleaning up after the cat & dog, buying groceries, putting them away, cooking, washing dishes, setting out water, bird food, mixing up hummingbird nectar & loading the feeder, plus the usual household stuff - it seems like I'm always tidying up, washing up, & so on. Mind you, the closing of libraries & bookstores is becoming a hardship - there's only so much to read in the house, & I'd come to rely on the public library for most of my reading material, & DVDs & CDs. There are e-books, to be sure, but I prefer actual print. I may have to order some stuff, just to tide me over for the next year or however long it is.
  2. It's an interesting idea. What can the US federal gov. do to get all US nationals through the pandemic? I don't think it's doable. We're in the US, not China. China & some other dictatorships can take a very strong series of actions to contain a pandemic. The US can't go to that extreme. In the US, it's more by convincing people it's in their best interest to follow guidelines, but not everyone is reasonable. & so the very headstrong (or people who distrust government) can't be saved from themselves. They will do things out of conviction that are potentially self-destructive - go out to the beach, attend parties with lots of people in close proximity, without using PPE, & so on. The most the federal government can do is put out the best information possible, & try to preserve & protect the health of the people who heed warnings.
  3. Yes, & first responders are often also members of National Guard. & we've been having call ups of the NG to reinforce/support Border Patrol, & to help with the COVID-19 pandemic. Except that if the NG members in question are also EMTs, then they're being pulled away from desperately needed specialties.
  4. In the world of Realpolitik, it's a meaningless question. Nations don't have friends, they have allies - which are typically understood to be of the moment, & for a particular goal. If we were all angels, morality @ the level of nations might be a real concern. But then, if we were all angels, we wouldn't need nations @ all, would we? In point of fact, the US needs immigration to keep the economy going, people paying into SS, paying taxes, working. Like many Western Civ nations, our birthrate is falling below replacement level, & without immigration, our population would be shrinking. If you think it's hard to find good help now, wait until you're stuck with only native-born US citizens. There's a reason that immigration &/or migrant labor picks a lot of fruit & vegetables in the US - it's hard stoop labor, not particularly well paid. & there are skill sets involved, but they're skill sets that most of our workers don't have - & aren't interested in acquiring.
  5. The British were the Johnny-come-latelies of the European rush to the Americas. The Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch were all here before the English, preceded by the Vikings, if you want to count them. Did the British have states rights? That's a new one to me, I'll have to look. The first British colonists in what became the US fared very badly indeed. They had the wrong skills, for one. They weren't farmers nor hunters, as I recall. Hunger & disease took a lot of them, & they raided Native People's granaries (many of the NP had died in the waves of European disease that emanated from the colonists). In fact, when pressed by desperation, some colonists went native, & joined NP in order to survive. So - sometimes immigrants are settlers, sometimes not. But the difference lies in what they do to construct or help the nation along, not in their temporal relationship to each other.
  6. The cases are different. Imperial China, for instance, once upon a time sent a great fleet out into the World to explore & bring back goods. The reigning emperor died, the fleet returned. The new imperium disbanded the fleet, destroyed the great ships, & possibly exiled the officers inland (it's been a long time since I looked @ that material). Imperial China @ the time was content to remain within its own borders. Unlike Europe in the Age of Discovery, when royalty vied to get everywhere in the unknown World first, & establish trade - especially for tea, spices, silk, porcelain, coffee & other exotic products. Once Europe began to recover from the Fall of Rome, the Black Plague & other disasters, exploration turned outward, & Europe began the race for colonies & trade - Africa, SW Asia, Asia, the Indies, the Americas, Philippines, & so on. Spain, Portugal, the Italian city-states, Belgium, France, England - were all happy to send explorers & administrators out to civilize the (snark on/) poor blighted natives. (snark off/) That tradition & history probably has a lot to do with the US openness to immigrants - we needed labor & bodies, they (often) wanted to get away from royalty & wars, with no way to break out of poverty into a more decent life, especially for their children. Yah, Islam @ heart would like to convert the World, I suppose. But their current incarnation in the here & now is (or can be) extremely intolerant. Which means that people would rather flock to a more inclusive polity - the West in general, the US in particular. Islamic countries tend to have guest workers, not immigrants. The oil-rich Muslim nations tend to be very class (economic) conscious - they are openly nasty to their laboring brethren. An attitude that I think is unhelpful & unwise, in the long run. But then, they don't consult me on these issues.
  7. America meaning the US? The US believes deeply in its own exceptionalism - all other countries are wicked & depraved - perhaps the UK somewhat less so - but the US is the only truly moral nation in the World. Except that the US often enough acts just like any other nation - our saving grace is that we don't tend to invade other countries militarily (except post-09/11, here recently). We tend to dominate financially & sometimes culturally - in terms of our Disney, Nikes, McDonald's, rock 'n' roll, & so on. The old guard in Europe, the CIS, much of Asia - isn't much impressed by our cultural icons listed above. But they do want our technological progress, better (more meat!) diet, more freewheeling economy - except when it contradicts the Chinese fondness of political control. The problem for the US is that we started out needing lots of people & labor - to grow the colonies, & then the nation. After all this time, it's hard to break a habit; especially when that openness is one of our charms - one of the features that draws people from the nations to our shores. People strive to get to the US & fit in as best they can, @ least economically. What other country in the World is that true of?
  8. Morality as applied to foreign sovereign nations? That doesn't work, & anyway, the US doesn't recognize the World Court. We hardly recognize the UN, & as I recall here recently, the Trump administration is investigating US contributions to WHO, with an eye to either reducing our contribution or ending it altogether, if we're not pleased with the results of the review. In short, nations don't run on morality. The US is (or @ least was) enthusiastic about the melting pot theory because we needed the population & the labor, as the nation grew into its present borders. Having advocated immigration for so long, it's difficult to restrict it. & we always had preferences for who immigrated - mostly in terms of health, but also on cultural/religious/language terms as well.
  9. China has several ethnicities, languages, religions, etc. The Han mostly won out, TMK. But there are still 2 main languages, plus dialects. There are still ethnicities, but the central Chinese government is doing its best to dissolve those differences, for instance in Tibet. Poland - has been overrun in the course of history several times, & modern Poland was reinvented after WWII, & only recently freed from Soviet domination. Japan - has the Ainu, the untouchables, various ethnic Korean & Chinese - usually the offspring of POWs & forced labor battalions from Imperial Japan's campaigns in Korea, Manchuria, China. Japan does not consider any of them to be Japanese - even though they were born, educated & speak Japanese as native speakers. Israel - the older Jewish population remembers how the West treated them during WWII & dating back to Christianity's breaking off from Judaism. The US specifically talks a lot about being a nation of immigrants, which is largely true. & our official ideology sings the praises of the immigrants who came & built the railroads, roads, dams, skyscrapers, worked steel, dug coal, built ships & cars & etc. That's the main difference between the Asian countries & the US - we needed the population & labor to hold & develop the land - & push our political boundaries west & south. Congo & Nigeria - Both countries suffered European domination of their political economies - Belgium in Congo; & various European countries competed for Nigeria, with UK eventually taking control. Belgium's control was a disaster for the country & people; UK was more benign than that. Even so, neither country is likely to welcome European control of their nation. That's the main difference between the US & the Asian countries. The cases are different, & we proclaim a different ideology - that defines who is a citizen, & isn't based solely upon melanin, religion, language, culture, etc.
  10. That question doesn't make any sense. How can a trait become a species? & again, mutation isn't the sole driver of evolution. What science proves Darwin wrong?
  11. Darwin didn't call those changes mutations. He called them sports, I think the term was. & it's not solely mutations that drive evolution. Each individual has an inherited assortment of genetic information, from parents & so on (in the case of mammals). That genetic information varies, even when from the same parents. & there are dominant & recessive traits, which express depending upon the environment that the individual is in.
  12. No, I've read a lot in evolution. & biology, genetics, antibiotics, pandemics, the rise & fall of civilizations, history of science, theology/philosophy (as far as the roots of science go). I've seen all the arguments - TMK. & the Creationist POV isn't convincing - it's just an appeal to authority, but if you don't believe the underlying premises, it's not convincing. So no, it's not that simple. But you have to weigh all the information.

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