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  1. Shhhh...the "dumbass left" actually believes that a bunch of white dudes ran around the interior of Africa during the international slave trade of the 1600s -1800s) and chased down all them darkies. Let them wallow in their ignorance. Don't tell them that less than 5% of all African slave even reached our shores. Don't tell them that more than 90% of all trans-atlantic slave trade went to the carribean, central-south america. Above all don't tell the dumb mindless left that any one of them can take a flight to Africa today and buy all the humans they want in mother africa...Kenya, Sudan, Ethiopia, etc....shhhh...help the lying leftist mainstream media keep this secret...lefties are nothing more than ignorant spoiled brat children walking around in adult bodies...
  2. Ha,ha,ha...in today's black racist vernacular an uncle tom is a black person who supports small government, low taxes and personal accountability. In other words it is a black person who knows that the american left and the thorougly corrupt democrat party stands for everything thta is NOT the constittution and is not personal freedoms and rights...I ain't black and I am a conservative so uncle tom doesn't fit for me. The democrat party is the new slave plantation for the darkies...the darkies chose handouts & welfare instead of freedom & accountability...they now live on lefty's plantation...their choice!
  3. FOX...highest rated cable news network in the country for the last 11 years. Fox ratings are higher than the combined ratings of CNN and MSNBC. Keep showing the folks that you're nothing more than a mindless lefty.
  4. Let's see...lie your ass off about spending $1trillion of SHOVEL READY jobs that actually went to keep his union thugs employed and all of their benefits. Tell the american people that they must spend that one trillion or else unemployment will go above 8%...it actually went above 10%. Then hit the american people and economy with the largest tax increase in American history by forcing the George Bush tax cuts to expire. Then ram obamacare down the american peoples' throats claiming it will only cost $900 billion when, in fact, it will cost some two $trillion. Overspend our buget by some $1trillion every year for the last five years and ignore all the warnings of such insanity. Take our nation's debt from %11 trillion to $20 trillion while calling all the critics liars and tea party idiots. Have the FED print $80 billion per month to keep all your deficit spending hidden from the american people and investors Return to the old democrat ways by having Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac let new subprime loans for democrat asshole constituents who have no business owning homes or cars. I've got more but let's discuss these first...
  5. It's called FREE SPEECH, idiot! The 1st amendment guarantees that you will be offended...it is a promise of the 1st amendment that you will be offended...get over it or get the hell out of my country. First amendment says americans can expresss racism, hatred, anger or any other human emotion. You leftist bastards have burned the american flag, dipped the christian cross in a glasses of urine during NEA stage performances, etc all in the name of protected speech. Racism is protected speech...get over it. We don't care about your politically correct cows.
  6. Fact is that the 14th amendment never officially passed. Two of the states that originally voted for the 14th amendment later withdrew their votes because of all the northern corruption involved in getting that particular amendment passed. The north claimed that the two states could not withdraw votes and thus counted those votes even though the states protested & withdrew their votes. Do you know the names of the states? A bit of history that the lying leftist academia does not want to impart to the american people.
  7. Where in history haven't the "left" caused full economic collapse and war? The 20th century is replete with leftist horrors and failures...soviet union, communist china, communist cuba, communist viet nam et al...to a lesser extent, eastern & western europe but they are in their final days of government forced weath redistribtuion and so-called single payer systems. Catering to the takers of society has always brought economic collapse and war...guaranteed.
  8. Hey, dumbass...CNN already shows a majority of americans think your leftist-american-hating monkey is behind the IRS scandal...try to keep up, fool! THE POWER TO DESTROY CNN poll: Nearly half see Obama behind IRS scandal 51% believe intimidation by agency very important issue Published: 06/18/2013 at 10:47 AMRead more at http://www.wnd.com/2013/06/cnn-poll-nearly-half-see-obama-behind-irs-scandal/#3csQFLwxuK2jwAHL.99
  9. Hide/destroy two years of emails to protect the leftist american-hating monkey in the white house and we have some 60% to 80% of americans wanting the monkey's ass! Remember, I said if your corrupt chimp keeps breaking our laws he will be impeached. If the 2014 election is even close to the 2010 mid-term election results, we will control the senate...your boy will then be put back into is marxist-american-hating box.
  10. Obama's plan is an old one...started with the hardcore leftist, FDR...it is nothing more than communist wealth redistribution forced on the american people by an out-of-control federal gov't.
  11. Hey, dumbass, you need 02...brain dead. It was Hillary (not FOX) who told the nation that she and bubba were broke when they left the white house. Further, all the lefty networks covered Hillary's absurd claim...not just FOX, moron!
  12. Precisely...union thugs(all of them) cannot compete in the free market like other employees. Union thugs depend on commnist constructed unionism to inflate their wages far above what their skill sets are worth in the labor market. Today, union thugs represent less than 10% of our labor force. That means that the remaining 90% of our labor force sells their labor skill set in the labor market without union bastardization of their wages; that unions are dying out very quickly now shows the utter disdain that both employees and empoyers have for these unamerican bastards. The only sector of growing unionism is the public sector, which is ironic! It is ironic because the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 1978 that NO STATE is required to engage ini collective bargaining with any public sector union. The two hardcoare leftists, FDR and AFL-CIO President George Meany publicly stated that public employee unions are 100% unconstittutional. So...why do we have all these public employee unions when no one is required to bargain with them? How about it lefties...wanna debate the facts on this one?
  13. Yep...full ammo, food, and monetary exchange...the lying leftist academia, lying leftist mainstream media, and wealth redistributionist democrat party has us almost on the verge full anarchy and survival of the fittest.
  14. Oh...look...it's a mindless lefty who thinks that reporting hard fact is hate...gee...where have we heard this sh*t before?
  15. Ha,ha,ha,...the leftist monkey in the white house finally got his america-hating ass handed to him regarding the unionist thugs he appointmented to the NRLB. All nine justices ruled against the "boy" on his recess appointments to the NRLB and reminded him that only the U.S. senate has the authority to determine when it is/is not in seccesion, not the commie in the white house. Watch the screaming and whaling from the leftist-america-hating democrats who want Obama's three thugs to stay in office after the surpreme court has ruled they are persona non grada, ha,ha,ha.
  16. You're full of sh*t and I proved that last time your tried your propanda. It is a matter of record that Bush tried 17 times to rein in Fannie/Freddie abuse (see my earlier links) and it is a matter of record that Senators Obama, Chris Dodd, Ted Kennedy et al threatened to filibuster S190 (designed to stop all the fannie/freddie abuse) if the republicans tried to pass it. You azzwipes on the own the 2007-2009 recession. It was by your hand that this nation was crushed with your leftist housing entitlement abuses. Go re-read what you said about your chart and FDR, moron! There is nothing in your undocumented, unsourced chart that (1) gives any credit to keynesian econ for growth and (2) gives any credit to that idiot FDR for econ growth. Folks...Stein is brining unsoucred bogus charts into threads again.
  17. You saying your chart is from 1800s thru 1990s? How stupid are you? The lines show constant growth before and after FDR. Hence, FDR and Keynesian econ had nothing to do with it. Keynesian economcis was not put into full play until the FDR administration. Your chart shows postive growth before that time. For the 2nd time...what is the source for that chart? Who did it?
  18. Yeah..all that leftist Fannie/Freddie mortgage paper went along way to strenghten our economy in 2008, ha,ha,ha. Now the FED is printing $1trillion in new worthless dollars to buy up the Obama debt and save our economy from a second leftie collapse. Spending $trillions that we don't have is the answer...just ask the leftie's posting at this site. The only reason Bush signed off (during the last 90 days of his last term) for stimulus spending was that you lefties had crashed this nation's economy by floating $5trillion in bad mortgage paper thorughout our lending institutions. If there had been NO Fannie/Freddie abuse there would been no recession. Let's keep the facts straight.
  19. Tell that to the broke-azz european countries who have been practicing mixed economics for decades. The only way your simple-minded view of "mixed economies" can work is if the government is held in check on taxes and spending. Since that has never happened, we have a national debt of $16 trillion and the FED is feverishly printing $1trillion per year to keep the Obama economy from crashing and the dollar being worth 25 cents. Get a f--king clue, moron! It's is starting to look that way. I hope Drano doesn't get too upset having little Stein replace him as the class idiot. Speaking of chimpanzees did you see Michelle Obama's temper tantrum on video?
  20. Where does your chart show anything about FDR? Neither the verticle axis or the horizontal axis shows a damn thing for FDR. What is the source for your chart? That GDP has gone up over the decades is the product of an expanding economy, not f--king Keynesian economics. Anybody know what this azzhole is talking about? Someone put this thumb sucker to bed...
  21. Oh...you gonna hurt us? You'll get a small reprieve tomorrow morning...I have meetings...but I will make up for lost time in the afternoon...so many lefties to stomp.
  22. No one source of fact from the Stein gasbag. Meanwhile, the great DL mauls him with hard facts and sources...quoting: "Once again, folks, little Stein knows more about past administration IRS abuse than the scholars who actually researched the issue and wrote books on the topics..see my links in this thread.. I mean...who are they when it comes to the great Stein, ha,ha,ha,ha,ha. Gee...look out at google...there is USA Today, Wall St Journal and other notable media all citing the same sources and same authors I cited in this thread in confirming which administrations were the worst abusers of IRS power. My...so many professionals and scholars are all wrong and little Stein is right, ha,ha,ha,ha,ha" Where are you facts and sources? You need those to dispute my facts/sources, fool. Hot gas coming out your pie hole don't work in the real world, loser. Poor little Stein...every time he tries to corner a fact or a source they run from him, ha,ha,ha,ha.
  23. Poor leftie...immature pictures...let's hope the picture hides all the leftist corruption being exposed in this thread. That's how they think, folks.
  24. Hey, if anyone knows of a more corrupt lying-azz underling than Susan Rice send the name into the Obama white house. They might have a job for her/him.
  25. When you hear Obama and his leftist thugs tell the american people that our border is now 80% to 90% secure under the great Obama, who here actually believes those bullsh*t numbers? Leftie's media pushes that crap like it was gospel! Well...let's look at the rank corruption behind this BS and guess where we find the details? In leftie's amnesty bill worming its way through the corrupt Harry Reid senate. Obama and his democrat thugs have ordered our border agents to follow a specific formula for counting the number of illegals who invade our country. The border agent must either see the illegal in the act of invading or see actual evidence of the illegal invading before the illegal can be counted as a legitimate invader. Obviously, this will produce a major undercount of illegals as thousands of illegal alien invaders who are not seen cannot be counted or at least estimated. While the illegal alien population explodes to 12 million, only a fraction of that can be counted for purposes of border crossings in leftie's new amnesty bill...gotta keep that number artificially low using a bullsh*t formula so we can report to the american people that their border is 90% secure so lets do amnesty. About the 12 million illegals here...well...they just materialized on our side of the border...agents did count all of them...and for the millions that will follow after leftie rams his amnesty bill down the throats of the american people...same thing...agents did see them so they just materialized...our bordres are 90% secure...you can believe that. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/06/05/border-apprehensions-wildly-exaggerated-in-formula-behind-senate-bill-say/
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