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  1. A 3 week fix?

  2. Negotiating with jello?

    Schumer caves
  3. Women march around the country

    Cant live with em cant live without em
  4. Schumer Blinks

    Get in the basket with us
  5. Schumer Blinks

    This is my home
  6. Schumer Blinks

    Send them hone get in line and fine it look clean up sanctuary city enablers
  7. Schumer Blinks

    Over what?
  8. Schumer Blinks

    To who?
  9. A 3 week fix?

    Good luck with that
  10. Schumer Blinks

    He more than blinked he got butt fu(ked
  11. Schumer Blinks

    3 weeks kicking the can down the road
  12. No the basket of deplorables put trump in the White House
  13. A 3 week fix?

    Wtf? kicking the can down the road
  14. I’m a blue dog dem this wacko liberal bull$hit is for the birds and nominating a female just because shes a female is fu(ked up
  15. Dorner's Last Stand....

    Where is annoyed lib?