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  1. Google Adam schiffs closing statement day 5. He says they got caught an investigation was announced the next day the money was released
  2. Frankness check capitalism agree facial hair None except the occasional nose hair living in the woods yes when we visit the cabin rage not really security secure the hand? The type is so small and when i blow it up it’s blurry ....as in holding hands? Ok poise i have that hand shake no fish here body grooming oh you like em bushy and hairy Well my foundation is very very solid friends Jerry Elaine and Kramer property rights ok I won’t let them be taken away masonry ok I’ll defend them cabin see above on my foundation perspiration gym and sex yes you good ole George crying oh yea got it funerals only physical fitness gym level 2 solid I’m off to a great start whats the prize?
  3. Try Festivus! I want to be there for the airing of the grievances
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