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  1. Are you bad at math? you do know that single payer is cheaper than current system, real question you be asking is where does that money come from? But in any case you know the answer taxes, but what are you health care premiums now? The go away and you save way more than you pooay unless you are in the top 1% then you pay more, maybe way more but that also addresses the other huge problem we have wealth inequality. If we don't do single payer health care how would you address the wealth inequality?
  2. Pot can't everyone a great driver, some people shouldn't be driving.
  3. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov//petition/reschedule-marijuana-fda-recommendation-dea Reschedule marijuana per the FDA recommendation to the DEA.Top federal health officials recently told the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) whether marijuana should be reclassified under federal law, but it is not yet known what that recommendation entails. Make public this recommendation and act on it.
  4. I'm voting for and supporting Bernie, I live in the real world where people win elections and the GOP is unacceptable.
  5. AshleyXI, on 07 Dec 2015 - 5:23 PM, said: "No let's not. I don't think that where one goes to school reflects on one's knowledge or ability. Presumably, you think it does? Or you think I think it does? Because you like stereotypes?" How conservative of you, you inject where you went to school then pretend like you didn't, just why did you point out that you went to private school?
  6. Care to pick this up in the NHB, unless of course it's too sourly for you there......I posted this there days ago, but i forget you went to special, err I mean private school....
  7. So government itself is an illegal act in your opinion, I disagree BTW.
  8. So you would disband the standing army? Shutdown the FBI? Why is it "legal" for states to take personal property without due process? In any case I didn't ask if it were legal, I asked if it were "stealing" in the same sense that you claim I support "stealing" are all taxes stealing or not?
  9. No. Now that I have answered a question, Is all taxation "stealing"?
  10. As a young man in college I was not always the most diligent student. One weekend, near the end of term, was particularly eventful and I found myself on Monday morning sitting, looking at a Dynamics final and no memory of any of the fine formulas we had studied that semester. Then I remembered F=ma. From that kernel I was able to derive all of the formulas I needed and ended up doing pretty well. More importantly, I realized the importance of fundamental concepts; I found that if one has a good understanding of core principles the smaller details are easier to work out. This led me a few years
  11. There has been a bit of discussion, I thought I would clear up a few questions. First off Ashley, by all means, let's put your private education against mine which came from one of the worst public schools in one of the worst states in in the union, my education is a result of my curiosity are you a curious person Ashley? Want us to find out? Most people don't think about Monarchy very much, except when they are dreaming of their Prince Charming, (Ashley r u there?), I should not do this but I find showing an open is a good way to get things started, so I will share that I have spent a few
  12. Conservatives do not support policies that curb private advantage, anyone can claim "to believe" whatever, however all GOP support all policies that make the rich richer and money more powerful, the death tax is a good example, monarchy was the prevailing form of government for centuries and many people today still support it, they are called Republicans. I will say your teachers did a fine job of teaching you to count.
  13. maybe Democratic Socialist, I don't worry about those that don't understand
  14. yeah bludog I didn't get the question either, that's why I never posted a response to Ashley.
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