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    I'm an adrenaline junkie. I was born and raised in Hawaii and surfed big waves. I love snowboarding, surfing, weight training, martial arts, politics, shooting (eek), and anything that our modern society cringes at. I don't like anything that hurts my body though (not a drug user - yes even alcohol). I have more fun sober than NOT. :)
  1. Liberal is a broad spectrum. I consider myself a neo-classical liberal.
  2. Did you think I was a white racist republican? LOL. No. I hated Bush. Guess what? I really wanted change so I looked to the Democrats to restore civil liberties lost because of the "War on Terror". What did I get? I voted for Obama in 2008 and I got more of the same government abuse. I am against Obama's trespassing bill which is a violation of the first amendment. http://rt.com/usa/news/348-act-tresspass-buildings-437/ I didn't vote for Romney because I think the Fed's have no place in abortion or defining a marriage. I think the 10th amendment delegates those powers to the states. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tenth_Amendment_to_the_United_States_Constitution I am vocal and against the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act). The war against drugs is another form of the government's control over people. I am against the War on Drugs. I am against raising the debt because it is just another way of taking the American people's liberty. "There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by the sword. The other is by debt." – John Adams I completely agree with you (or Bill Maher). There are those that are fighting for their liberties and only defending the 2nd amendment. I call them hypocrites. I am not one of them.
  3. Their seems to be a fallacy that everyone who believe in the 2nd Amendment's defense against tyranny is ready to start shooting the government at the government's fart in the wind. I do believe that this right is more important than the right for someone to shoot deer. However, we aren't oiling up our guns, loading our magazines, and ready to rock and roll. I'll go back to the example of a cold war. Did the United States need for fire off a nuke to keep the Soviet power in check? No. I'm personally glad that it never came to that. I am however, glad that we matched their power. It just showed them that taking an aggressive stance would result in a responsive attack. No matter who won, the casualties would be high. Do we 2nd Amendment supporters want it to get that far? No. We love this free country just as much as anyone who fears an armed citizen. We do however want to keep the right to remind the government that "we the people" put them in place with our consent. "We the people" created a government that is a constitutional republic. "We the people" will always rebel against actions that violate our constitution. AND NOT JUST THE 2ND AMENDMENT! Many of us stand to defend them all even though there are equally as many who just pick and choose the 2nd Amendment when defending rights. I shake my head at them.....and those that just defend the 1st....or the 4th or the 10th....etc.
  4. I'd like to believe the government (even if tyrannical and with more fire power), would think twice about placing those that have sworn to protect and defend the constitution against citizens just wanting those oaths kept. Again, it may just me being naïve about the abusiveness of power. If it were to come to that, guerilla warfare is the only way revolutionaries would even have a chance. It will take a responsible person to earn his/her right to their respective freedom. I don't condone letting a convicted murderer or violent criminal having firearms. I can apply this to countries as well. Is Iran responsible enough to have them? I think the answer is no. I'm kind of torn about that. I certainly don't want to enter another war on something unproven. My friends who know me....know that I've been vocal about many items in the Constitution (not just guns). Lately, it has been front and center in the debates across this nation....so I have chosen to take a stand on the pro-liberty side of the argument. I agree though. There are some who are just 2A blinded..... They could give a crap about other liberties and protections under the constitution. They just care about guns. I wish more pro-gun Republicans were more pro-liberty. Thanks for the reminder. I'll be more aware.
  5. I'm tired of the wars we are fighting in places we do not need to be and the blowback of our involvement. I'm throwing Rand Paul in there. Also, I think it is good to not have a super majority either way (liberal or conservative). Some of you cringe at the deadlock in congress, but I say it isn't always good to have consensus when building government. I actually wish it were more balanced between Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians (which has a foot in each of the non-totalitarian segments of the R/D parties). "Without debate, without criticism, no administration and no country can succeed -- and no republic can survive." - John F. Kennedy
  6. Well put CS....I generally agree with your ideas. And thank you for pointing out what I missed. I was replying with more emotion and less rational though as presented by you. When we look at reasonable restrictions, I just want a little more logic applied to each additional legislation (kind of like what you've done). I don't like legislation based on emotions. Nothing really good comes out of it (from a liberty perspective).
  7. Once upon a time, as a single person....I felt as you did. I was very skilled in martial arts and felt that gun owners were scared because they couldn't fight fair. Being from Hawaii, I was a Democrat. I was very anti-gun. I moved to Sacramento (met my gorgeous wife on-line and was plucked from the tropical islands). Together we had a family, three beautiful children. I'm sure those of you who have kids know that you develop a much stronger position on being protective. You think more about the safety of the family (including yourself). I used to be an adrenaline junkie (still am sort of). However, I use more caution in life. One evening someone started pounding our door. It wasn't a knock. They were trying to break it down. My adrenaline started kicking and I told my family to run upstairs and told my wife to call 911. She did. I grabbed an aluminum bat and readied myself in one of my fighting stances. The door hinges at that point felt like it was going to give and I could hear the cracking of wood. I started to shout, "Leave now....I've called the police." The pounding was more hurried (like he...I assume it was a guy...wanted to get this over quicker). My wife whispered, "OMG..he's coming in!" I calmed her down and stated, "Trust me....I can take him." She tugged on my shirt and said, "What if he has a gun?" It sunk into me then.....that as a skilled as I was I wasn't going to be faster than a bullet out of a gun. I panicked. I thought about how unfair that would be. I then realized how crazy the idea of fairness was...criminals aren't fighting for honor. And then it just came out...in my bluff I proclaimed, "I have a gun and I am not afraid to use it." The pounding immediately stopped. I stayed on the phone with the authorities and I told them that it stopped. We didn't feel safe so we asked them to come. It was at least15 minutes before they arrived. It felt like a very long time. In fact, if they were hell bent in coming in and hurting me....the police would have been too late. I decided then....I would have a gun. I hated getting it at first. I was told I should train hard for it so I was safe with it and so I would be skilled with it. It needed to be muscle memory....very much like my martial arts training. I did. I would go every month (sometimes every week). As I increased my skill, my accuracy, I realized that I enjoyed target shooting. I realized I no longer feared guns. I started trying my accuracy in all kinds of scenarios. From moving and shooting to long distance (rifle shooting). I started even doing moving rifle shooting with pistol combination. Now I've including rifles, shotguns and pistols into my training. You can say at this point, I train more than most law enforcement does. When I train, I don't take it lightly. Fast forward to today, many of your attitudes is what pushed me out of the Democrat party.....but I couldn't find myself to plant firmly in the Republican party. I believe in live and let live. So I am in the politics I am in now. It's weird being on both sides of the issue because I can look back at it now and see my blind hate to the opposition which I'm sitting in now. People who want a total gun ban, who are afraid of guns, will be taking it away from ME. I can argue more with those wanting reasonable restrictions. A total gun ban....I think then that people in this mindset aren't thinking of the good people with guns who are strong protectors in our society. Bad people will not turn over their guns. Criminals are not law abiding.....just by definition. More laws don't apply to them. I think most gun owners feel that this is being responsible. My problem with this is again, this only affects the law abiding. If a criminal did get access to a gun (limited to 10 rounds), you know that one that is trained to tactical reload and speed reload will be skilled enough that no unarmed person could stop them. I've trained to speed reload like below: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJDp6x3FHsQ You do know that the NICS background check system can run in minutes. I've been to a gun store and it completes before I even leave. California law uses it as an excuse for a cooling off period. Most gun owners will tell you that's fine for a first gun. If you have 10 guns, they still want to argue for a cooling off period. Does that sound logical? I'm with you on this one. Us Libertarians are very anti-war. We are because war is expensive and to pay for that war a government must get revenue for it (raise taxes). Taxes are personal property and taking of it to fund something that I am against is well.....taking your liberty/property. That and corrupt agendas result in blowback for our nation and a cyclical engagement in wars. If U.S. government puts up a "selected" dictator in country X, and that country X is our friend for a decade....and their politics change...and we are attacked by X (or individuals that hated our involvement in X). We get more involved. World politics....we can help those that truly need it. Go to the places where people are starving....not where the oil fields are. Liberate human beings....not wallets.
  8. Hmmm....my oppression indirectly through my firearms? I don't like an inanimate object defining whether I am oppressive or not....but for the time being...let's play that game. My guns are safe and locked away and very secure. I have multiple layers of security from obfuscation, lock down, and motion detection. Lasers and thermal detection were a bit too much I think. Criminals getting access to my guns is virtually impossible. Several weeks ago, a fleet of police vehicles had their assault rifles stolen. You have to look at our law enforcement for chinks in their firearms security before looking at me. Now note....there are millions of Americans with security like me (or better). I hope that addresses my tyrant sticks. Seriously though, do you think my freedom is directly oppressing the life, liberty, and happiness of another? Would the freedom of being gay restrict the freedom of another to NOT be gay, be around gays, or have discomfort of knowing of a gay person's existence? We have to hold individuals responsible for the oppressive natures and not a whole segment of society simply because they share the same tools as an oppressive (criminal) segment of society. I don't murder people. My guns don't murder people. I am not an oppressive person. In all actuality, I am a very liberating person. I have a concealed carry permit. If an evil man intends to brutally rape and kill you (and I am nearby), I will stop that man. In our training, we don't shoot to kill. We shoot to stop a threat. In the case that the person is shot fatally and dies, that is an unfortunate situation. I was not trying to be oppressive to him. I was trying to liberate you....from him. Should we pass legislation on every single thing that doesn't allow us to live without fear? If someone is paranoid that a plane will land on his house, should she/he have the right to declare no fly zones over his house? Read above. Again, my guns are NOT easily accessible. I also do support the background checks and want to end private sales that do not go through background checks. if I had my way, I'd clone myself and personally try to protect as many people as I can. Unfortunately, I can not do that. That is not realistic. I am only responsible for myself and the people in my immediate party. I find discomfort with statements made by those who like to put the blood of others in my hands when I don't have an evil bone in my body. Everyone is responsible for their own life, liberty and happiness. Anyone trying to take that away from them is oppressive and a tyrant. I MYSELF....would never do that to anyone. My solution? I say we need more protectors in our society. There is a lot of bad people our there....a lot of evil. "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke) No rush....get some sleep. There is always tomorrow (err today) I should sleep myself.
  9. Actually, it was very on-topic. Many on the left or right disagree with the Libertarian view on this, but I think lifting the prohibition on drugs will actually reduce gun violence. I still think people should really lend a hand out to one another, but if someone decided to smoke a joint one day because they need to forget their hard lives for a bit (much like having a drink of wine) they should be able to without our police state breaking in the door, sending them off to jail, and getting them deeper into the hole of society that no one wants to be in. No...I'm not saying we should start using drugs legally (I don't do any at all....not even alcohol). I'm saying that if one chooses to use drugs and does not abuse it, it should be their own liberty to do what they choose to on their personal time. Now drug abuse is not being responsible with your freedom and I covered that time and time again. Freedom and responsibility go hand in hand. I think you were pretty much correct about our incarceration rate. I believe we are #1 (not something to be proud of).
  10. Sorry for missing this earlier. Sometimes, I catch a response and get distracted. Good question. I don't think I can speak for all Libertarians but I'll give you my view on it. Libertarians believe in a free market system based on value. For example, if Microsoft produced a better mobile phone than Apple, and that resulted in the decline and disappearance of Apple. Well that sucks....but value of one product trumped the other. We hope for healthy competition and assume that other companies will try to enter the space to provide more value and take away market share. Now...if Microsoft feels that it can not compete with a better product, so it buys off politicians (because it has a lot of money) to pass laws that cripple Apple. They have introduced corruption into this economic scenario and thus are not playing the rules of a free market cycle (as a Libertarian sees it). Influence through special interests are now controlling the supply/demand rather than a value-based supply demand. To answer your question, yes...wealth can be used in a way that falls out of support by the liberty movement. Okay...this scenario is a bit tricky. I'd lean in the direction of no. I mean if you are advertising a product....and selling it. That is one thing. However, if you use the advertising media to spread false propaganda (or even half-truths), you are selling a lie. Libertarians believe in maximum freedom, but with that comes individual responsibility. Some people think that Libertarians are all for anarchy, but that is a false interpretation. We trust individuals to be moral individuals. You are free to do what you want as long as your aren't hurting other people. I think the scenario you proposed, results in people getting hurt right? You are right. Even if I don't carry a gun, if I hire armed guards (mercenaries) that have a gun. I can inflict just as much pain, death, or intimidation as if I was directly holding the gun myself. The ultra wealthy are not immune to responsibility. If they break the simple rule of causing harm to someone directly, they are not being responsible individuals. I agree on this. I also believe that we have to be more respectful to each other. We've really gone downhill as a society. I love this country, but want to see more people working together on solutions rather than creating the divides that we have today. Respecting each other's rights, freedoms, and liberties are key. If you look at the non-moderated forums, it gets pretty crazy. I know a lot of people are keyboard commandos, but after showing up at a Second Amendment rally today, I realize one thing. While I fight passionately for liberties and freedom, some people are blindly fighting for the "other side". Gun liberty isn't a Republican anti-Obama thing. It is a freedom thing. I don't live in fear. I try to look for the good in people (instead of assuming the worst). I know at times it is utopian.....but a world like this wouldn't require the size of government we have today. I can only hope...right? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYRS4FQXZrk
  11. My kids are little...so they are a handful right now. Eventually, I want to volunteer more of my time to a "big brother/big sister" program locally. We need more people helping other people (maybe other parents who are single parents working a lot or parents who themselves are broken). This one girl was stealing money from other kids in my son's elementary school. She actually took money from my son. When the principal tried to get with the parent, he informed me that the mother was going through some tough times (not sure if drugs...abusive relationship...whatever). Broken homes = broken kids = broken adults = crime/violence.
  12. Through legislation? Nothing. If we are going to do awareness of anything, I wouldn't want government or media trying to "brainwash me". I would want our government at the very least encouraging parents to spend more time with their kids. Teach them what is right, what is wrong, and regardless of the video games, the TV/movie violence, that good people take care of one another...and don't hurt them. So yeah..... YOU....(parents) need to work at reducing violence. Put down your mobile devices, take your heads out of your butt and reach out to your children. Make sure they are keeping a good head on their shoulders. If they are troubled, reach out to them. Love them.
  13. I have a beautiful family. I love to go target shooting. I'm a good person. I contribute to charities. I'm one of those guys that will actually stop if you are stuck on the side of the road, drive miles to get you to a gas station, and return you to your car without asking for any compensation. I'll defend your liberties. I don't judge people. I am very romantic. I buy flowers randomly for my gorgeous wife. I open doors for people. I once chased down a man who took a woman's purse on foot. I don't smoke....I rarely ever drink (in fact...I always go out of my way to be the designated driver). I don't do drugs. But....my hobby for modern weaponry and the combat arts would make you paint me a like a nasty cigarette smoker (I hate smoking or even the smell of it)? Would you support what Eric Holder stated and start brainwashing people into thinking that I am a bad man?
  14. I see the 2nd Amendment very much like a "cold" war. Would I ever want to see it get that far? No. Would I want to kill anyone over politics? No. Very much like the United States vs. Russia. Would I want the U.S. with armed with nukes if Russia had nukes? HELL YES. Would I ever want any side to use them. HELL NO. You see I don't think the government would ever become that tyrannical. Very much like I don't think Russia would have fired a nuke. The second amendment is that blunt reminder that "We the People" have the right to resist. There will never be a blood bath as long as our elected politicians swear to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States (like they swore an oath to). It is our job as "We the People" to remind them of that (using our first amendment rights). So I agree with you, if we see tyrannical behaviors and liberties being violated, let's vote them out or....let's stay within the confines of Constitution and get an amendment so we change our nation through appropriate democratic means. There is a process....and there is a democratic way. Otherwise....we're "treading" on dangerous grounds.
  15. How much to you understand about the Japanese culture when it comes to society? America and Japan are very different. They are a more "self-less" people than America is. Look at what happen during their latest tragic events. There were no looting and crime. Instead, we saw people helping each other and many people step up to be good citizens. Compare that to Katrina with riots and looting (martial law). The Japanese are among the most law-abiding people on earth, and far more law-abiding than us Americans. Our non-gun robbery rate is over 70 times Japan's, an indication that something more significant than gun policy is involved in the differing crime rates between the our nations. Let's look at similar scenarios (where guns are completely prohibited). Neither Japanese nor American prisoners have guns, but homicide by prisoners and attacks on guards occur frequently in OUR prisons, and almost never in Japanese prisons. Another indication that social standards matter more than gun laws is that Japanese-Americans, who have access to firearms, have a lower violent crime rate than do Japanese in Japan. Oh....and one of the reasons that their gun policies work is that they have a strong police state. Our western-style rights that protect the citizens from the abuses of a police state are non-existent or feeble in Japan. There is no right to privacy when it comes to search and seizure. If you ask me, I'm all for educating our society to be more self-less and teach others to be "good" to one another. I would never give up my 4th amendment rights in order to ensure a "safer" society from what is essentially a 2nd amendment right. Before ANY infringing on 2nd Amendment, we (like already mentioned) need to go through the Constitutional Democratic process and get a new amendment to change the "shall not be infringed" portion of the 2nd Amendment in our Bill of Rights.
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