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  1. Knock Knock... Alrighty fine I'll ring the doorbell .
  2. Dont push me down I35 Austin arguing on CB about upper or lower deck.. Gosh crapcago bulit better FREEWWAYS than that.. Heck send me to fraking New Jersey
  3. 2 be "Fair" wanna just DO YOUR TIME.. Portage or Red Granite where it's at
  4. Don't count on that.. I did 3 years at Columbia Correctional Institution.. Still "ALIVE" https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=E6iV6HF0EbQ
  5. I never was a Climate Change "denier".. Realty though is China, India, and Mexico gonna BURN "black soot".. Why should we as "Americans" put a NOOSE around our NECKS
  6. Not sure how though she "reads" my Mind . Just only 1 way 2 "describe" it..
  7. Play Video UNMUTE NOW:AMC homecoming revs-up hundreds of classic car owners in Kenosha . This week the Kenosha History Center is hosting the world's largest meeting of AMC car enthusiasts - with many of them bringing their vehicles. Even though the Kenosha Engine Plant closed almost a decade ago, the America Motors Corporation has a lasting legacy in the city. Former auto workers say that the heyday of car production in Kenosha was the 1970s. But during the reunion week you might not be able to tell the difference in the decades." At Andy's drive-in on Wednesday the car names were from a different generation: Gremlin, Javelin, and Nash (to name a few). "This car is kind of rare because out of 538 that were made, this is the only known survivor," Donald Fox, the owner of a 1940 Nash Rambler, said. "This is made of heavy duty metal compared to what you buy now. This car was made here in Kenosha, right down the street here on 30th Avenue," Fox said. Rick Kerst, the owner of a 1966 AMC Rambler, has a similar story. "You could buy it right from the factory," Kerst said. "If you take good care of it and keep it out of that winter salt they'll last forever," Kerst said. But even though the plants and factories are long closed, there's definite deep sense of family pride. "My great-grandfather worked at American Motors, my grandfather worked there, and so did my father. So when I turned 19 my dad says 'You better buy an AMC'," Kerst said. "And I said as long as the top goes down I’ll buy it," Kerst said. "The spring of '67 I got drafted and went in the army. And when I came home I just decided to keep my car forever and ever," Kerst said. "And here it is today and I still love it," Kerst said. "My favorite saying is this," Fox said. "The car took me forever to find. It took me forever to finish it. And I’m going to keep it forever." "So the nickname is forever," Fox said. There are multiple upcoming events associated with this reunion/homecoming weekend including a parade as well as an auto show this weekend. Click here to learn more details. Share this https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gOe-0nd6pjc
  8. Let's give Tax Cuts and run the "Defecit" double. . In the "Future" Entitlement Reform.. Or let's start after "UseLess" WARS and Cut Taxes "Again".. I give "Trump" this other than "Twitter" and bombing Syria seems 2 have "No" Interest in WARS..
  9. Best "Stock" Market "ever".. Let's go "Negative" Interest and race 2 the "bottom" faster like Europe.. Thanks Mr Trump
  10. Don't play Apples 2 Oranges with me.. Clinton, Bush, Reagan did the "Same" Thing.. All that does is "De-Base" the "Currency"... Below target Inflation my @$$.. All that hit Housing and Wall Street.. The "Bubble" is about to "POP" Again too.. Make 2007/2008 look like "BOOM" Times
  11. It's all a $hit Show... Best "Stock-Market. .... EVER. What you have Zero "Compehension" of is the "REPO" Market just literally "printing" another TRILLION
  12. I don't this is the way 2 go... Nonetheless if "powers" Shifted...GOP would be writing on a Democrat... Let's not be "Two-Faced" about it here
  13. Ya 2 "partisan" ... Take off your BLINDERS..... They both "Crooks" bought $old and "Paid" off
  14. Don't freaking LIE 2 Me.. Next Civil War is "coming" You Tech Nerds wouldn't make it a DAY on my Street Got a "Flat" call the Insurance company Even back at the Tow better have a "SPARE" in the trunk.. Wanna pay $8 bucks for a gallon of GAS plus "Service" Fee runs like $40
  15. How come that "used" to somehow "Work" in the PAST. But 2day we all gotta Half Starve so Wall Street can pay afew more "Dividends"
  16. Awe gosh back in the 1980s "wages" were too "HIGH". These were "JOBS" that "supported" Families and "Local" Business.. When Chrysler gave the full "Screw Ya" in 1988 the Foundries and abunch else shut down around it... Oh "nowadays" ya can go out by the Freeway make a "whopping" $10/$12 an hour..can ya speak "Espanol" In a 1980s dollar that'd be like $30 and don't FORGET stuff was ALOT "CHEAPER" back then Now half the town's a "CRACK GHETTO" Better hire more Cops and beef up the DOC Budget..
  17. WTF is wrong with ya people.. Back in 1991 ya threw a billy club "SPREAD EAGLE".. "Probable Cause" was enough to put the bracelets on and run a JACKET ..
  18. The "Perverbial" Rock Bottom is when ya drop the Shovel and stop Digging... If that Booze stays in that bottle it cant Hurt Me.. "Old Timers" at AA Meetings... The 1st 164 pages of the BIG BOOK are all ya ever need 2 know ...thats the MEAT and Taters of the entire PROGRAM
  19. Thats something I "need" 2 remember and COPY
  20. Alcholism is a "Progressive" Disease.. No Cure.. You only pick up where ya left off and possibly WORSE
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