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  1. Eh they didn't even need to round ya up and put ya on ships to pick cotton.. Financialization Economy.. Now Trump tweets about Stocks and 401k.. To show I ain't "Partisan" Barrack Obama in true terms actually had BETTER rise of Stock Market.. Nonetheless most of WALL-STREET basically FEEDS of an "acomplic" FED POLICY.. Just yesterday another 840 thousand Unemployment Claims.. Gosh we below a MILLION.. Before Covid19 the Prior All Time Record was Recession or 1981/ 1982 and 650 thousand claims.. Bu
  2. Rush Limbaugh always talks about "could" never work "here".. I guess Russia really ain't got Blacks nor Mexicans.. Nonetheless they got Uzbeks, Mongols, far Arctic North Indengeous much like Alaskan Indians.. There's also Areminians and JEWS .. A very Diverse Society.. And the State Duma had PLANS.. UNLIKE Amerika where "Hates" Eachother and KILLING Eachother for every last dollar To have a "Cohesive" Society ya need Respect and "ORDER"...
  3. In Russia first they'll crack skulls open and fire tear gas... Those that weren't smart enough to take a "Warning" they they turn AK-47 out and LIVE ROUNDS... AMERICA half our Cities "hallowed" out and BURNED to the Freaking Ground... FUCK Trump or Biden.. I'm "writing" in Vladimir Putin
  4. Ya I got through the Riots.. Actually I just get up early get outta that crap.. https://youtu.be/7-LRKjsBxQg
  5. It's funny that Founding Principles are only "convienent" when trying to push a "Narative".. Many of "Our" Founders were Against "Political" Parties because they can be $$$ off and "corrupted".. Yet here we are under the 2 Party "Politburo" and a FUEDALISM the Monachy could only Imagine.. Enforced by a brutal Police State.. Yet once in awhile some nitwits go listen to El-Rushbo "supposedly" CORRECT 98.6% of the time.. Otherside to is ya got these Birkenstock sandal wearing Berkley Bong Circle Soy Smoothie chugging Fools..
  6. For years we've had "BOOGEYMAN" of China , Korea, Russia , and Muslim Terrorists With the exception of the latter "Nation States".. Actually they don't even have to fire a shot nor a soldier set foot upon our shores.. Infact they got TV and just turn on the tube and LAUGH at us.. Who needs to actually "INVADE" America when we so IGNORANT and Sub-Divided.. We are currently CONTROLLED by the Sillycon Valley and they in deep cahoots with DC and even the state government.. They put chemicals and hormones in our food and water
  7. Even if the supposed 93% holds True.. How about that other 7%..... Lives , buisnesses , and entire neighborhoods BURNED to the Ground.. But eh supposedly 93% was peaceful.. Seriously it's like that BOZO on CNN taking about Peaceful Protests and Fires in the background.... Even at 93% so SCREW the 7 percent I guess.. AMERICA it's time to ARM UP beyond Bushmaster and Semi Auto Kalishnikovs.. Because if these ACTIVISTS MORONS take the "Reigns" of Power you need to be just as VISCOUS and "Guerilla Tactics"..
  8. I've "experimented" with afew tranny's .. Nonetheless I think that's just kinda a phase I was going through.. Think if I was truly gay I'd be attracted to a real manly man not some sissy boy in panties
  9. How it works is when whoever one supports holds the reigns of power why it's all good almost religious cult worship.. An election cycle power changes hands.. What's really funny is they do the same exact ya pissed and moaned about .. But it now it's your guy and welp the general excuse is point fingers n Oh the Last Guy Did it... Basically let's break this all down in a nutshell.. When it's your guy it's "Justifed".. Other guy why it's like tyranny and impeach.. I don't even know if anybody really thinks that d
  10. You still "Trucking"... I am but about to finish out the year and got enough saved "ahead" I can go bounce temp services and donate plasma twice aweek for awhile.. In reality 10 years later I am "contemplating" another Appalachian Trail Adventure.. I ain't never gonna be a THRU-HIKE although one last "Hurrah".. Actually if one counts SECTIONS HIKES covered over a 1/3 if not shy of half.. Wow here I bitch about how sick I am of Trucking .. Yet I wanna strap 45 pounds of gear with water to my back and smoke pot n hike livin
  11. Migrate to the East and West Coast Free Tickets.. One thingy though Our Navy shall retain "control" of Key Ports although we shall still "Protect" ya from Iran and Russia ... That said clear outta the MIDWEST why I'm trying to start a FUNDRAISER buy ya Grayhound tickets and afew nights in motels and fast food gift cards.. Go ....be GONE EAST or West Coast you shall be more "At-Home" there
  12. Kenosha or KOSOVO.. Aftermath of "Peaceful Protests".. https://www.zerohedge.com/political/kenosha-or-kosovo-shocking-photos-destruction-emerge-after-blm-riots-leave-buildings
  13. According to Sheriff's David Beth more than half booked into Kenosha County Jail during RIOTS were from Out Of Town ... https://www.zerohedge.com/political/arrests-made-after-suspicious-vehicles-out-state-plates-stopped-kenosha .
  14. Welp if this COVID19 crap ever wears off maybe the Alano Club open back up again.. I miss the "fellowship" and belonging of a 12 Step Group..
  15. May I ask what ya "hoped" to ACCOMPLISH with these Shenanigans.. Kenosha was already a Struggling small town on the BRINK
  16. Whatever..... It's Asymmetrical Warfare... Guerilla tactics because I ain't got Millions to Arm and Feed a Militia...
  17. Why do ya speak in 3rd person.. Gosh for a time folks used to think I was Drunk and Stoned
  18. My point is whoever runs the DEMOCRAT Party is a MORON.. Needs their throat SLIT and their OFFSPRING must be "Sterilized" as to Assure that GenePool can "Never" Reproduce AGAIN
  19. I get B-Words about lot lizards and pee Bottles all the time.. Evian, Fiji, and Smart Water gonna have some very ACRID dark Pee and Labels very "Visible".. Asymmetric Warfare against the "ELITES"
  20. You people people don't even know a freaking gosh dang thingy about Kenosha / Racine... They've been Impoverished Crack Ghettos for 20 some years with Crime Rates that's would outshine Milwaukees Street Cred a very "Violent" Open Air Drug town itself.. Milwaukee a BIG CITY ...on a per-capita basis Kenosha/Racine got double the CRIME RATE.. Since "Deindustrialization" in the 1980/1990s pretty much all the BIG PLANTS are "Gone".. In Wisconsin "Generous" WELFARE Hey Day many moved up from Chicago infact as far away as Detroit and St Louis....
  21. Actually I think the Supermarket "special" water tastes better than FIJI although that ain't the point ... I pee in Fiji bottles cap em and leave em in very "visible" places.. Asymmetric Warfare maybe someday somebody see one of those FIJI Pee bottles and run a Beamer or Mercedes off the road..
  22. This Election was Trump's 2 "LOSE".. But NO hadda suck into RACIAL and RIOTS ya DUMBFUCKS.. Thought BURNING Cities and CHAOS was the TICKET.. How about Kammala Harris a "Half-Breed" who grew up in BERKELEY ya her folks had $$$$.. Wanted to pick a a "WOMAM" how about Amy Klobechar who not only was a "Prosecutor" but could "Speak" MID-WEST.. Wanted a "Brother" heck Cory Booker an up & coming Obama.. Nah your VIRTUE SIGNALING was Kamala Harris.. When Ruth Bader Ginsburg "CROAKS" probably gonna be TRUMP and Mit
  23. For those ya could hang on afew.. Phone Sex..
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