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  1. WTF is wrong with ya people.. Back in 1991 ya threw a billy club "SPREAD EAGLE".. "Probable Cause" was enough to put the bracelets on and run a JACKET ..
  2. The "Perverbial" Rock Bottom is when ya drop the Shovel and stop Digging... If that Booze stays in that bottle it cant Hurt Me.. "Old Timers" at AA Meetings... The 1st 164 pages of the BIG BOOK are all ya ever need 2 know ...thats the MEAT and Taters of the entire PROGRAM
  3. Thats something I "need" 2 remember and COPY
  4. Alcholism is a "Progressive" Disease.. No Cure.. You only pick up where ya left off and possibly WORSE
  5. I wanna tell ya another thing about BOOZE.. Unlike Dope and actually as ya get OLDER wont do nothing 4 ya anymore Same with Booze just ya become "maintainence" ... You aint cool party out trashed.. Nope youll need afew every other hour or so just 2 keep going.. And no more Party Buzz.. At this point in your "drinking" career youll meet "Blackouts" and the stumbles.. Again at this stage ya aint just partying its "Survival" Mode now
  6. Once I have 1 just start pouring it down end up on week long benders. .. Normal people can have just a beer or wine with dinner.. At rehab hospital I laughed at pill addicts because ya can actually "Die" from Alchohol withdrawal.. Best way is to shake it out afew days and hit the Y and sweat the rest out of ya
  7. I was in custody of Wisconsin DOC on DRUG CHARGES and they watched me like a HAWK .. Even Violated my parole put me in the County Jail for a month to see a JUDGE
  8. He had already "Murdered" 4/5 times at this point... Ironically his last victim would be the kid brother in this portrayal..
  9. Gut, stress, b-word, and run.. More $$$$ and more $$$$ more
  10. Found a box of salmon in my freezer last spring.. Grilled It and it was mmmm..good https://youtu.be/fTjkwnWF3Qs
  11. These wheels are bound to jump the tracks before they "burn" the ties..
  12. Never take that for "granted" though or youll be Living In a VAN by the River..
  13. Listen 2 your "Finacial" EXPERT... Boom "Bubble" Pop
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