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  1. Wish my Momma just went to Planned Parenthood .. Could've "saved" us all alotta greif & hassle all the way around..
  2. Here it goes I'm freaking "Insane".. I mean Bat Fecal Matter "Crazy".. Somehow I just sorta manage to middle along through life. Many times I should already be "DEAD" several times over.. But somehow some way I am still here.. Unless I ever actually have Real Balls to blast the back of my Skull Off.. Guess I'm just gonna Be Here for whatever Gosh Forsaken Reason..
  3. Why not Legalize and "Tax" all that like Illinois has done with Pot
  4. Tell ya the Best one most "Ingenious" Fucks was these Puerto Ricans on the Southside of Milwaukee.. Hand the guy your Cash it's okay.. He'd snap his fingers.. each snap was a Dimebag.. And if ya doing the deal like 3 for $25 dollars or 6 for $50 he knew that too.. A Kid brought the dope out set it on top the garbage can.. He would point go grab your stuff off the lid of garbage can.. Nobody really touched the stuff but ya bought it paid for it was there and never Fake or Garbage
  5. Back in the "Day" ya could get all "Cracked" up for like $10/$20 bucks.. Yellow the Butter and in any major city sold that stuff on every other street corner.. Today it's bad quality and just fiends ripping Eachother off.. When I did that shit I preferred know what streets afew dealers I could trust and Cash & carry Buisness.. Never liked "copping" through other folks then have to "Share" my Dope too.. Back in the 1980s / 1990s ya drove up in the Hood and the Brothas came up to you car window.. I had Ca$h Money they had Good Crack .. That was it.. Better Spots even "Paid" Off the Cops so they wouldn't pull ya over or do "Buy Bust" Scare everyone off.. Think about it what's a WHITE GUY on that side of Town.. Ya scoring Cracked Cocaine Rocks
  6. Ya don't even really gotta cook "Meth" anymore.. Just go to Walgreens or CVS pharmacy buy the Real Sudafed ya gotta show pharmacist a Driver's License For.. Double that up with a Pot of Coffee and some Stacker2 tables.. At work Slam afew cans of Mt Dew each brake like it was cheap beers.. Man you'll be gunning and humming the whole shift.. Afterwards at home Natty Ice tall boy cans shots of Jameson Whiskey and pack a bowl of "Legal" Illinois Dispensary weed with a State Tax Stamp and Dispensary Container "High Quality".. Between the Working and Downfall a little while or so I'm just gonna climb into bed cover up and I shall sleep until "NOON" straight thru
  7. Gotta the throw down @lucifershammer here too.. what are ya doing nowadays since ya parked the Big Truck sad "F-word It"
  8. Why do I say that "Black" Dude..His name is Charles and young kid like 25 but he knows "Quality" Control and is ALOT better with Computers and stuff like that than I am..For a Joke Sometimes I call him "Charles In Charge"..Awe half ya motherfuckers so young don't even remember that old TV Show..I may be OLDER but I can still "Stick" and Freaking MOVE..That's what's "Earned" me a Spot Here as of this far.
  9. Welp sometimes the Trucking gets to ME and I get "burned" out over the road.. Sometimes ya gotta Love it enough just to Leave It and go back home and do something like this for awhile keep some "Revenue" coming through the door cover the basics
  10. Oh @Str8tEdge says we don't need Jobs like this anymore.. I beg 2 "differ" with ya pal
  11. Today I was on pipe flanges line and hadda old t-shirt with a cigarette pocket I could slip the phone into and set record. The Black Dude runs em through the testors checks seals and screw holes and if they pass put em in the crates be shipped out. What I'm doing is I load the castings into the machines and run em.. Afterwards I put em in the parts washer and dry em of with air compressor guns..
  12. Is this Hugh Beaumont as Ward Cleaver.. And June gonna say now "Ward" I don't want ya telling the boys stuff like that. Now "June" they are boys and need to do stupid crazy stuff. And Mr Cleaver was "really" seriously he would reflect upon his service in the World War
  13. Kenosha starting to Sport Crime Rates that "Rival" Chicago & Milwaukee.. https://www.fox6now.com/news/kenosha-pd-20-year-old-man-shot-near-60th-and-32nd
  14. Kenosha Wisconsin.. A Child finds a Dope Dealers Gun.. They don't Call the Cops throw the kid in a Car to Kenosha Hospital. The Brothas "admit" to Smoking Blunt of Weed and leaving a loaded 9mm Pistol on the Dinner Table.. But "Insist" the "Safety" switch was Active. https://www.fox6now.com/news/kenosha-homicide-gunfire-after-argument-between-brothers
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