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  1. Bump.. Gosh don't nobody wanna Roll & Ride in a Janky 12 year old Freightshaker full off coffee stains and stinking of B/0 , and Fast Food Farts.. Hungover and about to do some Mountain Grades too.. Welp this how YOUR "stuff" Moves Across the USA.... Also how a "former" Ex-Con and Adict makes more than $7.25 an Hour "currently" Wisconsins Official "Minimum" Wage.. .
  2. Atleast the when I pull up in my "Freightshaker" the Ladies "Smile" at me. .. Being the "Gentleman" I am always flip my hat off because that's something my Father "drilled" into my skull.. Basically ya pull your cap off for a lady.. Down in the South they call me Honey or Sugar
  3. Heard abunch of Cabinet Members "Quit" today too including Mick Mulvaney.. Although I am highly doubtful of Mulvaney's "Sincerity" only 13 days out.. And Mick Mulvaney used TRUMP as his Glory Ride as opposed to the other way around as it usually goes
  4. My Vacation Time ranout afew weeks ago.. Before ya laugh at me now.. How Long has it been since ya known me that I "held" the Same Exact Job for "almost" 2 Years.. https://youtu.be/OsYS4y12tcI
  5. If I wanted all that "truthfully" I could Afford It.. Frankly a Car is not an "Investment" ya lost 20 percent of your Equity as soon as ya signed the paper and drove it off the lot.. That said I am doing quite Abit better "Financially" in recent years and time to get something I actually "Enjoy" Driving instead of what I could actually "Afford" at the time.. As for Chrysler other than the Crappy Automatic Transmissions in the 80s &thru 1990s that blew at 70/80k miles.. But Knowing that even my last few Dodge Pickups were "STICK" Shift other t
  6. Supposedly I "Shun" ya... Then I give ya some "Acknowledgement" and ya just call me a "Dumbass".. Yet I was perhaps ONE of afew who didn't "Shun".. Wow with Friends like that who needs "Enemies"..
  7. I test drove a 2020 Chrysler 300 awhile back.. Thing rode like a Lincoln Town Car and probably the last of a true Full Size Car you are gonna find these days.. But it's loaded with High Tech garbage and they wanted like 35 Thousand for last year's model albeit Brand New.. Afew years back they were dumping em Year End for 25 thousand but I didn't want the payment and higher Insurance then.. They even offered me $9500 trade up on this...
  8. Can I score a "Dimebag" of what everybody here is smoking.. Must be some "Killer" grass
  9. Those guys don't even look Black.. More like Hispanic or Middle Eastern
  10. People always look back to the "comfort" Good Ole Days and Simpler Times... Something about the human psyche seems to gravitate us towards "Nostalgia"... The fact of the matter though is Modern "Black America" is Deeply Troubled... Some of it is Racism but that doesn't explain the Success Stories nor the many African Immigrants who managed to run successful businesses and send their kids to college starting from practically "nothing".. Fact of the matter is "Today's" so called Black Culture is deeply TOXIC and almost "Morally Corrupt"..
  11. Roughly half this country bought Trumps "Nationalism" Campaign in 2016... Here is some of Trump's connections to the "Globalist Elites".. Yet the entire time he "pretended" to be at WAR with em and even Saving America all while carring their water for last 4 years .................................................... As I've noted in numerous articles, Trump's associations with the globalists go way back. He was saved by the Rothschild banking family from crippling debts in multiple property developments in Atlantic City during the 1990's. Th
  12. He's banking 20k per day.. Wow I shouldve went 2 Law School
  13. I also feel "obligation" to express my views ... Ya know why a crack Ghetto studio cost $1500 a month in San Diego California.. Laws and Ordnance... Go to Houston Texas for SAME PRICE ya could be in a HIGH RISE with view.. Do ya like to DRIVE. .4/5/6/8 Lanes Each Side of Freeway
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