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  1. Vito Guiacallone was prime "Suspect" in Hoffa.. But they could "never" Pin a Jacket.. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vito_Giacalone
  2. Frank Baltsteri also bombed the Las Vegas Skim.. Fortunately for the FIX in 1980 GM put a Steel Plate to fix a balancing problem on Cadillac.. That absorbed much of the blast
  3. When Frank Balistrei Ran Milwaukee ya didn't have the DECAY like Today.. Ballistreri Died in 1993.. He ruled with an IRON GRIP..
  4. Ya you mutha fuckas don't know about the "Kill-Waukee".. Yet it was KENOSHA got Burned 2 thy Ground
  5. Step 1 "admitted". Step 2 Came 2 Believe a "Power" greater than Myself could possibly RESTORE my SANITY
  6. In Wisconsin not so much .. In the WDOC the Inmate Population is approximately 64% Blacks.. Wisconsin also ranks far behind in other Statistics.. Milwaukee is the most "Racially" Segragated major city in America.. Basically anything North of 94 East/West Freeway is a giant CRACK GHETTO that extends almost 10 miles until the Washington/ Ozaukee County Lines
  7. Do ya got those nice "panties" and nice legs in Heels.. Ya "self admitted" went out with afew "Tranny's".. The one "Hers" was BIGGER than Mine.. Sorta kinda forced me to actually "question" my Manhood there
  8. While we So Divided ... China and Russia are picking up the "pieces" like SCAVANGERS bring places to their sphere of Influence.. Take Russia for example .. Even after the Soviet Union they never truly "Dollarized". Produce much their own Domestically and "Resources" RICH CHINA needs another Decade or Two of The DOLLAR before they can Truly get Self-sufficient beyond EXPORTS.. UNLIKE America.. Russia and China are signi Military amd Trade 'alliances We can take one or BottH
  9. China is about to sign a Half Trillion deal with the Mullahs of IRAN.. That means Chinese and Russian fleets docked at Bandar Abbas. While most of ya are "scratching" your head's. . Syria "Putin" drew the "RED-LINE". Moscow is backing ASSAD no matter what.... On the Mediterranean they got a giant Navy base plus Airfields.... Now throw in TURKEY and The "Kurds".. To Ankarra the "Kurds" are like N-Words here. . Now Armenia and Azerbaijan.. Putin is backing ARMERNIA.. Erdogon
  10. Ya sure ya ain't from Asia and roosting over the Fish Ponds.. Yup out there the Chicken Shits and the Slamon or. Tlapia eat that.. Now on that Survivalsit Show Cody Lundin talked about NATIVE 2 Harvest.... Basically they'd pick the "undigested" Matter outta the TURD.. Thankfully Cody and Dave had secured Other Food so we didn't have to see that
  11. Another thingy I learned in Meetings.. Alcholism ain't just the picking up a drink.. It's also a State Of Mind even Dry and Sober We suffer from a "Defect" of Charecter.. Even Dry our thought paths are still Alcholic .. Kinda like a State of Mind
  12. What the Heck I gotta be a freaking SOCIOPATH.. for gosh sakes "Recovery" is RECOVERY and .."PERIOD". Go where ya gotta go.. Work Program.. At home on your Spare Time bust out the Blue Book.. Just Start "Reading" You shall be "comforted" that ya ain't All ALONE
  13. Not to "Discredit" Narcotics Annoymous they good meetings too.. Just show up about 1/2 hour 45 minutes "Late" then they got through all that "Ritual" junk
  14. I've also done "DRUGS" although as I aged became just ALCHOLIC.. NA meetings it's a "Weirder" Crowd and abuncha Key tags and HUGS .. Oh Dozens of Readings Heck it takes em almost Half an Hour to just open a Meeting.. Now the Alano Club .. Old School and we do 12 step.. Traditions and Bust out a MEETING.. Afterwards we sit around suck down coffee and play Cribbage.. I prefer ALCHOLICS ANNOYMOUS
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