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  1. Whos Keeping "Count".. Look Ill log-off ya wont see me again for months.. Atleast did I put a "GOOD" SHOW on 4ya The few times I stop buy per year
  2. 2 be "FAIR" when I.used to Roll I-57 down to 55 split.. Was this nice AM Country Station outta Mt. Vernon TA .. That just "carried" my SOUL to the Missouri State Line
  3. While we are Old School "Bad word"ry RANT.. MY "baby" had Good "Timing".
  4. Im wild & a bit CRAZY too.. https://youtu.be/ncLZD4KFUD4
  5. If ya want a "Real" Deal though Id hit the China Buffett.. $5.99 all ya can CRAM into a Styrofoan container.. After 4pm its $8.99 ...same stuff though "Supper" Price.. I guess that their way of saying get here "Early" and $ave like THREE BUCKS
  6. Lets take a POOL for that $52.. I got 20-Spot though we get a "Signed" Legal "Contract"
  7. If ya wanna know the "TRUTH" about KARL CHILDERS "handle".. I earned in the Will County Adult Detention Facility.. Was a Child Support Warrant and Judge Let Me "GO" on re-cogninces".. Spent the weekend in Jail shared a cell with this brotha ... Hes like keep TALKING then he was like "SWING-BLADE"..
  8. When I was a a Kid.. We had crazy ole Uncle Ed.. He said those "coloreds" are the LAZYEST "SOBs" Slow and Dumb.. My Grandma Dorthy said the "KID" is HERE and you TALK like That After "chiding" my Uncle Ed she told him to go by the "CHINKS" and Pick Up our SUPPER
  9. That was "My" own MOTHER.. Ask me about the SCAR from the 66 Rambler and I got my hand caught in the door.. My folks were Down & Out that time .. We sat at the kitchen table with Peroxide and Ice Packs then bandaged it up.. She told me if I be "good" and take a nap its SPAGHETII 2nite
  10. My "Mama" always said.. "I know ya aint as DUMB as ya look"..now "SUPRISE" me I guess she just hadda do that being my "MOM" n all
  11. Welp she didnt look like no Halle Barry .. That I shall say
  12. Btw yo MAMMA didnt have "insurance" either .... So it was a WASTE of Time and CA$H to try and SUE
  13. Ya welp yo mamma so FAT.. She took a Bubble Bath an FARTED.. ENTIRE neighborhood was DESTROYED by a Wall of SUDS
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