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  1. This is what I do for right now. I got bigger plans for the future. My Bank Account ain't quite there yet. Still "struggling" & atleast trying $ave it Up
  2. Welp ya better sell now before the Federal Reserve is "Forced" 2 admit INFLATION and jacks up interest. I don't get why people pay a quarter half a million bucks to live in a Shooting Gallery. Gosh that kinda dough I could buy a big stretch of property live real good.
  3. Not whites. "Taxpayers" evacuate. Now ya got Milwaukee a dopehouse on every corner n drive by shootings every night and a murder rate higher than Chicago
  4. I got real "News" for the City of Madison How about don't tolerate junkies on your streets. Find a needle book a piece of sand tests for dope Arrest em and Book em Dane County Jail cycle them out to the State Department Of Corrections. Then ya get out there bust all the Dope Dealers give em DOC TIME
  5. https://madison.com/wsj/news/local/govt-and-politics/madison-city-council-fails-to-pass-proposal-for-homeless-mens-shelter-near-east-towne-mall/article_07b387f5-9392-5e10-961f-7ed7f3b97bc3.html
  6. I gotta take that back. Madison Wisconsin our State Capitol you will see homeless camps. Are they just a nice liberal city and such?
  7. We have homeless shelters and Rescue Mission. But from November till March abit too cold to Poop on the Streets. People here either learn how to run and Enterprise or go to Jail. Sometimes ya go to Jail get out and learn how to run a business. Half the year is Life "Threatening" Weather. Ain't no Tent Camps on the Streets
  8. You a "Smart Man" so I have guessed.. How does a stock market 35k relate to actul average "success" for everyday folks. Look at like Tesla and Uber way beyond realistic Market Cap. Even Apple one of the most "prolific" in Buybacks 2 prop up Share Price. One day the FED and Treasury won't have "Liquidity" anymore and this will be 10 times worse than the Foreclosure Crisis. Donald J. Trump wanted Jay Powells "head" back in 2018. Oh by gosh he jacked Interest almost 3 percent and that should have been the "Restart" or Normila
  9. I was more "inspired" to read this thread by the title. Gosh how can ya not look at "Title" and not wonder? That was my "Inspiration" for "clicking" upon it. Just not something ya see everyday
  10. I was in Seattle back early mid 2000s Ya it's a "Shit hole" Milwaukee Wisconsin is also a Shit-hole but the Co$t is 1/3 if ya don't mind Subzero Weather
  11. He drew his service weapon and "Saved" lives. Why didn't she throw the knife down put her hands out and lay on the ground?
  12. Look at that cop in Ohio. She stabbed the one lady and was gonna "Gut" the other. That Cop drew his service weapon and laid her down. Now all we hear on the news a Beautiful Young Intelligent Black Women. Shot by EVIL "White" Cop. Atleast Ohio Cops had their own cameras. She was waving that knife around and told that girl I'm gonna kill ya "B-word" Now when he joined the Force ya take a "pledge" to protect a citizens Property and Life. That Ohio Cop while cleared won't ever work again. P
  13. Shouldve been thrown out when city of Minneapolis did the tens of millions settlement. Even the Judge said I almost gotta throw this out. But Hennepin , Ramsey County and the Cities so much "RIOTING" This was more a call Chauvin going to Stillwater Correctional or they will "RIOT" again and BURN what's still there down. I don't necessarily agree with knee on neck but Floyd had so much Dope in his system and "verified" by the Hennepin County Coroner. Probably didn't feel a thing Floyd was that stoned or whacked out. Chauvin
  14. That said there is quite abit of "Despair". My wife left me because she was sick of me being "gone" all the time. Was good money coming thru the house and paid off notes. When making $10/$12 an hour at the plant I was still the Biggest "Loser" she ever met. Fine why did ya "Marry" me then
  15. It's the only thing I know pays the bills. Without that I'd probably be in jail or sleeping under a bridge. Look it's not exactly the way I planned my life out exactly. Was inbetween a job afew decades ago and Workforce Development sent me to Trucking School because at that time was a driver shortage. I was happy as clams made 33k my 1 year. Thought I won the Lottery
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