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  1. It was actually for the "Worst".. His "Presidency" only drove the "ELITES" to the Final Chapter.. Another Decade or 2 we could've the path we going I'd be "DEAD" atleast.. Trump's "Stuborness" turned alot of Global Heads.. Joe Biden is trying to fix relationships.. Unfortunately Joe Biden goes about it in a way like PreSchool Children so now Macron, Angular Merkel, and the Euro "NATO" Zone got the Drop on US because he showed his cards 1st hand Donald Trump just told em F-You and Sanctions .. But Donald Trump was "Queasy" about Real War.. America's Empire is the Military and Hedgeomy of World Reserve Dollar.. Donald Trump had good "ideas" but they NEVER were a "Reality" then he got Frustrated to boot
  2. How about your "Kingy" Donald J Trump was a Liar & a Con Artist.. Yet his "Followers" have almost "Divine" Cult Like Worship .. Heck the Election was last Fall .. Die Hard Trumpers still got Trump Signs in the Yard.. I cannot Remember an election cycle in my entire Lifetime that almost a year later the Signs and Flags still in the yard and on pickup trucks.. Instead of living in a "Sean Hannity" Fantasy Land why don't ya people atleast "Try" get Half "Educated" learn how to FIGHT thy System Within.. Trumpers don't have the "patience" nor essence for the Dig In and the Slow Grind.. Trumpers are prepubescent boys learning how 2 jack off the first time and wanna be on TV
  3. Oh the N-Word wow ya a 4 real "Mensa Members" now.. That's the WORST thingy ya could ever say especially on a "Covert" Operation
  4. Let me lay this out there for ya Real "Morons" out there .. For every Dollar printed Fiat generates 30 cents growth in GDP.. A Buck for 30 cents THATS RIGHT.. And that 30 cents GDP Today is only Pulling Growth from the Future into TODAY. EVENTUALLY the DEBT gets Paid Off or we "De-Base" the CURRENCY
  5. I say GOOD TOO .. Ya know why INFLATION already Running 1970s early 1980s levels and Jay Powell is in a BOX.. We don't need ANOTHER 3 "Trillion" or USA shall be like Venezuela or Zimbabwe
  6. The Infrastructure Deal about to go Kaput too.. The 1.5 Trillion "actual" Infrastructure.. If Senate doesn't agree to Fiscal Measures to Bypass the Fillibuster Nancy Pelosi is pulling the bill off the House Floor https://news.yahoo.com/pelosi-says-house-won-t-142726765.html
  7. Once in awhile I run Sacramento or Hayward outside of Oakland they stick that on my Trailer.. Always stopped at Alamo Sparks Petro for my "Overnight" before the Donner Pass
  8. I 80 Sparks the Alamo Casino in Petro Truckstop.. Now Free Drinks work like this.. That 1st one they wanna see $20 in Credits deposit into machine.. Get that Free Beer and Cash Out from there to the Blackjack Table.. On the Blackjack Table ya can get a Beer & Shot.. But playing Machine ya only get the Beer or Shot "Free" and ya hadda Pay for the other
  9. I'll have you know that Girl was really a Cowboy...
  10. Next Stage after that is Central Bank Cryptos.. Crypto Dollar.. Crypto Euro... Crypto Yen... Ya get the BIG PICTURE..
  11. America ain't gotta do nothing at this point.. China, India, and Turkey Central Banks have "already" Erodeded 10/15k per unit off of Bitcoin.. Once it becomes a "Real Threat" to the USA DOLLAR the Bitcoin and Crypto are "TOAST" 4 Good.. "Game Over" it won't exchange or Transact on any "Servers"
  12. I really Hate 2 say this too but the Next Nuclear War will be over Hedgeomy of the USA DOLLAR
  13. For right now they lining their pockets is all.. When the day and time comes they are gonna put the "Complete" Death Knell upon it the "Second" it becomes a "Threat" to the USA DOLLAR
  14. They do in America too.. Wash DC and the Silicon Valley are "joined" at the Hip in full cordination. If ya think "otherwise" ya truly are a Complete Fool
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