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  1. Wtf was that... You people think Im CRAZY for "respecting" Dr. Theodore Kaczynski.. And not for that reason.. I admire the Cabin and Lincoln Montana and how for the most part he ESCAPED the RAT RACE..
  2. And how many "hundreds" if not THOUSANDS of Times over the years have "I" pointed out that PATISIAN Politics is Sheer "Hippocrasy"
  3. Actually Visine Guy had it "WRONG" there Was called the Smoot/Hawley act .. Not Hawley/Smoot.. Nonetheless a "History" Lesson for all ya
  4. One thing I would add though is I dont remember a gallon of milk costing that much back then.. But the farmer getting roughly the same price actually his grandpa was getting more like $36 dollars for the same hundredweight if you want to adjust for inflation But a brand new tractor only cost 13k
  5. Lets go and price out tractors.. Remember his grandfather was getting $12 40 years ago compared with his $16 dollars today.... But in 1975 grandpa could buy a brand new Tractor for 13 grand off the dealers lot.
  6. Except as also noted Farmers were going Bankrupt at those prices back then.. I will say one factor in the 1980s Farm Crisis compared with 2018 was the interest rates.. During much of the 1980s interest rates were double digits even upwards of 20% at one point At almost the same prices they couldnt even keep up with the interest let alone bitting down at the principle. Despite the other costs were much cheaper like seed, fertilizer, parts, and energy costs
  7. Aint just wages watch a real comparison of todays prices versus the 1980s Farm Crisis.. His reciepts today 2018 and his grandfathers reciepts at the height of a full blown Farm Crisis.. https://youtu.be/3abgI_PbUZc
  8. Both are Bought and Paid for.. What Americas Real Problem is the vast majority of the population cannot the the forest through the trees. 9 out of 10 Americans aint got a clue nor even the capability to comprehend. As for the Politics its just Sheer Hipocrasy. When my guy is in office thats okay.. Next election cycle the otherside wins and does the same exact thing as your guy did if not worse.. Because its their guy time to Scream Bloody murder
  9. And worldwide Globalists and mega corportations dont buy the politicians who will write the rules in their favor and screw everybody else.. We should all just be mere "peasants".. Slavery never ended it just changed.. A Ten Dollar an Hour Job in the 1980s would be 20 something today and the prices were a third to half less then.. Today its maybe $12/ $13 an hour but for all that "supposed" WAGE GROWTH its a HAIRCUT In the buying power of a 1980s dollar thats less than the Legal Minnimum wage today.. And lets jack up the cost of living beyond the stratosphere while we gut wages Subjegated to the Bankerters and Creditors
  10. Its Oil for the Rich and babies for the poor. We got everyone beliving that more is more.. When the reckoning comes I wonder where we shall be then
  11. Down at the Sunset Grill..
  12. OMAHA (DTN) -- The White House is delaying a second round of trade-aid payments to farmers that was initially expected to be announced last week, Reuters reported on Tuesday. Reuters initially reported, citing three unnamed sources, that White House officials are holding off approving the second round of Market Facilitation Payments "amid optimism China will soon resume buying U.S. soybeans." So far this year, soybean sales to China equal about 2% of last year's volume. Total U.S. soybean exports are just 42% of last year's volume as well. Since the G20 summit in Argentina nearly two weeks ago, markets have bounced with expectations that China would return to the U.S. to buy soybeans. So far, though, there have been no actual sales announcements. http://www.fjkrob.com/index.cfm?show=4&id=0702BF4F
  13. Hear it straight up from a Real Farmer today... This man explains 2018 "today" and has his granfathers records from back when to compare with today.. Hard Times in the Heartland ...and odds are nobody freaking cares either https://youtu.be/3abgI_PbUZc