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  1. Last week I was "b-wording" about $2.69 at Speedway and thats like the Cheape$t GAS in Town... Today its $2.859 for "Regular".. Yet the last few "Trading" Days Oil is "up" a buck n a half.. Trades in a band of about $58 to $62 per barrel.. Doesnt "Justify" such Price Swings..
  2. https://youtu.be/Uc4hQlD47rs
  3. I say the CURE is WORSE than the Disease.. https://youtu.be/Uc4hQlD47rs
  4. That was "Classic"...
  5. Karl Childers

    Does anybody Care to Discuss Gas Prices

    Welp it getting back towards $3...and that cant be a good sign..
  6. I had a crazy uncle and my momma used to say he just hates everybody...Even White people were sudivided by nationality..wops, krauts, pollocks etcAnd for whatever reason he passionatly hated the Jews...Once in the closing credits of a tv show somebody was named "Stein" and yelled thats a freaking Jew..
  7. Didnt they put that fire out finally .. Heard on the news they were foaming and spraying to prevent flare-ups
  8. How much is a gallon of gas going for out there..Here Speedway is approaching $2.699 okay lets just say 2.70My gosh the price of gas shot up last few weeks or so I
  9. I have no Hatred in my heart 4 others...Nope..I hate my ownself and relize "spirtitually" ya truly down and out broke bust and Bankrupt ..Scared 2 death of your own freaking shadow cant even stand to look at yourself..It had occured 2 me that if ya cannot even "respect" your own self that you cannot share respect for others..But what ya "truly" crave is making others feel good but you are completely dead on the inside...So you con yourself and try to convince youself that you are happy but deep down ya know the truth..So go hiding and seek solace in Booze..Problem though is the Booze is "temporary" and doesmt solve any problems just covers em up temporarily...Why its akin to putting a cheap bandaid on a gushing gouged wound..Band-Aids aint gonna cut it ya need stitches ..I was trying some kinda point here but its lost on me...Anyhow if you wanna know what true hatred feels like try hating yourself first then think it over for awhile..I think most will come to find that its almost impossible to ever hate again because its just that bad....Its AWFUL and youll never want to "Hate" ever again
  10. Karl Childers

    Karl goes to Planned Parenthood "LIVE FOOTAGE"

    While I "disagree" I fully Suport "Constitutional" Rights... I was gonna honk my horn & wave out the window in "respect" of First Ammendment..
  11. Karl Childers

    Real AMERICA "Open" Your EYES

    This Interview Never Happened cause theres NO JOBS.. Okay 2 be FAIR Lowes and Dollar General are looking 4 Clerks $10 ,bucks an Hour.. Forgot about the BANK.. Loan Officer "Assciates"n "supposedly" 30k Salary ... Let me "Tell Ya SOMETHING" Thats another Telemarketing BOILER ROOM
  12. Karl Childers

    Real AMERICA "Open" Your EYES

    So ya "Support" ILLEGAL immigrants then 2 Drive WAGE$ even LOWER.... After OFF-SHORING our Jobs and probablu wondering WHY half the towns on Disability and Food Stamps
  13. Karl Childers

    Karl goes to Planned Parenthood "LIVE FOOTAGE"

    Now DONE "TRIED" 2 HELP The Movement And once again ya folks treat me like a PIECE of Crap
  14. Karl Childers

    Real AMERICA "Open" Your EYES

    Back in the 70s and 80s TV SETS used to co$t like 1500 2k for 25/27 inches with Remote In thats Days "Dollar$" was like 3 Grand 2day.. Old School Box TVs had SCRAP VALUE .. The Copper off the Tube was atleast a pound.. Enough Wiring to fill up a Shopping Bag..
  15. All America is abuncha Sit on your Fat @$$es watch TV.. Aint nothing on although By Gosh we gotta TV SET.. Just Infomecials or Judge Judy its GOTTA be on..