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  1. What up Sole Result... I think I even understand this post A pile of "Corruption" buit upon layers of Corruption and the cycle feeds upon itself
  2. Both sides are equally "Bought" out by the banksters... The "principals" and philosophy are just for show.. The "Sad" part is most are too BLIND to even realize that and actually think they are standing for something..
  3. Did it ever occur to ya that many people have no business breeding in the first place but they still do... Take my folks for example they had me. And we as a Society encourage this bad behavior and through our Tax System we even Reward it at the State and Federal levels Then those kids get set in front of the TV Set or these days a Smart Phone and vegetate doing nothing but filling they're minds with aimless filth... Mommy and Daddy are too busy working to keep up with the ever rising cost of living and sometimes at war with eachother and not even worried about the kids.. Eventually they become "Feral"
  4. Healthcare starts at home.. If ya listen to Coast 2 Coast George Nory often has Dr. Joe Wallach... Eat lots of Eggs good super food.. Ditch the margerine and opt for the Real Butter.. Real Butter is Rich in selenium and to prove that point look at the Buddhists and Yak butter tea... Take a WALK now n then sometimes I just walk to the store instead of driving.. Better yet go to a Forest Preserve and experience "Nature".. A walk through the woods is a great mood elevator... Problem with America's Health comes down to a Poor Diet of junk food and lack of self discipline.. For many years I drank heavy and smoked a pack or two per day.. I once tipped the scales at 240 pounds.. For all practical purposes I should be "Dead" many times over Another thing we don't appreciate in America is the power of Sauna.. Across the world over many cultures for millennia have understood the power of Sauna including Native Americans . A good sweat is not only relaxing but 'detoxifying" allows the body to leech out chemicals...
  5. Isn't a "Corpse' supposed to STINK.. Okay sure it's a Movie but Still .
  6. What about Good ole 'Classic" Liberalism.. I dunno some many years ago when I first signed up on this site was quite a debate about that..
  7. Why not just have a regular old primary.. Nah that makes too much sense.. Ted Cruz was the guy who could play the Caucuses..Trump would win the vote but Ted Cruz somehow got the Delegates in several states..
  8. But they can "Buy" Government Power and write the rules for themselves.. Now it's imposed LAW and then they consolidate that power But we have this stupid notion that campaign contributions are FREE SPEECH
  9. Well Cuba is a casestudy of surviving a collapse For now we sit high and mighty atleast we think..until ya scratch the surface and realize it's a House Of Cards built upon "Debt" massive debt.. Someday the FED is no longer gonna be able to juice the markets anymore and we are gonna face a Currency Collapse.. Basically everybody is gonna be Piss Broke but in America we have no sense of "Community" Gonna be a Long Cold Winter in the not so distant future and we got nobody to blame but "ourselves" https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Power_of_Community:_How_Cuba_Survived_Peak_Oil&ved=2ahUKEwiU-42k9-bnAhUQRK0KHblDAQ4QFjAFegQIBxAK&usg=AOvVaw1J84xIymxE4lfcLvcpRiLE
  10. Well the Big Deal is they will go after Israel.. They've been smuggling missiles to Hezbollah through Syria for decades.. Ya see when the time comes they are gonna hit Israel.. Then the IDF is gonna "retaliate".. Now you got WW3 and don't be suprised if we find China and Russia has the Ayatollahs back they conducted Navy exercises not long ago.. It's gonna be a freaking DISASTER
  11. I dunno found myself rather "inspired" by the Mississipi River
  12. Whatever happened to Amy Klobechar.. Ya know she announced her campaign in a Snowstorm..
  13. Ya wouldnt mind if I put afew drops of lotion in a Latex Glove n rub afew off.. Wow I can't contain myself anymore the pressure valve is about to go
  14. They should all LOSE.. Time for a Currency Collapse and a Reset.. Guns , Butter , and canned beans baby Why because we are a buncha freaking Morons and pissed it away.. And we didn't even "Try" to Stop Em Hard Times are coming what are ya doing to "Prepare" Now
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