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  1. Karl Childers

    Karl goes to Planned Parenthood "LIVE FOOTAGE"

    While I "disagree" I fully Suport "Constitutional" Rights... I was gonna honk my horn & wave out the window in "respect" of First Ammendment..
  2. Karl Childers

    Real AMERICA "Open" Your EYES

    This Interview Never Happened cause theres NO JOBS.. Okay 2 be FAIR Lowes and Dollar General are looking 4 Clerks $10 ,bucks an Hour.. Forgot about the BANK.. Loan Officer "Assciates"n "supposedly" 30k Salary ... Let me "Tell Ya SOMETHING" Thats another Telemarketing BOILER ROOM
  3. Karl Childers

    Real AMERICA "Open" Your EYES

    So ya "Support" ILLEGAL immigrants then 2 Drive WAGE$ even LOWER.... After OFF-SHORING our Jobs and probablu wondering WHY half the towns on Disability and Food Stamps
  4. Karl Childers

    Karl goes to Planned Parenthood "LIVE FOOTAGE"

    Now DONE "TRIED" 2 HELP The Movement And once again ya folks treat me like a PIECE of Crap
  5. Karl Childers

    Real AMERICA "Open" Your EYES

    Back in the 70s and 80s TV SETS used to co$t like 1500 2k for 25/27 inches with Remote In thats Days "Dollar$" was like 3 Grand 2day.. Old School Box TVs had SCRAP VALUE .. The Copper off the Tube was atleast a pound.. Enough Wiring to fill up a Shopping Bag..
  6. All America is abuncha Sit on your Fat @$$es watch TV.. Aint nothing on although By Gosh we gotta TV SET.. Just Infomecials or Judge Judy its GOTTA be on..
  7. Travel coss Seas from Watts 2 Yokohama
  8. We may Disagree on Principals but I was trying 2 Support The "Constitution".. https://youtu.be/TQqfYV1tUTc
  9. Karl Childers

    TEXAS AMERICA’S Bad word

    Despite all that and the floods I shall always love HOUSTON... Houston is one of the BEST CITIES in America
  10. On second thoughts though I dont think I can "pop" 72 Virgin "cherrys" no-more
  11. Karl Childers

    Foxy Lady & she SHOW YA "Everything" 2

    Oh its got SOUND and "ENLISH" .. Try turning up the VOLUME ...or pehaps MIRACLE EAR
  12. Her tits are tiny but "Gigantic" Nipples
  13. Live drive the BREW CREW....