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  1. GREAT... so an ACTUAL Male was hanging out in a FEMALE bathroom, STALKED an innocent high school girl, and PERPETRATED the assault... and WHY? BECAUSE Democrats have muddied the lines between MALE and FEMALE... Between GOOD and BAD, and RIGHT and WRONG.. THAT is not "ALLEGED"... THAT is FACT !!
  2. WHAT is it with these MORON Democrats !! THEY start to DE-FUND the police, and CRIME and MURDER rates in major cities jump 100%... and MORE... NOW they want to CLOSE prisons, and RELEASE TENS of THOUSANDS of VIOLENT criminals back into society... and DOES ANYONE have any doubts about what the RESULT of THAT would be? TODAY'S Liberal Democrats (the Marxist Socialist Liberal Democrats)... are CLUELESS IDIOTS, and they will CERTAINLY subvert and DESTROY our NATION... unless American STAND UP and SAY, NOT ONLY NO... BUT HELL NO !!
  3. The new whistleblower said: "Facebook officials were often indifferent about public concerns regarding problematic content or undercut efforts to respond due to concerns about political blow-back from then-President Donald Trump and damage to the company’s bottom line." The affidavit, dated Oct. 13 detailed one incident in 2017 in which a Facebook communications executive purportedly dismissed concerns about public backlash regarding Russian interference in the 2016 election. "It will be a flash in the pan. Some legislators will get pissy," Facebook communications official Tucker Bounds said, according to the whistleblower. "And then in a few weeks they will move onto something else. Meanwhile, we are printing money in the basement, and we are fine." THIS is just PART of the "FAKE News Media"... the LIARS, who profit from the MIS Information... THEY, and their companies, SHOULD be DESTROYED, because of the HARM that they do to America, the American People, AND the American way ! https://www.foxbusiness.com/technology/new-facebook-whistleblower-russian-interference-hate-speech
  4. No, but Joe Biden's CANCELLING of the Keystone Pipeline, his RE-instating 100's of energy regulations that Donald Trump cancelled, and his WAR on fracking... DID have an effect on our energy independence... AND the PRICE of gasoline !! YOU simple CAN NOT deny the FACTS !! AND, I will CONTINUE to POST them !! https://cei.org/blog/president-biden-moves-quickly-to-unleash-regulatory-juggernaut/ https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9168931/Biden-vows-undo-Trumps-legacy-tweet-president-prepares-sign-15-orders.html https://www.politico.com/news/2021/01/20/joe-biden-kills-keystone-xl-pipeline-permit-460555 https://www.independentsentinel.com/biden-begins-the-end-of-fracking-and-destroys-keystone-and-20000-jobs/ https://www.breitbart.com/radio/2020/10/28/steve-scalise-joe-biden-killing-fracking-is-the-biggest-gut-punch-to-the-middle-class-lower-income-families/
  5. I wonder if EITHER of the people he SHOT... were Conservatives OR Republicans !! If they were, I would look MUCH closer into his actions, and motivations... because the SOB is THAT MUCH of a lying SCUMBAG !! AND, MAY have don it INTENTIONALLY ! ...AUTOMATICALLY writing it off as an accident? WOULD be a MISTAKE !
  6. Democrats... from the HIGHEST levels of Government... to the LOWEST levels of Government... are SUCH LYING SCUMBAGS !! It's as though they have a MASSIVE and CONTINUOUS conspiracy under way (and probably do), where they ALL will LIE, DENY, CHEAT, STEAL, DEFLECT, and ACCUSE... and do ANYTHING ELSE necessary to further their Marxist Socialist agenda and goals... From SLIMY Joe Biden, to the Governors of SLIMY Democrat states, to the SLIMY School boards... they are ALL, LYING Marxist Socialist SCUMBAGS !! ....and THIS example from Loudoun County is JUST an example ! There just IS NOT anything that accurately describes WHAT they do, DAY IN, and DAY OUT... They ALL need to held to a MUCH higher standard... a standard where LYING SCUMBAGS ARE REMOVED from office, WHENEVER and WHERE EVER they are found ! BUT, you can't listen to the accounts of Politicians or the FAKE News Media... Because THEY LIE TOO... YOU MUST come to the conclusion YOURSELF... by FAMILIARIZING yourself with the FACTS... and KNOWING what was said, versus the TRUTH !! https://www.foxnews.com/politics/loudoun-superintendent-email-sexual-assault-same-day
  7. I SPEAK the TRUTH... YOU just don't want to HEAR it ! AND, YOU HOPE no one else listens EITHER... BUT, more and MORE are listening every day... and they are because the Marxist Socialist democrats are COMING OUT of the CLOSET... and SHOWING their TRUE colors !
  8. THAT'S what the Marxist Socialist Democrats WANT everyone to believe ! The country would be SO much easier to control, if there was no cash, and all economic transactions were electronic !!
  9. YOU are an IDIOT !! Donald Trump Approved the Keystone pipeline, encouraged drilling and exploration, CUT regulations, and encouraged fracking... and HE had American production of oil to levels we had not been to in 40 years, and AMERICA was energy independent !!... and GAS Prices WENT DOWN !! Joe Biden came into office, ELIMINATED ALL the initiatives that Trump had put into place... ENDED the Keystone Pipeline, ended drilling in many places, ADDED regulations, and discouraged fracking... Biden KILLED American oil production, ENDED Americas energy independence!!... and GAS prices skyrocketed !! Demand was irrelevant, the competition was insignificant, BUT, JOE BIDEN IS an MORON !!
  10. Amid tense school board meetings in Fairfax and Loudoun counties, that have drawn national media coverage, Terry McAuliffe declared in a debate: "I don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach." https://www.foxnews.com/politics/president-biden-to-campaign-with-terry-mcauliffe-in-virginia-toss-up-election Polling has shown that most Virginia likely voters, and 57 percent of Virginia parents, disagreed with that statement, and Youngkin has pressed McAuliffe on it. While McAuliffe claimed that Youngkin took the statement out of context, the Youngkin campaign launched an ad showing McAuliffe standing by the statement SEVEN times. When recently ASKED about the Vaccine Mandates in a TV interview, Terry McCailif RAN AWAY, so NOT to have to answer questions !! YOU CAN BET he doesn't want to answer questions about Parents/Teachers issues, Critical Race Theory, or Exploding CRIME RATES EITHER !!... https://nypost.com/2021/10/20/democrat-terry-mcauliffe-abruptly-ends-tv-interview/
  11. GEE... do ya THINK ?? DEMOCRATS have gone TOO far to the LEFT? THAT is an UNDERSTATEMENT of all UNDERSTATEMENTS ! Let me put it into perspective... The Marxist Socialist Democrats have gone OFF the Pro American reservation, ACROSS the Pacific Ocean, and are NOW shacking UP with the Chinese and Russian COMMUNISTS !! AND, NOT ONLY THAT... LOTS of evidence suggests Democrat puppets politicians MAY have been involved in a Chinese / Democrat CONSPIRACY to RELEASE COVID and USE it to defeat Donald Trump in 2020 !! YES, THAT would be TOO FAR... SO FAR that what remains IS NOT the Democrat Party of 30 years ago.. but is closer to the Chinese Communist Party, or the Totalitarian Russians... of TODAY !! https://www.foxnews.com/media/ny-times-tom-friedman-democrats-too-far-left-cnn-anderson-cooper
  12. THERE IS NO NEED for Americans to "Lower" expectations... ALL we need to do is to FIRE all of the Marxist Socialist Democrats who support the CRAZY Marxist Socialist Liberal agenda !! AND elect MANY MORE common sense Conservatives... who WILL do the RIGHT things, FOR the RIGHT reasons, and guide America BACK to PROSPERITY !! Question: Were you, AND AMERICA, better off 3 years ago than you are today? CASE CLOSED !!
  13. THERE IS NO NEED for Americans to "Lower" expectations... ALL we need to do is to FIRE all of the Marxist Socialist Democrats who support the CRAZY Marxist Socialist liberal agenda !! AND elect common sense Conservatives... who WILL do the RIGHT things, FOR the RIGHT reasons, and guide America BACK to PROSPERITY !! Were you, AND AMERICA, better off 3 years ago than you are today? CASE CLOSED !!
  14. THAT to can EASILY be changed... IF America Wants it !! WHY Should America lower it's expectations just because an INCOMPETENT MORON is President, who along with a bunch of CORRUPT Socialists politicians who are in power... and are RUNNING America into the GROUND ? SHOULD we LOWER expectations JUST because that SAME Party of CORRUPT Socialists TELL US TO ? HELL NO ! It's BETTER to FIRE Joe Biden, AND his Party of Corrupt Democrat MALCONTENTS... DRAIN the SWAMP... and to GET America BACK on the right track !! AND THAT is what America MUST DO !
  15. Senate Minority Whip John Thune, R-S.D., on Tuesday slammed a new proposal from Democrats that would raise to $10,000 the threshold (Previously democrats proposed a lowered threshold of $600)... for allowing the Internal Revenue Service to demand banks to report account transactions. Thune described "the Democrats' tax-and-spending spree" as "a horrible vision" for America's future and paid special attention to their IRS proposition. "This proposal, which would double the size of the IRS – literally double the size of the IRS – and allow them to snoop into every American's bank transactions … is something that is so sweeping we've never seen anything like it before, where you're literally talking about an IRS dragnet across the bank accounts of every single American," THIS is ALL part of the $3.5 trillion Green New Deal package... and WE CAN NOT afford it... America CAN NOT AFFORD it !! https://www.foxbusiness.com/politics/senate-minority-whip-rips-irs-snooping
  16. All I have to do is look at the bills you Democrats are trying to PASS, the Narratives you are trying to PUSH, the the Values you are trying to SUBVERT, the History you are trying to DELETE, and the WAY OF LIFE you are trying to DESTROY... And its CLEAR you DO NOT still believe in those same values !! YOU would like people to BELIEVE that you still do, but the REALITY is now that the CORE of the Democrat Party are SOCIALIST... and by supporting the democrats, YOU are supporting SOCIALISM !!
  17. THOSE are the beliefs of Democrats 30 YEARS ago!! TODAY, THIS is MORE along the lines of what they believe: 1) People should NOT work 40 hours, they should stay at home and collect Government welfare... that the obscene $3.5 trillion new green deal and the associated COVID relief will provide... and it MOVES us toward Socialism, and destroys the U.S. economy. 2) Wall Street gangsters should go to prison... BUT Democrat Congressmen like Nancy Pelosi and others can insider trade and ABUSE her position to get rich... and THAT'S ok .. 3) SAY that no children should be shot while at school, HOWEVER, they STILL ARE, and in mostly in Liberal "gun control" states... AND the Government should teach the children WHATEVER THEY ( the government) want, and the parents should have NO SAY... or be investigated by the FBI ... 4) Politicians should not dictate medical decisions to women... but the child that they carry, UNIQUE, SEPARATE, and APART form the woman, can be killed without any reason, EXCEPT that they were conceived ... 5) Lobbyists should not be able to bribe representatives... UNLESS they are Democrats... and THAT goes for Union bosses, BIG industry, and the Washington SWAMP to... 6) Companies should not be able to trash the earth for profit... unless they are from China, Russia, India, or ANY OTHER country EXCEPT America... 7) Everyone should have access to higher education, REGARDLESS how much it costs the American Taxpayers, and the Universities then SUPPORT and PERPETUATE Marxist Socialist Liberal LIES !!
  18. EXCEPT... NOW he's the President of the United States of America !!! NOW it REALLY time for an IMPEACHMENT !! But, will Democrats support removal of a President.. WHEN it's COMPLETELY Justified ? ...and the PROOF is IRREFUTABLE ? https://www.foxnews.com/politics/gates-seems-to-double-down-on-claim-that-bidens-been-wrong-on-top-foreign-policy-issues-for-decades https://washingtonnewspost.com/news/politics/gates-seems-to-double-down-on-claim-that-bidens-been-wrong-on-top-foreign-policy-issues-for-decades/
  19. Democrats can Hope against hope... BUT, Donald Trump WILL BE BACK in 2024 (or before)... and WILL BE the NEXT President of the United States... AGAIN !!
  20. ...AND, maybe a BETTER question for Democrats is... ARE you Anti-American? ARE you Anti-Police, Anti-History, Anti-Parental RIGHTS in education... AND, ARE you a Marxist Socialist? If the answer to any of those questions is NO !! Then MAYBE the Democrat Party is NOT the party you remember... ANY LONGER !! https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/10/02/exclusive-black-caucus-endorses-virginia-republican-glenn-youngkin-for-governor-after-backing-mcauliffe-in-2013/ https://video.foxnews.com/v/6277838900001#sp=show-clips
  21. THIS is "The IDIOT"... Joe Biden's LEGACY... GOOD men resigning, while at the same time making "WE the People"... LESS SAFE... while they ENCOURAGE: HATE, CRIME, Property DESTRUCTION, and TYRANNY... THANK YOU Joe Biden !! AND YOU think YOURSELF BETTER than Donald Trump? NOT in your DREAMS !! https://www.foxnews.com/politics/washington-trooper-signs-out-for-last-time-tells-inslee-he-can-kiss-my-a
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