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  1. YOU will find out different Pretty soon !! Have you ever wondered why the Democrats are TRULY DERANGED when ti comes to Trump? BLATANTLY Lying? Saying things that are RIDICULOUS regarding Trump, and that even an IDIOT can see are LIES ? AND, for TWO YEARS, TRUMPETING that the evidence was THERE, and Mueller would get it OUT,,, and TRUMP was getting IMPEACHED,,, and PROBABLY going to JAIL ? ALL were LIES !! And just about everything that the Republicans have identified, and gotten out to the public, has shown the DEMOCRATS to be the CORRUPT ones... along with their DEEP STATE and FAKE News allies... and they are ALL going to pay the piper... SOON !! WHAT? Will YOU DO, THEN?
  2. YOU IDIOT you !! YOU are EVERYTHING you accuse others of... JUSY like ALL Democrats !! They accuse Trump of Collusion... but it REALLY Hillary (which will be proven), They accuse Trump of a cover up (which the ENTIRE Mueller investigation was a part of... and will be proven), Accuse others of lying (when the Democrats are CHRONIC liars), and the LIST goes on !! Trump announced within the last few days that his is Giving AG Bill Barr WIDE latitude to investigate the "investigators" associated with the Trump collusion witch hunt... and THEN, that he was declassifying a TROVE of secret associated documents... IT IS DONE !! Soon, The Inspector General report will be released, which will ALSO be DEVASTATING for the FBI !! Come, Brennan and Clapper are ALREADY accusing one another of WHO leaked the Fake Dossier FIRST !! AND, the Democrats are SQUEALING like stuck PIGS... the same Democrats who were INSISTING that Trump release Mueller Report information that LEGALLY, HE COULD NOT !! You put it all together and the GUILT of the Democrats, the FAKE News, and the Deep State is OBVIOUS... HA!! AND, It's ALL going to start soon ! I think the starting gun goes off when the IG Report is released... because EVERYTHING in it, will be taken over by Barr after it's released... THEN, with Barr's new investigator, his Grand Jury, and subpoena power... LOTS of Democrats and Deep State types BETTER beware.. EVEN somer FAKE NEWS Media will be called.. THEY will be QUESTIONED as to WHY they were compelled to LIE to America... LETS see if they have the GUTS to tell the truth !!
  3. President Trump grants AG Bill Barr NEW POWERS to investigate the Collusion, Corruption, and ABUSES of the Intelligence Agencies... THEY THOUGHT they were ABOVE the Law... NOW, they are going to EXPERIENCE what THEY had only ADMINISTERED... it's ABOUT TIME ! WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump on Thursday granted Attorney General William Barr new powers to review and potentially release classified information related to the origins of the Russia investigation, a move aimed at accelerating Barr’s inquiry into whether U.S. officials improperly surveilled Trump’s 2016 campaign. Trump directed the intelligence community to “quickly and fully cooperate” with Barr’s probe. https://apnews.com/9e926bfccb5947d5a5f8eb260cb0a7e6
  4. Hillary, the DNC, the Media and the Deep State are the ones guilty of Russian Collusion... NOT Trump... BUT THEY can NOT Accept it !!! The FACTS are below (ALL verified by Testimony, e-mails, Letters, FISA documents, and Financial records) : 1. WE KNOW that Russians have TRIED to influence the American elections for YEARS... if the Mueller report proved ANYTHING, it proved that THIS was something the Russians DEFINITELY DID... with 20 Russians indicted by Mueller. 2. Hillary Clinton PAID for a Russian Dossier... the money went from her and the DNC, to a legal firm, to Fusion GPS, to Christopher Steele, to Ex Russian agents, who CREATED IT... does ANYONE think Putin didn't know about this? That HE didn't condone it? and probably AUTHORIZED it? Even the NY Times now say the Dossier MAY have been "Russian Disinformation" !! AND it was SOLICITED by Hillary Clinton !! 3. The FBI, CIA, DOJ, and others funneled the FAKE Russian Dossier into America, and TO American newspapers... where it was LEAKED to the press... by John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comes, and YES... John McCain... they were ALL involved... The FAKE dossier was subsequently published by the American Media, as FACT... and it was done before the 2016 election happened... e-mail evidence from Christopher Steele, now proves the Dossier HAD to be completed before the 2016 election!! 4. The FBI USED the News Reports as PROOF of authenticity, and James Comey used it as evidence to obtain a FISA warrant to SPY on the Trump campaign !! WHICH they DID !! They subsequently RE AUTHORIZED the FISA warrant THREE ADDITIONAL times.. 5. The FAKE Dossier, and the America media stories about the Dossier (portrayed as coming from DIFFERENT and CORROBORATED sources), where the ONY evidence that the FBI had in order to open the Mueller Investigation... in other words, they had NOTHING !! But they moved forward and DRAGGED America thru TWO YEARS of a Witch Hunt... with it's goal being to IMPEACH Donald Trump !! In a nutshell, the Hillary campaign and the DNC initiated a FRAUD, that MAY WELL have been POUNCED ON and USED by RUSSIANS to fabricate a FAKE Dosser to AFFECT the American elections, AND it was ALL facilitated by Hillary Clinton, The DNC, the Deep State (including James Comey, John Brennan, and James Clapper )... the FAKE News Media, and PROBABLY the Obama White House !! THEY tried to use the dossier to KEEP Donald Trump from being elected, AND THEN, to try to REMOVE him from office by ANY Means !! IF THAT isn't COLLUSION... then NOTHING IS !!
  5. He KNOWS FOR CERTAIN, that he let Hillary OFF the HOOK, by INTENTIONALLY changing the statute for protecting Classified Material... by fiat (He just decided the standard was INTENT, and NOT NEGLIGENCE, JUST BECAUSE) !! THAT is "OBSTRUCTION of JUSTICE" AND "ABUSE of POWER"... Plain and Simple !!
  6. Statistics are numbers which represent a REALITY... Statistical Numbers, and calculations, when done honestly do not cover up anything... they ARE the actual results, from the BLS (Bureau of Labor and Statistics), based on MILLIONS of data points, which are used by the Industrial and Financial WORLD, to make judgements on the HEALTH of the American Economy !! In the cases above, these are REAL Statistics, representing REAL LIFE, and "cover up" NOTHING !! THEY DO represent the REALITY of the American economy as it EXIST TODAY !! NO "Half" truths, NO "Cover up", and IF you're "Confused" about that... THEN, I can't help you !!
  7. 3%, 3%, and 3%... THIS is the REAL REASON why the Trump Economy is BOOMING, and why, when Obama said these numbers could NEVER be achieved again (the NEW Normal)... HE LIED !! 3% GDP Growth... after 8 years, Obama could never achieve it fro a full year, and TOLD us that it was not possible... it was the NEW Normal that we could never grow at 3% ever again... Obama LIED, and Donald Trump DID IT !! 3% Unemployment... aka FULL employment... If anybody WANTS a job, they are available... in Pennsylvania, they are training ex- felons coming out of prison, and High school kids are getting the opportunity to work... because there are CURRENTLY more jobs than there are people who want them !! 3% Wage growth... Because there are so many jobs, wages, after being stagnant for YEARS (under Obama), are growing again.. THIS is good for EVERY worker in America... and how Trumponomics has filtered into, and is benefiting EVERY FAMILY in America !! America needs to THINK about this... THIS is not just GOOD !! IT IS GREAT... and MOST of America is now giving Donald Trump credit for the economy... because it IS HIS. You can NOT: 1) Overhaul the entire Obama era Tax system, 2) Scrap the THOUSANDS of Industrial Regulations Obama had put into place, 3) SCRAP and RE-MAKE ALL of the key trade agreements, and 4) PUSH an America FIRST policy (NOT what Obama did) that is focused on bringing industry and jobs BACK to America... YOU CAN NOT do all of THAT, and claim that the economy is somehow an EXTENSION of the Obama economy... YOU CAN NOT DO IT !! Democrats FOUGHT every ONE of the Trump Economic changes above, which resulted in the BOOMING economy we now enjoy, and STILL want to take credit for the economy... THAT is NOT REALITY... IT IS A DEMOCRAT LIE !!
  8. HA!! So the FAKE lawyer that the FAKE News FAWNED over just a few months ago, has now been indicted for FRAUD and EMBEZZLEMENT.... Michael Avenatti is now head for JAIL... WHY does that SOUND PROPHETIC to me ? HA!! IT'S JUST the BEGINNING !! https://www.cnbc.com/2019/05/22/michael-avenatti-indicted-for-alleged-extortion-attempt-against-nike.html
  9. MAKE ME shut up... Pidgeon Chest !! I'll post the FACTS, and the TRUTH, and YOU can either accept it, or the GET the FVUK LOST... Calling me names and LYING to get your way? It's JUST a waste time... WHY? Because Your MORONIC Liberal OPINIONS mean LESS than NOTHING to me...
  10. Well, just about EVERYTHING that the Dad said was TRUE !! EXCEPT the last one... as follows, and why: 1) Socialism never DOES work... USSR, Communist China, Viet Nam, Cuba, Venezuela, and so many others... it DOES NOT work !! 2) Norway is Socialist? NO Norway is NOT Socialist... a Socialist country gives the central government COMPLETE power to... to take over Industry, Banking, Distribution... to RUN them, and then distribute the proceeds to the people... THAT however does not account for the Corruption that inevitably rears it's head... and eventually leads to a dictator or a totalitarian government to take control... BUT currently, Norwau, belgiun nor the others are Socialist ! 3) The dad is CORRECT... They are NOT socialist... they are VERY MUCH Capitalist, BUT, they do implement strong welfare policies... 4) Adopt those policies? Ok... they have 56% taxes on anything over 40,000 euros/year (about $40,000), and a 25% Value Added tax on just about anything bought and sold... Does anyone STILL want to adopt those policies? 5) NO, that's NOT Socialism... it's just a Capitalistic country that MAY be on it's way toward socialism, but taxes it's people at about 55-60% of everything that most people make, EVERT YEAR !! Do you think America would go for that? Twenty years ago I would have said hell NO!! Today? I don't know ! BUT, I'm getting more and more CERTAIN that every aspect of our Media has been taken over by the Liberal elites... and they are trying BRAIN WASH every man woman and child in AMERICA... TODAY, it looks like their influence is waning EVERY YEAR... so, I STILL am confident that America will withstand thsi SOCIALIST take over from within... and the Election of Donald TRUMP PROVES my point !!
  11. A PARROT could give better thought out responses than YOU... GOD FORBID you would EVER attach some PROOF to one of your posts... BUT, in the end you are LOW LIFE Liberal Socialist Democrat.. and YOU don't need facts, because all you ever do is PARROT what someone ELSE THINKS is true... You don't need FACTS to be a BRAIN WASHED IDIOT !!!
  12. ConservativeVoice

    What's WRONG in being PROUD to be WHITE ?

    A couple things YOU should understand: 1: Something around 600,000 white men DIED in a Civil war, fighting for the Union, and FIGHTING to free slaves ! 2. South Carolina was NOT the VOICE of America THEN, and DID NOT speak for America ! 3. America has made TREMENDOUS progress in standing up for the rights of Blacks and the minorities over the years, EVEN THOUGH the Democrat Party would like to CONTINUE to minimize those gains, and to STOKE Division and Fear ! 4. Taking into account the white "slave owners" in 1865 ( a small minority in the south), vs. the those who DID NOT own slaves, and then the MILLIONS and Millions who came to America AFTER the civil war, the percentage of whites whose family EVER owned a slave, is MINUSCULE... Blaming it ALL on the Whites of today, is like trying to blame apartheid on the WORLD !! My family came from Europe in 1908... LONG after slavery... I accept NO BLAME for what happened before, NOR SHOULD I !! And yet, the Democrats CONTINUE to stoke division, and hate, for political gain... and to the DETRIMENT of ALL America, and ALL Americans... YOU should be ashamed !!
  13. PRO Life laws, and PRO Life support is sweeping America !! After FAR LEFT abortion bills were passed in a few states a few months ago, the PRO LIFE movement has RECIPROCATED... - Alabama - Mississippi - Ohio - Georgia . - Kentucky - Arkansas - Utah SEVEN (7) state wide bills OPPOSING abortion have already been passed !! AND, MORE seem to be on their way !! The PRO life position seems to be GROWING in America, to the chagrin of Democrats and after Democrats have let it be known that THEY support 3rd trimester abortion, and EVEN abortions AFTER BIRTH !! The Democrats have GONE OFF the RAILS !! https://www.cnn.com/2019/05/16/politics/states-abortion-laws/index.html