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  1. The THING about it is... PEOPLE are looking around today, and they DO NOT really like what America has become.... The NEXT step is to WAKE UP and DO something about it... Action #1: FIRE ALL the CORRUPT, Liberal Democrat Politicians !!
  2. AND NOW... the Supreme Court might just be effectively a 7-2 Conservative MAJORITY... as Stephen Breyer is getting a dose of the RADICAL LIBERALISM he SPAWNED... I WONDER what he thinks NOW !! Hopefully HE is waking UP !!
  3. THAT is an UTTER LIE, and you have NO PROOF (except for Liberal LIES) to prove it... Brain Dead MORONS? THAT would be YOU !! AMEN... and will be again... in a couple YEARS !!
  4. The Constitutionality of EACH could and SHOULD be challenged in the Supreme Court !! AND NOW, with Democrats trying to FORCE Stephen Breyer to resign... because he came out PUBLICLY AGAINST "packing" the court... and essentially said it WOULD face a Constitutional challenge... and if it did, HE would vote against it !! Looks like the Conservative justices NOW might outnumber the Liberals 7-2... GOOD LUCK with THAT !! I think the Democrats need a CRASH course in: "How to win friends, and INFLUENCE people "
  5. TOTALLY FALSE... LOTS of Republicans are taking the vaccine... AND Donald Trump WAS who was instrumental in getting it =developed and approved... NOT Joe Biden, NOT Faucci, and NOT the Democrats... YOU need to get a HANDLE on reality... because it's going to BLOW UP in your face one day... IF you don't !
  6. If there was EVER a reason to IMPEACH a President... 1) PACKING the Supreme Court, 2) ENDING the Filibuster, 3) ENDING our 2nd amendment RIGHTS, and 4) MAKING Voter FRAUD LEGAL !! THOSE are REASONS to IMPEACH a PRESIDENT !! Because EACH is a DESPICABLE power GRAB, at the expense of the American People... to ENRICH the Democrats, with PERPETUAL POWER, CORRUPTION, and GREED !!
  7. The method to put Justices on the supreme court... has been the same for over 250 years... as follows: 1) Justices are appointed for life, 2) When a justice dies or retires, the sitting President of the U.S. can appoint a replacement justice, and 3) The appointment is confirmed by the Senate... THAT is the process that Republicans used have attained the current majority, JUST like Democrats used to attained the majority back in the 1960's !! THAT is the time tested, approved, and LEGAL, method to place replacement justices on to the Supreme
  8. After Justice Stephen Breyer announced recently that he would NOT SUPPORT Democrat attempts to PACK the Supreme Court... Democrats have come out with an al out BLITZ to try to CONVINCE Justice Breyer to RETIRE !! ONCE AGAIN trying to ABUSE their current power, in order to perpetuate and expand their power WELL into the future... However, the current Conservative majority in the SCOTUS, as well as a "more moderate" Justice Stephen Breyer than Democrats would have hoped, could torpedo their entire effort. With the current conservative majority, PLUS Stephen Breyer being against c
  9. THAT is what Marxist Socialists WANT !! UNREST, then ANARCHY... then a Government TAKE OVER, and then a Marxist Socialist Police state.. that THEY CONTROL !
  10. No, what I'm saying is that Democrats are a bunch of CORRUPT BASTARDS !! THE States they control are ALREADY CORRUPT.. and the ones they don't they are NOW in the process of TRYING to CORRUPT ! UNLESS we can STOP them, and TAKE BACK our COUNTRY ? The NEXT STOP... is a BANANA Republic... like Cuba !
  11. No I'm an AMERICAN who cherishes my Liberty, my Rights, my Freedoms... and DEMOCRATS are taking ALL of that away from us !! THAT is JUST the TRUTH... and the sooner we SQUASH these BASTARDS...the BETTER !!
  12. AND... ALL OF THAT has either happened, Happened TWICE, or is in the PROCESS of happening !! DOES ANYONE have any doubt that they ALSO want to: 5) Turn America into a Marxist Socialist Police state ? 6) RESTRICT freedom of Religion, and 7) END the U.S. Constitution ?? I DON'T !! AND, I've been RIGHT about ALL the rest too !
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