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  1. So... WHAT possible GOOD would it do for ME to READ it? I like to read about the FUTURE... Not about the FAILURES of the past, that MORONS would like to bring into the future ! HOPEFULLY another RESOUNDING Trump victory in 2020... will QUASH the Marxist Socialist, Rich Elites, Deep State, and the Democrat Parties attempts to undo 250 years of American History
  2. Your RIGHT... I have NEVER READ "Das Kapital"... because WHY would I EVER read a book by a SOCIALIST author, proclaiming the virtues of a SOCIALISM... and an Economic System that has been PROVEN a FAILURE time and time again... when we have the MODEL for TRUE Economic SUCCESS... RIGHT in front of us... a MODEL which has Created MORE WEALTH, for MORE PEOPLE, in MORE NATIONS... and RAISED UP more people from ABJECT POVERTY, to UNBELIEVABLE WEALTH, than ANY OTHER Economic Philosophy EVER !! and THAT system would be CAPITALISM !! The Question I have.. is "WHY did YOU read it?" It seems the ONLY people who I've EVER talked to who HAVE read that TRASH... were SOCIALISTS, and Communists !! HA!! WHY do I feel like I might have just RIPPED the "Cloak of IMPARTIALITY" COMPLETELY OFF... a dyed in the WOOL Marxist Socialist? OH, and as I've said before... I don't give a RATS ASS what YOU THINK... I respond for the others who MIGHT be reading the posts, NOT to what a DIP$HIT Socialist thinks of me !!!!
  3. HA!! Yea... RIGHT !! This is like Karl Marx (ImpObserver) and Vladimir Lenin (XOneASS)... having a discussion on the Evils of Capitalism !! I'll take MY side EVERY TIME !!
  4. When they are ADMITTED Marxists and Socialists... THEY are Anti White, Anti-Brown, Anti-Yellow, Anti-Red, Anti-Black, AND Anti-American !! They are creating a REALITY in the inner cities ACROSS America where Black on Black CRIME and MURDER is spiking to NEAR ALL TIME RECORD HIGHS !! YET, they are doubling down and trying to DE FUND police forces ACROSS America.. WHITE people will not stand for it... but because of the BLM "slogan"... Blacks are being SUCKERED IN !! If ANYONE wanted to actually HELP the Black Community... THIS is NOT how I would expect them to act... THIS is NOT what I would expect them to do !!
  5. HA!! I get to the TRUTH and the FACTS... and I present them for all to SEE, and READ, and THINK about... IF they CHOOSE ! HOWEVER, SELF PROCLAIMED "Impartial Observers" like YOU... who ONLY seek to "Muddy the Water", "Confuse the FACTS" and "to draw "FALSE Equivalence" between VASTLY different and ideas and ideals (i.e. FUNCTIONAL Liberalism and Conservatism)"... YOU are not "impartial" AT ALL... YOU are SIMPLY attempting to FUZZY the STARK DIFFERENCES between two COMPLETELY different philosophies... and make Liberalism APPEAR more "main stream"... WHICH IT IS NOT !! AND as far as what YOU think about me, or my posts? YOUR opinions mean LESS than NOTHING to me !! and ALWAYS will !!
  6. Maxwell is headed to court Friday, where she’ll be represented by Christian Everdell, the former SDNY prosecutor who helped bring down Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman. CNN legal analyst Jennifer Rodgers used to be one of his supervisors, and she’s sure he’ll be “talking to her about the benefits of becoming a cooperating witness.” Advertisement - story continues below If all the above is true, and if she doesn’t have an “unfortunate accident” in jail, we could be headed for the trial of the century… The Democrat Party is just ONE GIANT... CORRUPT, LYING, and DISHONEST SCANDAL... IN PROGRESS !! If AMERICA doesn't REMOVE THEM from the public scene SOON... THEY will, DESTROY the ONLY BEACON of HOPE in the world, and the nation we love !!
  7. WHAT does it tell you about "Liberals"... who LAUD free speech when it supports THEIR positions... BUT, when OLD SCHOOL Liberals, chastise the NEW Marxist Socialist Liberals, for SQUELCHING the FREE Speech of others... the Marxist Liberals ERUPT in ANGER !! It tells me that EVERYTHING that Conservative Republicans have been saying about the NEW Marxist Democrats Left is correct... THEY use "Political Correctness" as a means to SQUELCH the "Free Speech" of ANYONE who they disagree with... WHILE they USE "Free Speech" to CONTINUE to ATTACK anything and ANYONE that THEY disagree with !! THEY are HYPOCRITES and LIARS... THEY are SCUMBAGS and COWARDS... THEY ARE MARXISTS and DEMOCRATS... and THEY NEED to be SQUASHED !! https://www.foxnews.com/media/tensions-vox-employees-journalist-cancel-culture
  8. NOT because of my "demented opinions"... but RATHER because ACTIONS have CONSEQUENCES... and CONSEQUENCES that result in the DEATHS of THOUSANDS of people that STATISTICS show WOULD NOT HAVE DIED if Bill Deblasio had NEVER been Mayor ??? Well, Your average NY'er will THINK about it and say.... "Hmmmm?? Giuliani or DeBlasio, Hmmm? I think I liked it better with a REPUBLICAN Mayor !!" Bill De Blasio is SHOWING NY'ers the DEPTH of his INCOMETENCE... AND, he is digging his OWN GRAVE... as we speak !
  9. Well, you are right... BUT, the man is running for the most Powerful office and position in the WORLD !! If it comes to it, Donald Trump has the RESPONSIBILITY to THRASH Joe ANYWAY he can.... the alternative is for him to pull a Mitt Romney.. and take his foot off the gas, before the race is over... something I will NEVER forgive Mitt Romney for ! IF he gets the chance to DESTROY Biden... HE MUST do it !!
  10. HA!! NY Times says Biden should NOT debate Donald Trump this fall unless CONDITIONS are met... otherwise Trump has an UNFAIR advantage... He is: 1) SMARTER, and 2) MORE ARTICULATE than Sleepy Joe !! Joe should not debate Donald trump UNLESS: Trump is: 1) 3 sheets to the wind DRUNK, and 2) has HALF his BRAIN tied behind his back !! Otherwise, NO Debate !! HA!! I have a funny feeling that if JOE refuses to debate Trump... Donald Trump will make him RUE the day, he decided to do it !! He'll RIP sleepy Joe a NEW A-HOLE... and JOE won't have a PRAYER of responding !! https://www.foxnews.com/media/new-york-times-columnist-biden-trump-debate-two-conditions

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