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  1. WHAT Evidence? YOU PATHETIC PILE of CRAP? Provide the EVIDENCE, of GET FVUCKING LOST !! Your lies mean NOTHING ! YOU have NOTHING !!
  2. FAKE NEWS Media uses OLD Kentucky gun range video, and CLAIMS it's Kurdish citizens being MASSACRED by Turks... The FAKE News media are doing EVERYTHING in their power to make it APPEAR that is the case... Does the LIES and DECEIT of the DISGUSTING Liberal Democrats and their FAKE NEWS Media HAVE NO bounds? Apparently NOT !! In LIGHT of that FIASCO, WHY... HOW !! could ANYONE EVER believe ANYTHING that the Democrats, or thier FAKE News Media EVER have to say ?? They are LIES about Trump, ALL DAY, ALL the TIME!! It's PATHETIC !! https://www.breitbart.com/the-media/2019/10/14/abc-news-airs-u-s-gun-range-video-calling-it-a-syrian-war-zone-twice/
  3. Well, the FAKE News media are doing EVERYTHING in their power to make it APPEAR that is the case... LIKE posing video of a gun Range training exercise somewhere on a U.S. military base which the FAKE News media said was Kurdish Citizens being massacred by Turks !! Does the LIES and DECEIT of the DISGUSTING Liberal Democrats and their FAKE NEWS Media HAVE NO bounds? Apparently NOT !! In LIGHT of that FIASCO, why would ANYONE EVER believe ANYTHING that YOU, the Democrats, or the FAKE News Media EVER have to say ?? They are LIES about Trump, ALL DAY, ALL the TIME!! It's PATHETIC !!
  4. Did you see the letter from the FOUR Democrat congressmen who MADE the TREATS to provide Dirt on Trump (Dick Durbin and his CABAL)... or else? It seems to me that THEY were most likely Hillary's PROXIES... WHY would THEY write a letter like that, THREATENIBG the Ukranians, if NOT to garner favor from the women THEY thought would be president? It doesn't make it ANY LESS ILLEGAL... for THEM or for Hillary who woulds benefit from the information !! BUT, YOU choose to IGNORE all of that... WHY? Is it because you are a LYING SCUMBAG POS ? I thought so !!
  5. SPOKEN like the Brain DEAD Liberal Democrat MAGGOT that you are... After TWO YEARS of almost CONSTANT Democrat and FAKE News Media LIES... for YOU to STILL SPEW that NONSENSE ? THAT is the ONLY description that seems to measure up to the IDIOCY !! WEAR it well !!
  6. It's TRUE... Democrats have accused Republicans of being LIARS..and HAVE done do for YEARS and YEATS... THEY LOVED it when Republicans would NOT call them LIARS in response... BUT, THOSE days have ended... It's called "PROJECTION"... it's a psychological term for when someone ACCUSES another person for doing something that THEY have done... TODAY however, Conservatives CALL the LYING Liberals out. BY WHAT THEY ARE (LIARS) , WHENEVER they LIE... and America is beginning to see it as well... The Conservatives hace seen it for a LONG time... BUT, more and More Independents and Moderate democrats are as well... HOW can you support. and vote for, an UTTER and TOTAL LIAR? I can't, and more and more Americans are agreeing with me !!
  7. There is PLENTY of evidence to Investigate the DEMOCRATS... and THAT is why they are SO WORRIED !! THEY want trump OUT of office thru IMPEACHEMENT, because they KNOW they will NEVER get him out thru the 2020 election... and they KNOW their CORRUPT WORLD will IMPLODE COMPLETELY if Trump gets Another 4 years... HA!! The FUNNY thing is, that ALL of this Democrat CORRUPTION to REMOVE Trump from office... will ONLY make the American people's IRE more PROFOUND !! It is now MORE likely that: 1. Trump will be RE-ELECTED, 2. The HOUSE of Representatives will be Re-TAKEN, and 3. The Senate majority will be EXPANDED... MAYBE to 60 seats !! HA!! Do you want to see the Deep State IMPLODE, the Washington Corruption be PURGED, and the democrat Party become an IRRELEVANT LAUGHING stock? Just WAIT !! The Democrats KNOW that is coming... THAT is why they are so FRANTIC, and are breaking ALL the LAWS, and NORMS of DECENCT in the process... WITH their LIES, CORRUPTION, and DECEPTION...They KNOW what's coming !!
  8. KOC... It doesn't take a ROCKET scientist... the Democrats were mandating quid pro quo to produce DIRT on Donald Trump... OR they would get NO MORE FUNDING !! It is EXACTLY the trype of things that THEY are trying to accuse Donald trump of... BUT, as we can ALL see.. It NOT what Donald trump did, it is what CORRUPT Democrats DO !! They CALL it: "PROJECTION"... accusing others of what YOU are guilty of !! DEMOCRATS do it ALL THE TIME !!
  9. IF IT WORKS, and it might, YOU are RIGHT !! Donald trump has done things HIS WAY since he began his run for President... If you Liberals havent learned ANYTHING elese, YOU should have learned to RESPECT Donald Trumps unconventional way of getting things DONE... It IS his GENIUS !! BUT, If I were YOU, I wouldn't be LAUGHING... I think I would be CRYING... IF I were YOU !!
  10. MORE Democrat PROJECTION... i.e. Blaming Republicans for what Liberal Socialist Democrats are ACTUALLY DOING !! WHO, who is AWARE of Donald Trumps PROMISES MADE, and PROMISED KEPT, can say that HE is not an American, FOCUSED on Making America and Americans GREAT, and passing LAW and policy that PROMOTES that... BUT, saying that DEMOCRATS ARE ? THAT takes a LOT of GALL, and a COMPLETE LIAR !! But, THAT is EXACTLY what Democrats ARE !! AND, America is beginning to SEE it !!
  11. OH, I get it... I'm just not a BRAIN DEAD, Socialist Liberal DEMOCRAT like YOU ARE... who would REMOVE a duly elected President for NO REASON !! YOU will LOOSE however, because America is generally a FAIR nation, and does not STAND for this type of DISHONESTY, CORRUPTION, and LIES !! AND, YOU and YOURS will PAY !
  12. There is NO EVIDENCE Donald Trump did ANYTHING wrong... Democrats are pushing "Impeachment", WITHOUT evidence, IN SECRET, and REFUSE to VOTE on making the investigation LEGITIMATE !! Is THAT a KANGAROO COURT? Or WHAT ?? Democrats are conducting investigations IN HIDING, and without a VOTE of the House to AUTHORIZE the investigation... IT is ONLY the Democrat LEADERSHIP under Nancy Pelosi who have decided to conduct this NEW witch hunt... So they can KEEP Republicans from asking questions, KEEP the TRUTH from coming out, and are ONLY allowing the SLANTED testimony that they WANT to come out, to come out !! The Democrats are running a KANGAROO Court, and are attempting to remove a LEGITIMATELY elected President from office... They are ALL guilty of TREASON !! I only HOPE that one day they ALL get what they DESERVE !! AND I HOPE that America SEE's what's happening, and VOTES these DISGUSTING SOB's OUT of OFFICE !!
  13. So... Trump gets out of Syria, Avoids a war with our NATO ally the Turks, Lets the Turks and Kurds fight for a few days and then brokers a cease fire, and the Kurds agree to evacuate the contested areas.... WHAT's WRONG with THAT ? 1. We get our guys out of Syria... BUT we still have a presence in Iraq... RIGHT across the border ! AND there is no vacuum in Syria... 2. The KURDS wanted to fight the Turks, using America as a shield, Trump avoided that ! 3. The Turks wanted to fight the Kurds which they called Terrorists... and maybe they were right, from a Turkish standpoint ! 4. Trump lets the two sides FIGHT for a few days, let them BOTH get their noses bloodied, and THEN stepped in to negotiate a cease fire ! 5. BOTH the Turks and the Kurds got a taste of what they wanted... but BOTH agreed to stop fighting ! 6. The Turks agreed to stop fighting, the Kurds agreed to evacuate the contested areas, and America agreed to coordinate the evacuation ! 7. In 5 days, what we will have is a peace that MIGHT have a chance to last... and with MINIMAL loss of life... SO, WHAT's WRONG with THAT ? Democrats will find the NEGATIVE in ANYTHING Trump does... EVEN if it turns out to be BRILLIANT !!
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