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  1. THAT means NOTHING !!... PROVES NOTHING !! If THAT'S all you have, then you PROVE MY POINT !! YOU have NOTHING but LIES... and you just HOPE someone believes them ! WHAT BULL$HIT !!
  2. WHERE the HELL do YOU get this TRASH? Provide the Links, and the SOURCES, OR shut the FVUCK UP... I don't believe ANY of it... JUST YOUR LIES, MADE UP, out of your PATHETIC imagination!
  3. OFTEN asked, and OFTEN ANSWERED question... that LIBERALS REFUSE to ACCEPT: How do you save money with private health insurance, when there are thousands of payers, with many employees, separate paperwork, executive salaries, and overhead? The Answer? COMPETITION !! It's REALLY just that simple... BIG Government solutions breed INEFFICIENCY, INEFFECTIVENESS, COMPLACENCY, and CORRUPTION... NOT to mention a LACK of Customer Satisfaction, and a LACK of INCENTIVES to MEET or EXCEED EXPECTATIONS !! ANYONE, with a THIMBLE full of common sense can SEE the INHERENT, and INESCAPABLE PROBLEMS, with BIG Government control of ANYTHING !! ALL of the SAME problems just KEEP popping up... and they will DESTROY WHATEVER it is !!
  4. HA!! Then Donald Trump has been COINCIDENTALLY RIGHT... a LOT !! 1. Tax reform would make the American economy BOOM, 2. Hillary Clinton was CROOKED and CORRUPT, 3. The FAKE News Media LIE, 4. The Russian collusion HOAX, 5. The Mueller Investigation Witch Hunt 6. The Deep State SPYING on him and his administration, JUST to name a FEW !! Don't you DEMOCRATS get TIRED of being WRONG all the time?
  5. RIGHT !! Over 2000 people DIED in the United States over the last 2 days... HOW MANY of them could have been ALIVE if they had listen to Donald Trump, and NOT to their Doctors and Politicians ? YOU are a FOOL... YOU would NOT take a drug that preliminary testing has indicated DOES help stem the COVID-19 sickness ? JUST because Democrat politicians and doctors TELL you not to? I believe it though... BRAIN WASHED DEMOCRATS are INSANE !!
  6. Wow what an idiotic response It CERTAINLY WAS an IDIOT response !! It's SOUR GRAPES... NOTHING more !! ...for being WRONG AGAIN, and having to give CREDIT to Donald Trump who came out VERY EARLY, and said, in essence: "THIS Drug has promise... we will test it to make sure, but EVERY American has the RIGHT to TRY it... if they are confronted with the deadly COVID-19 illness, and have NO OTHER OPTIONS" !! Donald Trump was RIGHT, and all the "Snake Oil" NAY SAYERS... were WRONG AGAIN !!
  7. OH... I THOUGHT the GREAT economy, and the BOOMING stock market was ALL Barack OBAMA'S doing? Has THAT CHANGED?
  8. From the mouth of LYING Democrats !! THIS is ALL the result of a CONSCIOUS effort to FIGHT the Pandemic... if TOMORROW this pandemic was over, the economy would BOUNCE BACK, and the economy and the Stock Market would be BACK at all time highs in a few weeks !! NOTHING about the down turn we are experiencing is "ECONOMIC"... its ALL about the "PANDEMIC"... BUT, when Democrats try to tell you that is NOT the case... it's time DISTRUST them... because THEY do NOT have your best interests at heart !!
  9. Doctors and patients in China, South Korea, and France are using this drug..and ALL say it is HELPING !! JUST like sometimes you need to go to WAR with the Military you HAVE... NOT the one you WISH you had... NOW, It's time to FIGHT this PANDEMIC with the DRUGS WE HAVE, NOT the drugs we WISH we had !! WHY does EVERYTHING need to be about the DESTRUCTION of Donald Trump for Democrats, when TIME after TIME... HE has been about what's BEST for America, and for Americans... and ALL he is met with, is UN WARRANTED HATE, RIDICULE, and ATTACKS... MAYBE it's time we FIGHT this Pandemic like we were AMERICANS... and do it TOGETHER ? But WHAT am I saying... THAT will NEVER happen !!
  10. Doctors and patients in China, South Korea, and France are using this drug..and ALL say it is HELPING !! WHAT does THAT say about Democrats in THIS country who are trying to PREVENT its use, which would result in MORE people dying than need be? JUST like sometimes you need to go to WAR with the Military you HAVE... NOT the one you WISH you had... NOW, It's time to FIGHT this PANDEMIC with the DRUG WE HAVE, NOT the drugs we WISH we had !! and TO HELL with the DEMOCRATS !!
  11. It NEVER ceases to AMAZE me HOW OFTEN the Liberal Democrats UNDER Estimate Donald Trump... AND HOW OFTEN, he BEATS them to a PULP, and leaves them on the side of the road... BEATEN and EMBARRASSED !! AND YET, they STILL think they can BEAT him ?!?! You would think after the UMPTEENTH BEAT DOWN... that Liberals and Democrats would LEARN... Donald Trump is NOT as DUMB as THEY think he is... and THEY are NOT as "smart" as THEY THINK they are... HOW MANY TIMES do Liberal Democrats need to be BESTED by Trump, to understand that Donald Trump was BORN for this... and THEY were born to be TROLLS ! It's a HEAD SHAKER !!
  12. IDIOT Democrats !!... Have PERMITTED themselves to be BRAIN WASHED, and COMPROMISED !! It is now INCUMBENT on THE REST of us... who STILL HAVE our wits and common sense about us... to KICK the IDIOTS OUT of Political Office... and let THOSE who have the TOOLS, INTELLIGENCE, and COMMON SENSE to run things... to RUN things !! Democrat are showing themselves INCAPABLE... and more and MORE so, EVERY DAY ! November 2020 could be the TURNING POINT for the RE BIRTH of our country... and to RE-CONFIRM ourselves as "The LAND of the FREE, and the HOME of the BRAVE"... AS we have always been... until Liberal DEMOCRATS started to gain influence !!
  13. GIVE me TRUMPS INSTINCTS over the FVUCKING Doctors, Pundits, and Politicians who would GET ME KILLED... JUST to push their POLITICAL NARRATIVE !! I have already told my wife, if I EVER get this bug, and it goes bad, RAISE HOLY HELL to get me Hydroxychloroquine... since living in Californina, it might NOT be as much of a slam DUNK decision... as Common Sense might dictate !! It IS California after all... and Democrats are STILL angling to STOP this drugs use... EVEN THOUGH it is the BEST HOPE that we have right now !! Democrats need to be REMOVED from EVERY office that COUNTS... THEY are Self SERVING, and DANGEROUS !! WHAT does THAT tell you about DEMOCRATS !!
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