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  1. BULLSHIT !! Joe Biden is a: 1. CORRUPT, 2. INCOMPETENT, 3. FLIP-FLOPPING, 4. SENILE, 5. STUPID, 6. RACIST, and 7. a LIAR !! And I have TONS of evidence to prove ALL of it... MOST of it from his own MOUTH !! OH... and THIS is what Barack Obama had to say about him... : "Don't under estimate Joe Biden's ability to FUCK things up !!" https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/barack-obama-has-privately-voiced-concerns-that-joe-biden-could-f-things-up-according-to-a-report/ar-BB181qNq
  2. RIGHT... that map has Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania... ALL of them going for Biden !! I think there's a good chance that ALL go for Trump... AND would bet even money that 2 of the 4, at LEAST, go for Trump. I from Pennsylvania, and KNOW that central part of the state is HEAVILY Trump Country... and NOW, with more and more evidence coming out that the Black community is going from the 10-15% pro Trump (2016)... to 25-30% pro trump now? TURN OUT the LIGHTS DemocRATS !!
  3. I believe they KNOW that a Trump re-election will mean that THEIR Corruption will be COMPLETELY EXPOSED... and their ONLY chance to stop that... is to PREVENT Trumps re-election at ANY COST... AND THAT means TWO things: 1) THEY ( the Rich, Establishment elites)... will do ANYTHING, say ANYTHING, and commit ANY UNSPEAKABLE ACT to see Trump is NOT re-elected... and 2) WE ( the Average American)... need to do ANYTHING we can to ASSURE that Donald Trump IS RE-elected... The NATION itself is at stake !
  4. After listening to these BUFFOONS for the last few years... it is OBVIOUS to me that THEY are NOT Americans in any real sense... they have been Brainwashed or otherwise corrupted, and are now Marxist Socialists in any meaningful sense... MAYBE they are the Russian TROLLS we hear about... or maybe they are weak minded Liberals... what the old KGB used to call "Useful IDIOTS"! An old KGB leader once said of "useful Idiots", that: "their purpose for the Marxist socialist cause is to destabilize a government... but once that happens, their purpose is done... and THEY then become more
  5. What the Democrats, the FBI, the Deep State, and the FAKE News Medxia have been doing is UNBELIEVABLE, and DISGUSTING... BUT, it HAS been happening.. and it IS. UNBELIEVABLE, DISGUSTING, and TRUE !! https://nypost.com/2020/09/25/at-last-fbis-reckless-bungling-of-russia-probe-exposed/
  6. Well... HOWEVER Rasmussen does it... THEY have proven that THEY are the closest to being CORRECT !! and THAT beats LYING polls, that want to MANIPULATE public opinions... rather than INFORM the Public !!
  7. We will be close to 500 miles COMPLETED by the end of the YEAR... AND, AMERICA is safer BECAUSE of it !! https://www.cbp.gov/border-security/along-us-borders/border-wall-system
  8. No... Marxist Socialism, and the DESTRUCTION of the Constitution is what scares the HELL out of us !! In other words... Left wing RADICAL DEMOCRATS scare the hell out of us... who now CONTROL Sleepy Joe Biden !
  9. MORE evidence that the Mueller Investigation... and the ENTIRE Trump "Russian Collusion" witch hunt... was COMPLETELY CONTRIVED by Top Obama Administration, DOJ, and FBI officials: FBI agent William J. Barnett... An FBI official who served on Robert Mueller’s team said he believed the special counsel’s prosecution of former White House national security adviser Michael Flynn was part of an attitude to “get Trump,” and that he did not wish to pursue a Trump-Russia collusion investigation as it was “not there" and considered it to be a "dead end." Barnett told investigators t
  10. THIS is what we are going to have to deal with !! VOTE at the POLLS !! the mail in voting system is RIGGED !!
  11. Michael Bloomberg is the one trying to BUY the votes of CONVICTS in Florida !! and Democrats are the ones trying to illegally influence the process for replacing a justice on the Supreme Court !! Trump is going by the Book ( the Constitution )... which says that a sitting President can nominate new Justices, and the Senate can advise and consent in their appointment... and since Republicans hold both the Presidency and the Senate... the ods are that President Trump will prevaisl... LEGALLY ! But, BUYING Convicts in Florida, with HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of dollars? THAT is just ONE
  12. THAT is written into the Constitution.... YOU will need more than just a Democrat House bill to get THAT accomplished !! YOU will need an AMENDMENT !! Good LUCK !
  13. Rasmussen, IBD, and one other poll had the 2016 election right... ALL the rest had it WRONG, had Hillary winning in a LANDSLIDE... THAT was Liberal money talking... NOT the American PEOPLE... and SO is THIS !! However, Rasmussen is about as close to the TRUTH as we COMMON people will get... although I would expect that the Democrat Party private polls show something similar... and THAT is why they are getting so FRANTIC... and looking to VOTER FRAUD, and SUBVERSIVE and ILLEGAL tactics to win... It will ALL BACKFIRE !! and DESTROY the Democrat Party in the
  14. So, you're voting for Biden to COVER UP and HIDE the CORRUPTION, DECEIT and LIES of the Democrat Party?... to PERPETUATE the CORRUPTION of the democrat party... and to DESTROY the NATION in the process? I was talking to a friend of mine who immigrated to America from Viet Nam 20 or more years ago... and had lived under the thumb of Communist China before that... HE SAW what was happening in America and said he NEVER thought it would happen in here... a has Dr. degree in Engineering... and says what he sees happening here is VERY dangerous... and mirrors what he remembers happening
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