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  1. I do not think I can agree with the second point. Do you honestly believe the Right has the capacity for self-reflection necessary to see a difference between "education" and "indoctrination"? The Right despises PBS/NPR/CPB because of the one common letter in those abbreviations: P (for public). For the Right, capitalism and privatization are the foundations of every issue they pursue (minus the pseudo-religious issues of abortion, evolution, etc.). If a broadcaster is PUBLICLY owned and operated, it is viewed as a propaganda tool of whatever government happens to be in power. Because the Right is becoming louder and more influential with each new day, there will never be satisfaction with whatever government is in power. The government will keep moving farther right (just as Obama, Bush, and Clinton moved it right) but will never catch up to the loudest voices in the ultra-orthodox conservatives. It will always be too far left for their taste, and, as such, public media will continuously be vilified as a propaganda tool for whoever might be even the slightest bit more progressive than the conservative loudmouths.
  2. No matter whom Obama nominates, the judiciary will (just as Obama has) remain a puppet body for the corporate class. His judges will support his policies, including... NDAA's Indefinite detention clause, Prolonged imperialist warfare, and fear/nationalism-driven financial bailouts. The list goes on. An Obama judiciary won't push for liberal policies, just as Obama himself has refused to push for liberal policies.
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