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  1. It's common knowledge what you turn coat admin did, sorry you don't know.
  2. You will all go in a bathroom stall at a bus station and start butt fucking each other like real conservatives ?
  3. You embrace partisanship and all the kool-aid enemas that come with it. YOU KNOW NOTHING. I am no liberal, you are blind, and a joke because of it.
  4. I am not a liberal. You sound like a broken recording of a parrot..... "Raaaahg........ you don't share my values, you must be a liberal.... Raaaahg".
  5. Spoken like a Christian American........ Fuck yea ! I'm sure Jebus would approve.
  6. His followers killed em. If Jesus himself did it that would be a bit different. Perhaps we should ask the Mormons.
  7. http://newsjunkiepost.com/2010/11/25/thanksgiving-celebrating-the-genocide-of-native-americans/
  8. I find this hard to believe. I find this impossible to believe. I Highly doubt this. This is probably true.
  9. What angle are you and Cannon trying to play now !? 2 Competing sites ? You walked away from Admin at .net ? What kind of game did you guys come up with this time ?
  10. I think a better question is why are YOU being "All civil and everything" ?
  11. Your "lord of the rings as reality" believing ass talking about "Facts"......
  12. Playing Grand Turismo 5 with a friend. That's between me and him. I think you are a shit Admin, you were ALREADY admin here, I'm not really contributing to you lording over more people elsewhere while posting here. You spoke too soon. Really !? I'm missing something aren't I ? Not being "Rude" isn't exactly being "Nice". You are a censor and a shit admin. Nicely done.
  13. All those bad assed photo shop pics you make and you can't handle this ? I use Imageshack.us all the time.
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