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  1. Like I said, I'd love it if the election switched and we get HRC, but I don't see that happening unfortunately. It's time to work with what we've got.
  2. Butbut...I like drinking distilled/reverse osmosis/purified/deionized water. That way, if I'm drinking outdoors and lightning strikes the bottle, it won't conduct the electricity and I won't die!
  3. Hopefully, an amendment that includes the assault weapons ban will pass. We need to ban assault weapons, I don't even know why it's being debated.
  4. Welcome to the forum! There are many solutions out there, but the most feasible ones restrict liberties.
  5. Good ad. I visited the site and signed the petition.
  6. I love your most recent gun control post; you're very knowledgeble and your logic makes tons of sense. Great post.

  7. *flying hugtackle* You rock!

  8. Haha yeah, I noticed that :) Gives me someone beautiful to look at when I msg you ;)

  9. Avatar settings finally obeyed me. ^_^

  10. Glad you had a great christmas! Good, I was hoping you'd be okay with it :) And you're welcome, I try to be :)

  11. Christmas was great! Yours? And totally, you should email me! Thanks for asking anyway though, you're a gentleman! :)

  12. Hey, how was your christmas? Since we're talking so much here would you prefer to take our conversations to email? You provide an email on your page so I didn't think you would mind me asking :)

  13. Please do! I'd appreciate it! :)

    1. Chuck!


      Post the link to the picture you want

      I'll probably have to resize it


  14. I can help you with your avatar

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