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  1. Right, but our economy is now recovering, they are not, why? They've bought into the austerity lie.
  2. ...crisis is what happened when these nations tied their economies to a common euro... you sink or swim in a global turndown... wouldn't have happened if they were "states" of a common nation, like in the US.... ....'less you live in NY and tell ol' Miss tough luck about yer tornadys... as some lib-tarians would have it...
  3. According to the CBO, most of the savings in the ACA makes sure 95% of citizens have health care insurance. This lowers health care costs by making preventative health care affordable for most of the 33 million Americans who have no health insurance. They don't have to wait until their illness becomes so critical that they wind up using the hospital emergency room as their primary care provider. That lowers national health care costs for everyone.
  4. Gosh, gomer, you missed a perfectly good opportunity to call it the DemocRAT party....
  5. Keep up the good work. Boehner will have to give in.... wait for it....
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