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    Godhead; Nature; Humanity (basically the same thing)
    science, religion, history, philosophy, music, art, travel and good food; especially juicy flies!
  1. Not offended, amused Just hate to waste good material, and I know my minister will get kick out.
  2. I do not watch media news sources. And that still does not say where you stand. Only that you think insulting people is a testament to "maturity". Yep, you sure are a wise and unbiased thinker alright.
  3. I will be sure to read this one aloud on Sunday. Perfect example to my congregation of the thought process of a Bible Worshiper. Thanks!
  4. Clinton is a potential 2016 presidential candidate. View Comments (2) Why not the Frog for President? 5 Reasons to Vote for Frog Sage: 1) Frog Sage tries not to lie. 2) Frog Sage is not in a political party. 3) Frog Sage wants to get rid of: a) Lobbyists the FED c) Corporate control through its puppet, Big Government. d) foreign wars 4) Frog Sage is green. 5) Frog Sage has Fatih. How many can say this and mean it.
  5. Require honesty and maturity and it will become impossible for any conservative to vote.
  6. So. You think you can take on the Frog. You think you actually are an honest and personally responible conservative. Very well then. Present your evidence that the Earth is 600 years old. Present the evidence, and you just started to correct the cult of conservatives. Answer it with anything other than scientific verified proof of this. And your thread loses all credence as does yur word. You move, honest one.
  7. Wide is the path and many that follow it. Yep, as popular as Bible Worshiping.
  8. OK, so you wussed out. Just like I thought. Too cowardly to answer.
  9. Like I said. liar. No evidence. And you just broke both the ten comandments and the teachings of Jesus just with this post alone. Brilliant, my poor lost sheep. Oh and by the way, no one who believes in Creationism follows the teachings of Jesus. No One.
  10. Oh but when he shifts to the Great Magnet ( love the photo of Doc Hunter) He is in the Frog's parlor. Lets see where our fly goes.. Sadly that is true.
  11. You promote those who are Bible Worshipers you either are one or support their lie. You never did post me your religion. I apologize for the assumption. Yet another unaswered question, though. "A half truth is often a great lie." - Poor Richard Just like no sceintists name, and no evidence. Mores the pity, Frog Fans. That would be checkmate on the global warming debate, I'm afraid. Frog does not wish to waste time on subjects with which you lack the conviction of a cabbage. Moving on on that subject... CROAK Lets talk religion/politics, then. What is your Kung Fu ( religion/denomination/school of thought) and what is your political affilation? (so good he's opening up, isn't folks)
  12. Never said you did. Liar. I don't see any of you so called science I refused to review and debate. Just ISOLATED quotes taken out of context. Figures your would be guilty of what you acuse other of. Typical Bible Worshiper. Tell you what brave one, just name the article and scientist that I supposedly denied was true and I will submit for scientific review at myself. Lets see if you actually can post something without a lot of nonsense and we will see how this honest and unbiased scientist stands up to scrutiny. Your move.
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