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  1. Schumer Blinks

    No. Schumer got 6 years of CHIP funding, and a vote on DACA, gave up nothing, and will be forcing Republicans to vote on an issue they don't want to touch, or own another shutdown in 3 weeks. But let them think they won.
  2. Get ready for fast rising fuel costs this year. Between higher fuel costs, higher insurance premiums, higher inflation, and higher interest rates, nobody is going to even notice any tax cuts. Except for the 1%, but we already knew that didn't we. If you were planning on buying a new rig, now is the time to do it. I would go with a lease on one of those new Teslas.
  3. Business? Frequently? Kind of strange considering all of that business in those economic giants the red states.
  4. Schumer Blinks

    You're in a no win situation numb nuts. The Dreamers are protected. The ones that en d up getting deported will return immediately with a new Democrat President, or even sooner when the Democrats take back the House in November and if Trump plans on still being relevant as a President will agree on everything the Democrats demand he do on the Dreamers, including bringing back the ones deported on his watch, to get any funding for anything. That is if Mueller hasn't already prosecuted him and put him in prison.
  5. Schumer Blinks

    Wrong again numb nuts. They were granted legal status by Obama, and unless Trump deems them illegal, they are protected by legal status. Your not real good at this are you?
  6. Schumer Blinks

    Oh it's going to pass alright. The Democrats will get 11 Republicans in vulnerable districts to vote with them.It's House Republicans that have the problem. They are already in trouble as it is. Paul Ryan stands a real chance of losing to the guy running against him in Wisconsin. This is an opportunity for him to go out touting a big accomplishment. He just got his big $500,000 pay off from the Koch brothers for the tax bill, so he has nothing to lose, and can position himself for a run at the White house in 2024, with some very deep pockets funding his campaign.
  7. Schumer Blinks

    Is that you saw it? Let me explain how the grown up world works. Schumer got exactly what he wanted. He knows after it passes the Senate, it will go to the House forcing Ryan to have to get the radical right nutjobs to agree to it. Now the ball is in Ryans court. If the House idiots on his side fail to pass it, the shut down goes from Mitch McConnell to Paul Ryan.The Dems come out of the otherside looking like heroes to their base, and the House radical righties face annihilation by their base for even looking like they will protect the Dreamers.If McConnell doesn't bring a floor vote in February, Schumer goes on television and says oh well, we tried, see how dysfunctional the Republicand are.Now Trumpy is forced to deal with the Democrats to agree to a DACA fix, and the radical right base is now disgruntled with the orange man.You're in a no win situation with DACA sunshine.
  8. The last days of the 6th largest economy in the world? Damn, you're even dumb er than I realized. Not hardly, but it is the last days of conservative America. Just 30 more years until white people minority status. Tic Toc.
  9. How much would you like to wager on that? McConnell already blinked this morning, and a group of Republican Senators are telling him as we speak to be more specific on DACA. Not only are those kids going to stay, but they will become citizens sometime in the future with voting rights. That's a reality you might want to start preparing yourself for. And if you thought this distraction was working in your favor, the Mueller investigation is moving right along, and Republicans are going to have worse problems this year than what they have now. And there won'y be any deals on the table.
  10. Oh yeah, they're going to get their pay. But don't be distracted. This is about more than the Dreamers or military pay. That's where they want the focus. It's about the continuous short term funding resolutions Republicans have used for leverage since they took control of Congress in 2010. That's the biggest deal that is being negotiated behind closed doors. The Dems are telling McConnell and Ryan they are not going to accept anymore CR's. Republicans will have to not only include a DACA protection, but a long term budget on everything from CHIP to healthcare. House Republicans are fighting to prevent that from happening.
  11. Caviar wishes and champagne dreams Military families are suffering amidst Trump and the Republican’s shutdown of the U.S. government. The lives of 800,000 hardworking young people who followed the rules, seeking a path to citizenship in the only country they’ve ever known are at risk, living in fear of deportation. A few million children have had their health insurance ripped from their tiny hands, all so they could be used as political hostages by today’s Republican party, but at last night’s $100,000 per couple gala at Mar-A-Lago to celebrate Donald Trump’s first year in office, guests were raging about the truly important issues: tacky caviar service and low budget appetizers. The caviar was served with plastic spoons and the accompaniments were atrocious! View image on Twitter Twitter Ads info and privacy The same attendee complained the event was "low budget" and "disgraceful”, sharing photos on Instagram of the low end offerings at the over-priced event. With the Trump family directly profiting from the $100,000 per couple party, it’s no wonder they went low budget. More in the pockets of the guest-of-dishonor, who couldn’t attend his own ass-kissing bash, but still stands to make out like a bandit. From the Washington Post: “Trump you are the Bad wordhole” Back to the deplorables ball, Fox News personality Judge Jeanine Pirro kicked things off with a comment making light of Trump’s racist “Bad wordhole” comment that offended our partners around the world. From The Hill: Haha! Right? Racism is high-larious for this crew. It’s really no surprise Jeanine Pirro is a big fan of international money launder Donald Trump and his offspring. Her family shares a lot in common with Trump. In 2000, her husband was convicted on 34 counts of tax evasion and conspiracy: Caviar presentation aside, not a care in the world for these wealthy deplorables. They drank and danced the night away without one single Bad word to give about the people who are being hurt by the shutdown and Trump’s racist policies. When can we expect these wealthy Trump supporters to start trickling down on us with their newfound millions Trump handed them? Probably the same day Trump releases his tax returns. In the meantime, if you are a member of the military, in a military family or one of the millions of government employees and their families suffering from this shutdown, take heart. We value you and we want you back to work as soon as possible. Meanwhile, outside the event, the resistance was loud and proud.
  12. Trump has been planning and angling for this shutdown since last May, when he tweeted that he wanted a “good shutdown” in a misguided ruse to win more GOP seats. After his latest sabotage of a bipartisan deal, he certainly looks like he got one--and a bigly one at that. The #TrumpShutdown breaks all kinds of records: 1. First shutdown in modern history with one party in control of all branches 2. First shutdown to start on anniversary of inauguration 3. Earliest shutdown ever in a presidency The GOP is now furiously spinning. Trump kept repeating how a shutdown will hurt our military. Twitter Ads info and privacy On the floor of the Senate, just after midnight, Mitch McConnell scolded Democrats by saying: I thought McConnell’s hypocrisy reached the apex when he said Dems didn’t want to help “vulnerable children” by supporting children’s health insurance—when it was Mitch himself who allowed CHIP to expire over 120 days ago!! But I was wrong. This is the new winner... Twitter Ads info and privacy If you want to watch the entire video of the exchange, dsnottselliot provided it: Click Here Even Mitch McConnell doesn’t even listen to Mitch McConnell anymore! If this doesn’t convince you that the GOP is full of BS, nothing will. The GOP is in charge. They couldn’t even get 50 of their own member to support the continuing resolution. The GOP ended CHIP and DACA. The GOP broke their promises. This is their shutdown. They own it. By a 20-point margin, Americans agree. (Even freaking RedState is pinning this on McConnell.) Unfortunately, it’s Americans who will suffer. I don’t know what Trump paid that porn star, but we’re the ones getting spanked. https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2018/1/20/1734381/-Dems-Just-Tried-to-Pay-Military-Families-During-TrumpShutdown-Guess-Who-Said-HELL-NO
  13. They gave the info to Mueller. Kushner is in deep Bad word, and is going to prison. So is Ivanka and her father.