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  1. Wrong dipshlt. Point to us in the Constitution where the House has to vote for the impeachment to begin. Let me save you the time shlt for brains. It doesn't exist. The House has the sole power to impeach, and can go about it any way they choose to do so. By the House's own rules it currently is started by an investigation initiated in the Judiciary committee, but that does not stop investigations on going in other committees, and the results of any of those investigations can be used as evidence to be an article of impeachment, when the House does have a vote to bring the charges based upon the evidence supporting one or more of the articles of impeachment. As part of the oversight function of Congress, once an investigation begins, witnesses can be compelled to testify, and documents subpoenaed to support the evidence. And The House is the only one that makes those decisions. Not the President, not the Attorney General, Not the DOJ, not the Senate, and not the Supreme Court. Whether you like it or not, Nancy Pelosi is large, and in charge, and there isn't thing one Trump can do about it, and he only adds articles of impeachment to the charges by obstructing the House committees efforts to obtain evidence You monkeys keep on dancing. This is fun watching.
  2. You have to have an investigation before you can have an impeachment. How do you think the evidence is gathered through questioning witnesses, and reviewing documents? The fact that Democrats in the House are actually doing an investigation that involves gathering facts in evidence, and not making it up as they go along like Republicans did with 25 years of Clinton witch hunts, which turned up nothing, but was pure political posturing to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars, that culminated in trying to impeach Bill Clinton over an extra martial affair. Which was ironic considering the Speaker of the House at the time, Newt Gingrich, was cheating on his wife, while she was dying of cancer. In the case of Trump, the crimes are clear, and documented. Real crimes. Involving real criminal activity. Of which he admitted himself. The impeachment clause in the Constitution was created for Donald Trump. All one has to do is read the commentary of the founders at the time they were deciding to include it as a means for removing a President, and other federal officials, and the reasons for their removal.
  3. If he rules that the Congress no longer has oversight of the executive, I will be sure to remind you of it when the next Democrat is in the White House.
  4. "We're going to take a look at it. We're going after these people. These are bad, bad people. I actually told my lawyers, I said sue them anyway. He’s got immunity. But they can’t sue them for that. I said sue them anyway. Even if we lose, the American public will understand. And sue Nancy Pelosi. Or maybe we should just impeach them. Because they're lying and what they're doing is a terrible thing for our country." https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2019/10/13/1892184/-IGNORAMUS-IN-CHIEF-Trump-Thinks-He-Can-Sue-and-or-Impeach-Nancy-Pelosi
  5. It’s our responsibility. We broke it. We own it. You were all for Bush invading Iraq, and this is the end result of the war on terror. Be careful how you rally around the flag, and shove freedom fries down your throat. The Kurds are the only ones that sacrificed 13,000 of their people to help us with the dirty work of getting rid of ISIS, now you want to turn your back on them. Is that how you show loyalty to people that help you son? Just curious, what’s your opinion on rotary putting troops in Saudi Arabia to protect their oil?
  6. Wrong numbnuts. Bush signed the financial bailout bill on October 3, 2008. http://www.nbcnews.com/id/26987291/ns/business-stocks_and_economy/t/bush-signs-billion-financial-bailout-bill/
  7. Wrong. I’m a moderator period. The agreement I made was to moderate fairly, and impartially, which I do. In fact I have take moderation actions against Liberal posters, more than I have against Conservative posters. I moderate very rarely, because a moderator on any internet site should be more hands off, than hands on. I enforce the rules as they are written. Not how I think they should be written.
  8. On the arrest warrant it actually looks like this United States of America Vs. Donald John Trump
  9. Trumps impeachable offenses are numerous. This Ukraine stunt is over the top. The House voted 421-0 to release the whistleblower record. Senate Republicans are now in a very bad place.
  10. How about releasing that military aid so Ukraine soldiers can stop taking casualties.
  11. Actually, it has been changed 27 times. Being you’re not that bright, I will say it for a second time. The Constitution is a living document, and the Supreme Court has issued two recent rulings curbing your 2nd amendment rights, which are by no means absolute. You should not be in possession of any type of firearms, as you are obviously a disturbed individual, with issues that need attention. Or are just a boy who fantasizes about being a super hero. In which case you should not be in possession of firearms being a juvenile, that still has to learn how to function in adult society. Functioning adults don’t make loud noises about guns. Only juveniles and mentally disturbed people do.
  12. Your good friend, the invisible hand of the free market.
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