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  1. Actually his argument fell apart immeiately at the posting of interesting articles. His argument also falls apart at political motivation, of which no rule exists. Only any content, motivated or otherwise be respectful. His argument further falls apart as the piece was done by a respected journal in psychology, by an associate professor of psychology at a respected university in Poland. It also states in non partisan research language from the Pew Research Center, conducted wit hundreds of voters on both sides in post 2016 election results. In all due respect he doesn't have a point of any kind, and is obviously engaged in partisan bickering, not to mention an outright threat, which is against the rules of the room. Of which I am now issuing a warning in plain view of all users. In lieu of the fact you have been suspended from this room for previous violations. One more warning will will result in a permanent ban from the Clean Debate Room.
  2. Russia has potential. But not as long as a wannabe butthurt KGB agent that had his ass handed to him, and his country taken away from him. is running it. America has a 20 trillion economy, and unparalleled industry. Russia has 1970's era mining, oil and gas industry, with a weapons and aero space industry they have to sell to break even. You have to steal electronics, computer, and software capability from us. You're still nekulturny.
  3. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/country/us/
  4. Jerry Falwell Jr made the decision to re-open Liberty University doors to students amid a worsening pandemic. Unfortunately, but not unpredictably, some of the students are falling ill. Much of the rhetoric from Falwell about his decision to reopen the University involve playing the victim where those concerned about the wisdom of continuing this year’s classes at the campus are simply anti-conservative and not genuinely concerned about public health. Reading the article, it says Liberty University has a 2 billion dollar endowment. And the nastiness over refunds seems to indicate (to me) that money was at the root of reopening.
  5. Trump Debt Spied on reporters Bombed countries without Congress Abandoned the Kurds on the battlefield Invited the Taliban to the US on the anniversary of 9-11 Gave concessions to Kim Jong Un who is still firing missiles, and developing nukes Started a trade war he's currently losing bankrupting record number of farmers Has now overseen largest unemployment spike in history Has now overseen largest stock market drop in history Stood by and watched 3000 Americans die in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria Has used the office of the President to enrich himself in clear violation of the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution You really want to get into a pissing contest with me between Obama and Trump?
  6. That's the difference between me and you. One of us is a follower. That would be you, believes anything you are fed, nomatter what's right in front of your eyes. I don't know if it's mental, emotional, or just plain weakness with you fruitcake followers on the right. A picture speaks a thousand words, and that picture speaks for itself. So does this one.
  7. The best is like the most Beautiful. It's all in the eyes of the beholder. Obama was a good President though.
  8. The Obama sanctions alone are costing Russia $248 Billion a year. The entire GDP of that shithole country is $1.638 Trillion. Those are devastating sanctions Obama put in place. He bitch slapped Vladimir around like he owned his punk ass. That's because he did. And you're going to do what vladdy boy?
  9. Those recorded facts are a bitch aren't they?
  10. No, that's a fact. Those cases in Washington and New York didn't happen because Rafael, and Rosaria walked across the border. Those were passengers that got off an airplane.
  11. That's the Obama economy on that chart until December 2017, when the Great Republican Tax Scam was enacted, and the first Trump budget was enacted on October 1st, with all three branches controlled by Trump and Republicans. And it get's even better. Last week, we published a map showing the job losses in each state likely to occur over the coming months as businesses shutter in response to the social distancing measures necessary to stop the spread of COVID-19. Sadly, our predictions were likely too optimistic. Expectations of how many jobs will ultimately be lost are rapidly evolving, with new forecasts from different macroeconomic analysts being released on an almost daily basis. As new data and projections become available, EPI is updating our estimates of the number of jobs nationally, and by state, that the economy is likely to lose in the coming months. Our best guess at this point is that the national economy could lose 14 million jobs by summer 2020. https://www.epi.org/blog/states-are-projected-to-lose-more-jobs-due-to-the-coronavirus-14-million-jobs-could-be-lost-by-summer/ Obama's job record until he left office. All of those unemployed people aren't going to be caring about Walls, and great deals with China in November.
  12. All of the infected people walked right through the gates at the airport. Closed borders wouldn't have stopped anything.
  13. 25 dipshit. Count 'em. 25. With 3 of them making actual rape charges. This ain't going away for you scooter.
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