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  1. Hes not intelligent enough to understand how electricity is generated so....
  2. Flew right over your head didn’t it? She and her grandmother just exposed Netanyahu and the Likud party as the extremists that they are in front of the whole world. Most Israelis, most of the worlds jews, and even AIPAC have denounced the move. The backlash was so overwhelming, Netanyahu backtracked in 24 hours. Talib and her grandmother just kicked Trump and Netanyahu ass in front of everybody.
  3. China fights in a defensive posture. They are incremental in their approach to war. They will not extend themselves beyond what they feel is their comfort zone if events go bad for them. The US and NATO allies can check movements by the Chinese through Naval air power. We can sustain sorties on a constant offense with no limits. This became our doctrine in WW2, and have sustained that posture ever since. While China can sustain their military objectives regionally, we can sustain it globally.
  4. Rafael "Calgary" Cruz is the biggest pussy in the Senate. He let a New York pussy draft dodger talk trash about his wife on national television, and then basically call him a pussy on national television for letting him do it, and then kissed his ass on national television after doing it. Just your kind of guy huh tex.
  5. Wrong. He was in a federal corrections facility. It is 100% on the federal bureau of prisons. Who are now claiming they are short staffed, and working to much overtime.
  6. The 2nd has been interpreted in the most recent decisions to give individuals the right to keep a gun in their home for protection, upholds current federal laws on restricted firearms, and silencers, and upholds the states power to restrict certain firearms and the carrying of them in public places. Those are the facts as they stand now. There is nothing in the current decisions, that would prohibit the federal government, or the states from imposing further restrictions, as long as they are in adherence with the current decisions.
  7. It's not as big a deal as those crying the sky is falling. Red flag laws allowing the cops to come take a gun away from idiots, and space cases that don't know how to act. Or background checks to buy a gun, will be of no consequence to 95% of current gun owners. The other 5% either should be prohibited outright, or are to stupid to not be in a position to be prohibited anyway.
  8. More gun laws were passed in states last year than in the last 10 years. Trump will sign legislation on background checks, and red flag laws. Republicans are no longer in a position to hold back what’s coming. Gun laws are going to continue being passed at both the state and national level in the coming years.
  9. Low unemployment has been the case for the last 100 months. When Obama left office it was at 4.5%. It fell less than a percentage point under Trump to 3.7%. In which case it was headed in that direction anyway. So what’s your point?
  10. My job is to provoke dumbasses like you to draw attention from authorities that watch sites after mass shootings. I don't care if the government knows who I am, or where I'm at. Welcome to the watch list numbnuts.
  11. The shooter The manifesto More blood on Trumps hands. He won't have that secret service protection forever.
  12. No. Definite white nationalist. Trump fan, anti immigrant, pro wall nutjob. Hope these nutjobs are ready for the government surveilence that's coming their way.
  13. White nationalist Trump supporter with manifesto on 8chan to prove that fact.
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