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  1. The nazis are going to turn out more voters in the midterms next year than the DNC ever could.
  2. when is the funeral

    Obama won twice with over 50% of the vote. The you lost seats during the midterms bullshit doesn't fly. The Democrats have won more seats in the House in every election but had a Republican get the seat due to gerrymandering. That is the only reason you won those seats. Democrats picked up Senate seat last year. Republicans aren't in the majority because they are winning popular votes. The problem you have now is time and demographic change are catching up you. Also in case you haven't paid attention, Justice Kennedy didn't retire this year for a reason. He wants a vote in the next term on redistricting in state voting districts, which will be a decision that will be even bigger than the Heller decision on gun rights. If Kennedy casts the deciding vote that state redistricting is in unconstitutional you can kiss your Republican majorities good bye starting with the 2018 midterms. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
  3. It was the people that Bannon knew that were the biggest donors and those deep pocket conservatives are pissed. This is where the civil war between the heavy hitters in Republican world begins. And there will be casualties. That sound you here are hundreds of billions of dollars being moved into war chests. The battle lines are being drawn. And the Mueller investigation continues quietly unabated. I suspect some anonymous Manila envelopes will be appearing out of thin air on his door step next week.
  4. He has big enemies now. In the military and the intelligence agencies. Who can fuck with him very hard now that he doesn't have the protection of the White House. But it gets even worse. He now has Rupert Murdoch to worry about and the Fox empire is much larger and well connected than Breitbart. We now get two watch to right wing fake news companies at war with each other. I'm so looking forward to it. I wonder how many Republicans will become collateral damage choosing the wrong side?
  5. This true. Free speech is only relevant in that the government can only be involved if you make threats, commit slander or defamation, or intentionally cause harm. Other than that you are free to both engage in speech and equally free to suffer the consequences for it.
  6. Who are the antifa?

    So the Democrat party is against the white supremecists and the nazis? Good for them. As opposed to the Republican Party is for the white supremacist and nazis? I can only guess who the Republicans think killed Heather.
  7. As we speak Heather Heyer mother is receiving death threats. Neo nazis have no rights.
  8. Who are the antifa?

    So they had sticks facing off will neon nazis armed with assault rifles and it's the anti fascists that are danger? Is that the story you're sticking with? So it was Mark Bray that got Heather Heyer killed and 19 others injured?
  9. Bannon BOOTED!!!!

    And Kelly was the one that booted him. Which means Kelly made Chump an offer he couldn't refuse.
  10. On D Day in Normandy there were the nazis and the allied troops invading the beaches to eradicate the nazis. Both sides were there. One side was the good guys. That would be the allied troops. After the allied killed or imprisoned all of the nazis Europe was liberated. This is where you are confused. It's never the nazis liberating the country they are infesting. It's the allied forces that liberate the country from the nazis.
  11. The right thought it was going to be able to mainstream white nationalism with Trump. They failed miserably in their endeavor. The events in Charlottesville with the death of Heather Heyer was the final nail in their coffin. Eradicating them is now no different than eradicating ISIS and equally as justified.
  12. Yes they do. There are only two sides of the nazi issue. The nazis. Those that oppose the nazis. There is only one side that's wrong. The nazis.
  13. I don't have to address anything. I don't explain. I make losers like you do all of the explaining. And if the situation warrants it I'll make you address the position. Your thread is a pathetic attempt at defending the indefensible. Another sign that you're losing. But you started losing the second you posted this thread. Which makes you loser of the day. Your side has been spanked so hard this week it's a wonder you can sit down. That's to bad because the spanking will continue. It's just a matter of time now for the inevitable to happen and then I don't see your face around here for awhile if I see it again. You're on the defensive sunshine and I smell blood in the water.
  14. There was only one side that was wrong in Charlottesville on Saturday. That would be the nazis. Everybody else that wasn't a nazis was right. If you are a white supremacist you are wrong. If you are not a white supremecist you are right. If you are a white supremecist you area terrorist and anything or any act that is done against you justified and right. You can't be denounced for doing the right thing. Your both sides are guilty thread just fell flat on its face just like the laughing stock and clown that is the embarrassment to the United States Donald chump. I hope I was able to clear that up for anyone in this failure of a thread that may have been confused by which side was wrong is wrong and the only one that can be wrong.
  15. There can't possibly be this many stupid people in America.