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  1. Not a snowballs chance in hell Pelosi would allow a floor vote on impeachment. She doesn’t succumb. She makes others succumb. It would be the fast road, and she would never give dotard or the Republicans the satisfaction. She is going to slow walk him every crucifying minute of the remainder of his first, and only term until it eats at him to the point he can no longer handle the stress, and he finds a way not to rerun or Pelosi allows the obvious embarrassing and incriminating evidence that would get him impeached be its own death warrant for any reelection chances he might have, the Democrats won and he and the traitor tots are wrapped up in a nice neat package for the prosecutors of the Southern District of New York, and he and the traitor tots all get a wall of their own at the same club fed Manafort now resides. I wonder how much the government can get for all of that I’ll gained property?
  2. He doesn’t. He’s sitting in a bowling alley wondering what it’s like to leave the county but doesn’t have the gas money.
  3. There is no bigger coward than Trump. He will slime his way out of any federal charges. To many Republican cowards and traitors that will protect him. He wont have the same luck with the New York Attorney General. Pence, Kavanaugh and the boys aren’t going to be able to protect him from her. State prisons aren’t going to be as comfy as the Club Feds are.
  4. skews13

    Was McCabe's Coup Treason?

    Then something is wrong with you. What he was investigating was treason, and it looks like he was right. As a member of the DOJ, he not only had the authority to, but the Constitutional duty to. McCabe isn't the one that is derelict in his duty. Trump is, and every spineless Republican that has conspired with him. Fortunately, there are no statute of limitations on treason, so the Republicans had damn well better hope they don't lose enough numbers in Congress, which is the only protection they have.
  5. Trump will be a one term President though. You can already start looking forward to a Trump free world in the next two years. Except for Trump that is. Like Elizabeth Warren said, he might not even be a free person in the next two years.
  6. Want to make a wager on that sunshine? I'll bet you don't even know what the national emergency act is do you? It gives Congress the power to stop it in it's tracks. Pelosi calls a floor vote which will pass easily, and here's the best part. The law requires the Senate to hold a floor vote also. This means the sniveling coward that is the majority leader has no choice, and cannot prevent the vote from taking place. Which puts all 100 Senators on record of voting yea or nay. There are 33 Senate seats up for reelection in 2020. Republicans have to defend 22 of them. Go ahead. Declare that emergency.
  7. Obviously. Can't believe people haven't caught onto the fact this is all a big distraction for the upcoming troubles for fat mcfrenchfry, and his traitor tots.
  8. Will you be sending all of the Trumps mail when they go to prison, or just dotard?
  9. Collusion? That’s been proven on multiple ocasions. We’re way past the collusion now fool. We’ve now moved on to conspiracy and treason. That’s coming soon.
  10. skews13

    $22 Trillion

    Obamas budgets were what created 80 straight months of job growth coming out of a recession. The Republican obstruction of those budgets extended the recession longer than it should have lasted. Republicans are not only traitors to their country, they are engaged in terrorist activity. You must be a trust fund baby. Presidents can’t spend money only Congress can.
  11. skews13

    $22 Trillion

    Obama didn’t have it at anything. You our have a bad memory.