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  1. But for those it may be an issue for... Trump add a trillion in 6 months. It's a simple scam to understand. You cut taxes on rich people. This reduces revenues to the treasury. You then increase defense spending. All of which immediately starts piling up debt. You then borrow money that you didn't need to in the first place. Which now starts increasing the deficit. You then claim that spending needs to be cut on programs that help working Americans to because there is no money. Then repeat this process all over again. See how that works?
  2. Yes. It does. Addiction is a time management malfunction. Once you can grasp that concept you can walk away from any addiction. Your time is either spent feeding that addiction. Or it is spent doing something else. If an addiction is to ingrained. Then physical separation becomes necessary for a certain amount of time. Until it can be relearned to spend that time doing something else. Some will figure it out. Some will die. In which case the same rule applies. So you can spend your time doing something else with your time. Or you can spend your time dying.
  3. The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.
  4. The rightards do know it's a moot point because the Dems are going to tear them a new a sshole in November, and he is in no danger or anyother Republican for that matter is going to be speaker right? These brainiacs do know thatr a Democrat will be speaker, and losers like this clown will be called before committees next year and embarrassed for being the a ssclown that he is right?
  5. Are you drunk? Obama imposed sanctions on Russia in 2013, and expanded them in 2014. Long before the elections or anyone even knew who was running. You are not very bright are you? Obama imposed further sanctions on Russia in 2016 after learning of the election hacking, because it was the right thing to do, and within his authority to do so. Republicans voted in both houses in 2017 to impose further sanctions of which Trump has not acted on. It's now been two years. This doesn't have anything to do with Obama anymore. It's all Trump now, and only Trump. And obviously he hos a ball less punk and a coward, and probably a traitor to his country. Watching that pos hanging by his neck at the end of a rope would make my day.
  6. Obama imposed sanctions after Russia invaded and occupied Crimea. Those sanctions are still in place. It is crushing the Russian economy, because the only thing Russia has of any value is gas and oil. Those sanctions are preventing them from selling it on the world market except for China, North Korea, and Syria. There is oil they need Exxon Mobils help to drill out of the Arctic, but the sanctions prevent them from doing it. Trump is trying everything he can to get those sanctions lifted, but it is, pay attention now, Republicans in the Senate that won't let him do it. Namely Lindsey Graham, and John McCain being the main ones. Ain't that a bitch?
  7. He did. He asked McConnell to pas a bipartisan set of sanctions so it wouldn't appear he was interfereing with the election. McConnell said no. So what was Obama supposed to do after the election? But that's a moot point. It's been two years now. Russia is still trying to interfere with elections. Why hasn't Trump done anything about it yet? Well? We're still waiting? In any f ucking time today sweetheart. Hurry up every chance you get. It's 100% Trumps fault for the last two years, and Republicans in Congress' Part before that. Oh, look. Another minute has passed by, nothing has been done, and it's still Trumps fault and Republicans in Congress. So when do you tards plan on getting around to do anything? I can't hear you. Say again? You are competent enough to do something right? I mean being the big winners you are and everything.
  8. Yes. By all means. Lets get this right. In the first place, the economy was recovering just fine, with jobs growth, stock market records, and wages growing again before the orange a ssclown came to town. But please show us here where the cheeto stepped in to do anything of any consequence. Take your time.
  9. Obama is the one who imposed the sanctions that are currently in place. Trump still hasn't imposed the latest sanctions passed overwhelmingly in Congress. Trump has been trying to get the sanctions imposed by Obama lifted. You are full of s hit as a Christmas turkey.
  10. President Donald J. Trump loves Vladimir Putin, the Russian strongman—as do the right-wingers who love Trump. Some on the far right see Putin as the restorer of Christendom; others simply see him as a champion of the white race. Donald Trump apparently sees Putin as the savior of, well, Donald Trump. But motives hardly matter in this new time; for white nationalists like former White House strategist Steve Bannon, Trump’s weakness for Putin serves Bannon’s dark vision for a reordering of the world, one that has little respect for democracy or civil rights. In the days preceding Trump’s visit to London, Bannon got himself a nice hotel suite in which he courted European far-right leaders, such as Brexiteer Nigel Farage and the National Front’s Louis Aliot—during which he stoked the chaos gripping the government of the United Kingdom over negotiations with the European Union over the terms of the U.K.’s exit from that economic alliance. As he did in Britain, Trump adhered to the Bannon playbook in Brussels—this time wreaking havoc at the NATO summit with demands that NATO allies double the percentage of each nation’s gross domestic product it pledges to devote to defense spending. And it was all capped off by that disastrous press conference in Helsinki, at which Trump demonstrated a fealty to the Russian president in far greater measure than any commitment he maintains to uphold the Constitution of the United States. As Trump entertained Putin’s proposal for turning over a former U.S. diplomat for questioning by the Kremlin, he demonstrated his respect for the Constitution to be not so much. Now we learn that Trump, who reflexively rejects the findings of his nation’s own intelligence and law enforcement communities that Russia meddled in the 2016 presidential election (despite occasional scripted walk-backs of that stated view), has invited Putin to the White House, just weeks ahead of the 2018 midterm congressional elections. The invitation was apparently proffered minus any consultation with his national intelligence director (NDI), who was caught off-guard during a public appearance when informed that the president had just tweeted news of his invitation. The occasion was the Aspen Security Forum. NDI Dan Coats was on stage, being interviewed by NBC correspondent Andrea Mitchell, who dropped the surprise on Coats right then and there. “Say that again?” said Coats, incredulous. “Did I hear that right?” Oh, yes, you did, Mr. Coats. Indeed you did. The president of the United States wants to entertain, in the White House, the man U.S. intelligence services say intervened in the election that ultimately landed Trump in the Oval Office. If Putin accepts, he will arrive as an investigation of the election matter by Special Counsel Robert Mueller is ongoing. A Putin visit would no doubt please the evangelical foot soldiers of the Trump base. And it would elate the white supremacists who form the leading edge of support for Trump’s racialized policies on immigration and law enforcement. Of course, the mere fact of the invitation surely pleases Vladimir Putin, patron of the Quisling from Queens. Whatever Putin has on Trump is endangering the republic. It’s a weakness that allows his manipulation by Putin, who has long wished to destroy both the EU and NATO. Congressional leaders surely know this, but other than paying lip service to the obvious fact that Vladimir Putin is not our friend, they’ve yet to rein in the president. After all, the midterms are only months away, and Trump is popular with the Republican base—the people who show up at the polls for midterm elections. Any responsible member of Congress, regardless of party, should be willing to censure this president for his egregious behavior in Helsinki. No read-out or comprehensive statement about what the president and Putin discussed at the closed-door summit has been issued by the White House. Yet, according to the Russians, agreements were made. Meanwhile, something worth contemplating is the $1 billion lent to Donald Trump by a bank with some shady practices. Justin Kennedy, the bank official who made the loan, is the son of the Supreme Court justice who just stepped down in time to give Trump a nomination to make just ahead of the mid-terms. Justin Kennedy made that astonishingly large loan when he was an executive at Deutsche Bank, which has been sanctioned by the U.S. for laundering the money of Russian oligarchs. Maybe there’s something in that billion-dollar loan that Putin has on Trump. Or maybe it’s something else. But now that we know the president of the United States entertained the idea of handing over, for questioning by Russian officials, a former U.S. ambassador—for the political purposes of the Russian president—it’s pretty clear where the U.S. president’s allegiance lies. And it’s not to the United States of America. http://prospect.org/article/trump-selling-out-america-and-his-supporters-love-it
  11. And also illegal before the Reagan administration. It was illegal for a reason. Before these laws were relaxed in the 80's workers could depend on pensions when they retired. 401k's were never meant for the workers of corporations, they were an added perk for corporate investors. Corporate earnings were required to be adjusted to pay for worker pensions but the lobbiests managed to convince enough members of Congress to get rid of those regulations. That and cutting the upper income and capital gains taxes, is why we have $20 trillion in national debt that first exploded by 5 times during the Reagan years. Not having those tax rates above 50% on the upper 1% like all other industrialized nations do is the reason for recessions hurting American workers. Couple that with reducing or eliminating pensions, cutting safety benefits, and putting pressure on labor unions, and you have what we have today with out of control federal spending, 3/4ths of Americans who can't handle a $500 emergency, or have any savings at all, wages that have been stagnant, and income inequality never seen in this country. If it's one thing conservatives understand it's how to steal, swindle and cheat their way into wealth for the few at the expense of the country. It's the only economics they understand. Fortunately the public at large is finally getting wise to this, and will start to undue the disaster of Reaganomics, and bring our country back to the middleclass that it destroyed.
  12. https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2018/7/19/1782076/-It-Looks-Like-Trump-Agreed-To-Give-Crimea-To-Putin-and-Then-Conspired-To-Hide-It-From-Us