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  1. The queen of torture is flying to Turkey to try to stop an avowed Islamist from exposing the Wahabbists torturers, who are the original founders of ISIS that killed an American journalist on their soil, after being given US intel from Jared Kushner? Good luck with that one.
  2. The almost 1,400 point, two day drop in the Dow was the market putting its money where its mouth is on Trump’s economic and trade policies. Like so much else that is of Trump, it’s ugly. Just as Trump was gifted $400+ million dollars from his father and claimed to be a Self Made Man, so, too, he inherited an economy and stock market from Obama that had been rising for the prior eight years, since March 2009. In true Trumpian fashion, he claimed to have created the greatest economy of all time. In truth, the whole of Trump’s economic policy has been a massive injection of debt into an already healthy economy. His tax cuts for corporations and deficit spending for military expansion have added more than $2 trillion to the national debt in just two years. It’s like injecting adrenaline into an already healthy runner in the middle of a marathon. That’s all the Trump economy is: borrowing trillions of dollars from the future, spending it today, and pretending to be a genius. Let’s be clear. Any moron with a handful of credit cards charged off to the next generation can gin up the illusion of prosperity. That’s all the Trump economy is: borrowing trillions of dollars from the future, spending it today, and pretending to be a genius. But the market has figured it out.
  3. Yes. You don't stimulate an expanding economy. That's economics 101. Which means there isn't a rightard on the board that will understand it. But the cuts were not about economics. They were about looting the treasury for personal gain.
  4. The problem these turds have is we record these things. It's very easily researched information. Unless of course you're a rightard. Everything is hard for the snowflakes. They are easily confused and led around by the nose. They get their information from wrestling events and Trump rallies.
  5. And you have 21 Senate seats to defend in mostly blue states in 2020. Looking good for the Dems in the future. I hear Russia and Saudi Arabia are nice places for good little GOP followers to live.
  6. Really? Please show us on the chart so we can see it. Take your time.
  7. "The president rolled out a new line for his campaign at a rally last night," Stephanie Ruhle said. "'Democrats produce mobs. Republicans produce jobs.' That's really catchy. Isn't it? Well here's the thing. For 'facts' sake, how do the two parties compare when it actually comes to job creation under each president? "Blue lines representing our Democratic presidents; red lines for our Republicans," Stephanie Ruhle said. "And for each a dotted line that shows the average growth for Republicans and Democrats. On average, the rate of job growth was almost two and a half times faster under Democratic administrations than it was with Republican ones. That is according to figures crunched from the Department of Labor looking at the gross domestic product, you know it as GDP, another growth metric to measure the strength of the economy. We can also see substantially better performance under Democratic presidents. Again, our dotted red and blue lines paint a clear picture. On average real GDP has grown about 1.6 times faster with a Democrat in the White House than with a Republican according to figures crunched in the Department of Commerce. The reality is that this is not new. In 2012 authors Bob Deitrick and Lew Goldfarb wrote the book "Bulls, Bears and the Ballot Box" that identified this reality. Adam Hartung pointed out the book's conclusions in his article "Want A Better Economy? History says Democrat!" in Forbes. https://www.msnbc.com/velshi-ruhle/watch/democratic-presidencies-have-seen-faster-job-growth-1348378179850
  8. CNBC political reporter John Harwood goes there and I believe rightly so. According to the Washington Post, the Trump administration and the Saudis are scheming to come up with an excuse for the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi: Harwood then tweets this sobering and very realistic take on a possible cover-up between the Saudis and the Trump administration: Twitter Ads info and privacy Trump’s ties to the Saudis are well known, that even Fox News Researchtweeted quite an impressive little list of those close ties: Twitter Ads info and privacy The “president” of the United States has financial interests with the Saudis. The “president” has repeatedly attacked journalists here who criticized him. The Saudis brutally murdered a journalist who criticized them. The “president” is now scheming with the Saudis, so he can protect his financial interests. Nothing that comes from this administration is ever unbelievable, because it’s morally corrupt and depraved. The “president” and his cronies will do anything for money, including collaborating to cover-up a brutal murder. https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2018/10/17/1805223/-John-Harwood-poses-real-possibility-the-US-President-is-collaborating-on-cover-up-of-a-murder
  9. This was a permanent US resident that worked for an American company. The President is tasked with protecting him as well as any other citizen or resident. But this goes way beyond that. Trump and Jared Kushner are accessories to murder, and when the Democrats win the House in 19 more days that should be their first investigation.
  10. A justice can be impeached simply for bad behavior space brain. A crime one is not necessary to meet that standard. He lied under oath during his circuit court hearing and lied under oath during his scotus hearing. But even that standard doesn’t have to be reached. The reasonable conclusion he sexually assaulted Dr Ford or his own partisan outbursts during the hearings reaches the standard. Kavanaughs seat is only as safe as Republican numbers in Congress. Numbers that will steadily decline between now and 2040 when there won’t be enough white conservatives around to protect him.
  11. I hope he tries. That will lead to full discovery investigations in which he will have to answer a lot of questions under oath. He has already been exposed as a liar and is impeachable right now. Go ahead.