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Debate room ban.
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  1. Now I’m confused are you the liberal mod or the conservative?
  2. I know right? Just pass our debt onto our children for no good reason.
  3. Welfare from the nanny state, you should be proud.
  4. Of course he did, and called me a brick for saying the woman should be in jail for murder.
  5. I was done satisfying her before I ever posted to you. Good night Ricky the Retard, I’m out.
  6. Your Easter Bunny can be any sex or color you want it to be.
  7. There’s that reading comprehension problem again, how deep into the bottle are you at this point?
  8. Loneliness? I’m laying next to my naked wife, you’re touching yourself into a drunken stupor. The only play you’re getting tonight is that green eyed monster biting you on the ass. 🤣
  9. The majority of folks wear the n95’s incorrectly anyway, so your point is moot.
  10. It’s hilarious watching all you tolerant progressives retards fat shaming a woman.
  11. You better pack a lunch and a f*ck ton of ammo, retard.
  12. There are already laws against killing, banning guns won’t stop the killing.
  13. No Bad word! They've been picking my pocket for 40 years and this retard thinks I'm going to walk away from MY money. Give me back all I paid in and I would gladly forgo SSI and medicare.
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