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  1. Point Proven. Thank you Moron. I'm done with this site. Its garbage now.
  2. Doesn't make any sense. If it had something to add to the discussion I would understand but all it does is call names and whine. I can't even add it to my ignore list because of its Mod status. No wonder half the forum left.
  3. Can you come up with a non partisan or even a republican source that verifies these numbers. No links in the poorly written story.
  4. Just a tad over 1% of the country....Yeah big success guys. Even the evil gun industry does better than that. In 2010 self reported gun ownership was 41% of the country. Jumped to 47% in 2011. Obama is better at selling firearms than health insurance.
  5. Reading the comments from most of the people in the link is either stories from minorities about how white people are racist or about how they hate white people because they think they are better than everyone. In other words all the comments are from minorities who are racist against whites.
  6. It said California was still really racist but mostly because the minorities hated all the White people. Southern states were racist because the white people hated minorities. Interesting, good job zarus, you actually did something useful for once.
  7. Debate the issues ES or GTFO. Are you a coward or something?
  8. Ehh I think its over exaggerated quite a Lot. It wouldn't be so bad if the government regulated the damns at all the lakes better.
  9. I think you can judge by my early post on what newage liberals are like. If you aren't trolling, then just identify as intelligent.
  10. If I were you I would stop Self Identifying as a Liberal. You are more a classical liberal, which is completely different than what liberal/progressive currently means.
  11. The only reason to say you are a liberal is so you can feel you have some moral superiority over others, when in fact just feeling that makes you morally inferior. As many have pointed out they preach tolerance but only if it fits into their paradigm. They are for gay marriage but against religion. They are for equal rights for minorities but also for Affirmative Action. They constantly contradict each other. And when they have nothing else to say or they know they are being backed into a corner they come out with the bully tactics. Call you heartless, evil, stupid, racist, sexist, a homop
  12. The Republicans need to change their campaign slogans. Most people do not vote in the mid term election so it would be easier to win over the votes. They need to focus on just a few things Economy, stay away from wanting to cut entitlement programs (even if thats what they want), and talk about congress taking pay cuts and cutting other bloated Government areas. The failures of Obamacare Gun Control (specifically against it) Stay away from Religion Abortion Pretty much every social issue actually. They really need to focus on the independent vote, The right's fiscal policies
  13. Do you have any actual facts to argue with or just your useless emotion? I mean actual hard proof evidence that gun control works?
  14. There literally has never been a successful usage of gun control, and by successful I mean murder rates have never dropped because of gun control. Places with gun control and low murder rates (like many in Europe) have always had lower murder rates. Libtards will never admit this because it completely contradicts their agenda. GUN CONTROL HAS NEVER WORKED TO HELP PROTECT PEOPLE. NOT ONCE!
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