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  1. In most states this will not happen. There is too much of a job shortage, and our military is being pulled back. I have noticed in Georgia they will make up things and arrest you. Here they will do things to make sure you stay in jail. Here in Georgia you will be hidden in they system. Here in Georgia jail is the new big business and they must keep it going. Too many palms to grease. Here in Georgia the Repulbicans rule.
  2. I hear people from other countries talk about how we will slit each others throat just to be the one on top or because we crave attention. While people get your attention to a subject such as Obama care they are sending any and all good paying jobs over seas. You call it Obama Care, but it is not his baby. Find out which Republican has had it in his state years before President Obama got into office. You want to fight for something? Fight to keep your elected Officials from cutting back on the Army, Navy and Marines. You want to fight for something? Fight to stop these companies from giving you so called cures that end your lives. You want to fight for something? Fight to find out why so many people go into hospitals with a hang nail or cold etc. only to end up dead. You want to fight for something? Fight to find out why so many of our loved ones may have had their organs removed without your knowledge. You want to fight for something? Choose the battles that will help America, not make it the laughing stock of the world. I love this country, but I see darkness ahead and we collectively are the cause. Please pay attention to what is really going on in this country and those who are at fault. I wish you well America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. OMG !!!!!! I am soooo sorry you went through this. I was renting a house when the owner insisted I let a man move in because he came from the Carolina's to Georgia to go to schooL. Well it was less than a week in the dead of winter when I noticed I was freezing cold at night. When I checked, I found the heat had been turned off. Well my first thought was whites like the cold more than blacks and I should just buy a small heater to put in my room. What a butt head I was. I woke up one night and found him outside and thought he was lonley so I tried to be nice, only to have him bite my head off. When he came in, he was sweating badly and his tea shirt was soaking. On Thanksgiving I made dinner for the homeless, but before I got a chance to take it to the church I found this same person ripping the turkey with his bare hands and eating it. He looked at me like a mad man. To make a long story short, I told the owner, but he just brushed it off and admited that he knew this guy was on crake. The owner said it was my fault because I should have furnished the empty room for this person and he should have not been made to sleep only on my couch. ( mind you, I never got a dime from him). I was also making repairs on his house which was not in very good shape. It is a shame that some people think they can walk all over another person because that person is nice. nuckin futz, do not change your good heart, just be careful . GOD BLESS YOU. .
  4. I think some people voted for President Obama just to show the world we are no longer biggots. After all, we always had the nasty habbit of pointing the finger at other countries and their treatment of their citizens while we say we are are not as bad as them. The bottom line is, we are race, religious haters. We rob, rape, murder and so long as it is towards someone of our color or religion it is ok.
  5. OMG!!!!!!!! And to think this was one of the most miserable days for me, even to the point of not caring if this planet blew up. Thank you both for restoring my faith in the the fact that there may be hope for us yet. Becuase of what I read from both of you, makes me believe that everyone is not stupid and blind as to what is going on. Lol. And I found your posts quite by accident on this once miserable day. I had Republican friends and have Republican family members. Strange how they were before and what they have de-evolved into what I see now.
  6. The Repulican party is name only. The TEA PARTY rules now. Admit it and get over it. Times have changed. Admit and change with it or get left behind. The Republican party as they use to be, are powerless to stop the TEA PARTY. They are too powerful.
  7. The Republican party does not exist and has not existed for years. They are the Tea Party with the name Republican Party as their front. The real Republicans are too gutless and afraid to stop them. We call it " Turn Coats". It means that you present yourself as one thing, but are realy something else. Have to hand it to the Tea Party, they hood winked the American voters and got away with it. LOL. The next election, they will takeover the remaining Republican Party and their is nothing anyone can do about it. They rule !!!!!!!!!
  8. Or can we say that the other side believes that what is yours is theirs and you had better not get it twisted because they will put you in your place if you forget.
  9. Once again I blame the voters for this blunder. They were for the most part focused on getting President Obama back into office and forgot to vote the Republicans out of office. What did they think would happen, or is it because they were not thinking. This is the kind of mindset Republicans always bank on, and the American people fall into the trap over and over again. Republicans knew if they kept the foucus on President Obama, people whould not see them sneaking into the back door. LOL Well in this up and comming election, lets see if the dumb voters have learned their lesson or not.
  10. I am a Dem and have friends in Dems, Repub, and libs. Years ago a friend invited me to a Repub. get out the vote and fund raiser. No one other than my friends knew I was a Dem. It was Casino in the Park. We were separated by race and the haves and have nots. No one spoke up. It was like they were use to that kind of treatment. The Repub. woman who was running for Governor got a tongue lashing from her husband because she went from the upper whites room to the mostly non white room and was talking to the people . He told her she was not to deviate from what he told her to do and say. He was saying this as he held her by her arm and walked her to the back of the room and had her back to the wall. I thought she was going to cry. The bottom line is, she ran for the Governor spot, but he ran her. And they ran the state into the ground.
  11. I worked for the government in the 80's and 90's and even then red flags went up. I knew somewhere down the line we were going to pay for what this country was doing . For example, people who were not from this country, and I don't mean Mexicans, were being shipped here by companies and your elected officials as cheap labor. Once here they had sponsors set up and they were allowed to live 5 or more in a two bed room, each person getting as much money, food stamps (as if they were in their own apartment and not living with many others) and they got what we called Medically needy cards. They were also given thousands of your tax dollars to set up businesses, ten year tax free, (paid no taxes on anything. They would send for their elderly family members, set them up as workers for a year and after a year they would get full Social Security benefits as if they paid in the system as long as all of you. And that is just the tip of the problem. Now you have Arabs who you also gave your tax money to set up businesses, take the money, ship it over seas to buy guns and bombs to blow off our heads.
  12. Some joined because of economics, others because of a sense ot duty. Has anyone noticed that when the jobs disapear and prices go up, ads for joining the military also goes up? We needed and need to take over other countries so corporate America can ship our jobs over there and force their people to work for little or nothing. Some of those we have put in office for more than fifty years up untill now keep their palms well greased . I had enough friends and family who faught and died in Vietnam and for what. Those who returned to this country were treated like crap. A lot of those in office and big business are pros in playing the shell game with Americans. All the while when you are looking in the direction they point you to, they are selling a lot of us down the river. We either learn to swim together, or drown separatly. YOUR CHOICE !!!!!!!
  13. Elections can and have been rigged at times. When Bush won that last election it was rigged. The only reason it was not truely investigated was becuase Congress is backed by rich and powerful people and those are the people who run things and would not allow any meaningful investigations. Bush promised and gave them huge tax breaks on the backs of the middle-class and poor. These are high stakes. Bush was not about to lose the election. I saw this same thing happen before in another state and it happened this election here in Georgia, I understood what I was observing. Have to hand it to the Republicans, they move and setup their people in different cities, states and neighborhoods, boost their voting power and a few months after the election, their people move back to the city or state where they realy live.
  14. My computer is from the dark ages, so if I dont always reply, it is because I cannot always get on line.

    By me having family and friends on both sides, I have an understanding of what is said in front of voters and what is said in front of backker and supporters.

    Always try to look past the smoke screens.

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