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  1. Try 'Last of The Summer Wine;. WARNING -- you will be hooked on it for sure.
  2. Any religion placing religion before family and country is a religion gone wrong. In my opinion Native Americans religion is by far better than religions based on holy books written by humand hundreds and even thousand years ago. Earth is my mother - Sun my father. Rivers that flow -- winds that blow - all of nature -- all living things are my brothers and sisters.
  3. Redd Dawg -- U 2 kind you know that? I'd love for Mittens do hard tikme and be everybodys kitten.
  4. Tennessee Lady Vet. I'm a Tennessee native and a veteran. I haven't had to go to the VA and hope never will untill I draw my last breath. Lady, don't expect much from the Teaparty mess we have in Nashville these days. Do as I -- vote for progressives and tell the Teaparty bunch THIS IS MY COUNTRY AND I'M GOING TO KEEP IT.
  5. Anyone last night watch Jeb audition for 2016? Who will Jeb select for his VP? Will Jeb have a chance of a snowball in hell living in the White House? Me. No. His VP will make no difference. No -- they ain't gonna win.
  6. I trully believe Mitt WRONGNEY ( Romney )will go to prison. If not for tax evasion will do so for crooked dealings.
  7. Annie - if you are a liberal a great big HELLO. Me? Mostly liberal. Still a big supporter for all that Bobby Kennedy stood and work for 44 years ago.


  8. Good post annie. You the gal you know that? GO OBAMA ---GO!
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