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  1. There will be a lot of people saying " I don't like Trump, but i voted for him" on election day.
  2. Iran Contra was merely a red herring to keep the media busy while we fought a secret illegal war in afghanistan. The guy who supplied the the contras in el salvador and the mujahadeen in afghanistan wss the godfather - congressman murtha. Seal was flying coke into mena to fund both wars, and the secret war in afghanistan got most of the money. Foster was killed the day after he got back from switzerland with Hillary - they went there to shakedown Leo Wanta got a few billion bucks which Hillary got and spread around the world to buy friends. She later got mystery money to her foundation, a kickback. The godfather murdered most of the Clinton Body Count people. Many of them state cops. The godfather went on to become the worlds largest black market arms dealers, and the orchestrator of 9/11. Bush, as VP, knew about mena and the secret war. His sons, George and Jeb were secretly filmed by American media getting kilos of coke from the the plane and putting it in their car trunk. Barry Seal was working with the media to expose the drug smuggling of the godfather - which is why he died.
  3. I heard a christian from CPAC today talking to glenn beck. He said his daddy prayed to somebody named saint mercedes to get out of jail, when he got out he named his daughter mercedes. Latino christians are the most delusional, they burn candles in front of pictures, pray to whoever, and have all sorts of superstittions and rituals, most of them catholic. ITs a demented religion all the way around. From fake healings to pat robertsons words of knowledge.
  4. Evangelical christians were foretold in the new testament, they are under a strong delusion sent by God, because he appointed them for destruction. They are on the broad way and wide gate to hell. "They love their lie". It is a beautiful thing in the eyes of God. They blaspheme the Holy Spirit non-stop. Love is the devils best weapon because love is a powerful weapon. They try to out-love God.
  5. Trump is ill informed about a lot of things, but he will catch on sooner or later.
  6. The VA is in fine shape and running at optimal performance. I can vouch for them.
  7. The messiah Yahushua would have said "Alaaha Akhbar" or Allahu Akhbar. Means glory to GOD. Shame Cruz is ignorant of that fact. He hates muslims because they speak the same language as our messiah. Cruz is a dangerous idiot.
  8. Super Tuesday is gonna tell the story, cheating in iowa is easy because most of those nutjobs think alike. They are like 3 card monte marks, or shell game patsys.
  9. Bill and Hillary Clinton have been CIA agents since their college days. Their marriage is a sham. Hillary has publicly admitted that Al Qaeda [the database] was founded and funded by CIA, which makes the war on terror a sham as well. Notice how Hillary never has to answer any questions about her sham marriage or Bill's womanizing. You can believe that her email troubles are centered around the CIA's creation of al qaeda and the war on terror. The problem is, and always will be about John Murtha, aka "the godfather", and his Johnstown terror team. Murtha was the CIA al qaeda's man from the earliest days, the CIA needed a guy in congress with nothing to lose, and Murtha and Charlie Wilson were their men. They ran the cocaine smuggling operation in Mena ark. while Bill was guv, and they ran the coke smuggling and fake war in central america during the secret war in afghanistan. I believe that the FBI doesnt want to have to keep dealing with that crew, and they will indict her to keep her from becoming prez. She gets amazing free passes on everything, it seems everything about her is top secret, and its time for the secrecy to end.
  10. You can believe that hillarys top secret emails concerned john "the godfather" murtha
  11. I wonder if ms kelly would ask hillary about her sham marriage to bill, and what she thinks of bills treatment of women if she had the chance to ask her. Probably not.
  12. American oil companies need oil to be over 40 bucks a barrel to make a buck, if OPEC keeps it under 30 bucks, American oil companies cant compete, so they go out of business. They would have to sell at a loss. Gas should be under 2 bucks a gallon for awhile. Makes Obama look good too. Especially with unemployment at 5%. Thats probably why Hillary is touting Obama lately, she waants to ride his coat tails to the oval office.
  13. I know nothing about Oahu, but I think something major is gonna go down there, maybe a volcano or quake. just sayin.......
  14. I was calling for a kasich trump ticket about 2 years ago on this very forum. Even before trump hinted at a run, or kasich. I also at that time called for Alan Keyes as secretary of state, and Jesse Ventura as defense secretary. I also called for trump to be the veep, not kasich. Kasich is good for the reasons dlk mentioned. I think kasich will surprize in iowa, i think he will just dawn on people as the logical best choice. He is the last guy to balance the federal budget, and he dam near had the debt paid off. He also did great in ohio as guv. I always liked trump as veep, not as the man. You can't feed trumps ego with the presidency.

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