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  1. Simple really -- "Republicans support the working man and democrats support the man who doesn't want to work."
  2. I don't know, ask a lib, they both suffer from the same illness. "Do America a favor today, bich slap a monkey ass lib to the ground!"
  3. Blocked the spread of Socialism promoted by the Dems. Thank God for the party of "KNOW!" (Maybe they should be called the party of "We Told You So!")
  4. Funny thing.. the reason prices of full auto's has gone up is because Hollywood leftist elites are buying them to be used in movies, tv shows and the like . the same cock suckers who claim "Nobody should own a gun, let alone a machine gun!" make their living off of shooting, you guessed it, guns. Hollywood and the left are responsible for most of the "copy cat" killings in school yards and all of those bastrds need to be held accountable for their actions
  5. I don't like the stuttering half breed form Kenya. Not just because he's a lazy worthless nigg, I dislike the white part of him as well. He's just a bad president and will go down in history as such. No mystery here at all.
  6. Correction ... it's spelled [African-American slur] not niger, other than that I find your whole op racist.
  7. Kerry is a dumb ass faggot who received the purple heart medal for a torn rectum, (multiple times!)
  8. When that stuttering half breed nigg from Kenya is gone.
  9. Banging that ratty ole badonkadonk ass would be like tossing a pickle down a hall way. And the smell, Oh my God!
  10. The photo is of a girl you know,... we didn't know you went that way?
  11. Amazing how those 'wascally' Republicans can get away with so much when their not even in the majority and Barry has 'The Veto Pen.' Either willy is a liar or the dems are incompetent. I say the answer is BOTH! Who says democrats work for a paycheck?
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