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  1. Dear sole, Maybe you did not notice I was not talking about you. The post was written for another forum about EPA enforcement, but it reminded me a little of your intriguing babble, but was far too functional, so I decided to title it relating to you after therapy. Please do not take this wrong, because I like the origami and the phrase "self containment" fits us all no matter how scrambled we are. Accountability is the critical thing. REM is unconscious, but some of what passes may become conscious because REM seems to be the resolution phase of comprehensive unconscious digestion of reality. Subconscious is between conscious and unconscious and has elements of unconscious that the conscious may perceive or act upon. The intent of the post was to consolidate forum activism, left and right into possible inspiration of liberal comprehension or function upon conservative zeal.
  2. Curiously explained why no one here discusses the meaning of the word "idiot". Behavior is the origin of all of our problems. Behavior is controlled by the unconscious mind which cannot reason. Our society; and nearly all of people of European socially complete reject the concept of 86% of mental capacity, the unconscious, mostly of the right brain; controlling behavior. Then because of that, science cannot logically understand the term "behavioral science", meaning they "do not do psychology". http://algoxy.com/law/treasonresist.html Hastening the extinction of countless species including ourselves with the technologies it has created. And science can only create a whine of complaint about the destruction of vital elements, (global warming, not quite proven, does not have the rate of destruction of toxics) from pollution with the help of the fatally misinformed public. Please recall this part from the beginning, "Our society; and nearly all of people of European socially complete reject the concept of 86% of mental capacity, the unconscious, mostly of the right brain; controlling behavior." As you dissociate this comment and message thereby hastening human extinction. And please know, then remember well the nature of cognitive distortions of language and the effect on emotional reasoning conducted by the unconscious and wonder why we cannot stop doing the all of the things we are doing that we do not want to do as we helplessly fail to do what we need to do. You are a bad person and an idiot if you fail to go to the places of mislead zealots and point out that everyone can accept that the purpose of free speech is to assure information vital to survival is shared and understood. To become a better person, correctly continue by pointing out that free speech is constitutional intent. Meaning the zealots now have knowledge needed to enforce their stupid ass constitution and preserve the frigging republic with democratic force on state legislations so better people can purify democracy and eventually know and improve the republic democratically by the people properly after preparing to do so. Get with it, NOW! Go to a place of zealots where I was battling and beleaguring them with a concept of "Preparatory Amendment". In fact I was just banned a couple of days ago for doing so very well and very long here. http://patriotaction.net Give e'm hell, with lots of love from me. Search it like this, Chris Brown site:patriotaction.net The very best people will end up finding a link to a thread at the ronpaulforum.com, where I was banned some months back for doing the same thing very well and very long, which was about Georgia making an application for an Article V convention; and in turn create memberships at these major forums showing that you understand that free speech has a purpose of assuring info vital to survival is shared and understood; and that such definition is prime constitutional intent, which does control Article V, when 3/4 of the states are ratifying. When you are posting strategy as a reasonable citizen unified with others around prime constitutional intent, and carrying independently verified proof of a constitutional EMERGENCY; as basis justifying a demand that state legislators accept the obvious validity in order to demonstrate their acceptance and support of the constitution they were sworn to uphold. Or, face impeachment efforts based on exercise of the logic of need of awareness and respect for constitutional intent by officials at all levels. If you yourself are becoming a zealot about survival and living to evolve, you will find a link to where I was banned from dailypaul.com for first practicing this concept. Then see how within 3 days I was banned from 2 other major forums before even posting this concept. The very best person connects those bannings to a defeat of cognitive infiltration desperate to prevent the logical spread of a concept empowering lawful and peaceful revolution like a right to "alter or abolish" abusive government. The very best people are those surviving because of correct critical thinking using a complete set of facts, also wondering "who would want to impede survival of the species?", or at least thinking that whoever is doing such things really does not know what they are doing. Like occupywallstreet.org censoring, banning and colluding against the same proposals then. Good deceived people doing nothing or the wrong thing, going extinct with IRRATIONAL zealots. As a rational organism that is logically a zealot I can naturally state It is because I love my children and also understand the unconscious to a significant degree. The best living and evolving things are naturally and properly zealots about matters relating to their survival as a species. Oh, BTW, I also read the original "hundredth monkey" from 1962 published by 23 Japanese biologists which the science reviewing the concept can't find because the book was the target of a modern book burning. The very best and adapting person will view this as too convenient for extinction.
  3. Agreed, but independently verified evidence of this disclosure of knowledge of treason, shows us district courts of the 9th circuit are not in compliance with us code AND act to conceal treason in their own way. So reference to court action is a joke. http://algoxy.com/psych/9-11title_18.disclosure.html And cartoon is correct relating to the forum as an obsolete joke, including itself, because it cannot use evidence and has done NOTHING itself to oppose treason except post here, participating in the joke. For example Newall posts a thread about the human mind. I happen to have sent certified mail to a group of scientists who claim they are concerned about things in our world. The letter also happens to include a great deal of evidence as well as information well supported and logical. http://algoxy.com/law/treasonresist/ucs.html But Newell cannot comment upon it. Instead trading posts with the origami king. Which makes me think that Scientology through the CEO of EarthLink is deeply involved in cognitive infiltration. http://algoxy.com/law/treasonassist/earthlink.html I think that because I sent the CEO certified mail asking for credit on my email account in order to ASSIST in disclosure of treason, only to find that my earthlink email account of 14 years was hacked a day or so after the mail was to arrive in Georgia at the earthlink corporate offices. I've seen enough posting here that touches on intellectual aspects of the links in that directory to make a logical association between that info and cognitive infiltration activity here. There is nothing particularly good about calling an obsolete joke what it is. Not even funny, just basic treason or concealing of it.
  4. The potus comes after the constitution, "I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God." (Title 10, US Code; Act of 5 May 1960 replacing the wording first adopted in 1789, with amendment effective 5 October 1962). Of course that is 130 some years after England covertly took over the federal government. I find that soldiers nor veterans will discuss defense of the constitution by lawful and peaceful means. Something completely appropriate when the potus is a domestic enemy of the 1787 constitution. http://algoxy.com/ows/soldiersinquiry.html
  5. Our minds are adapting, and your/my proposal are an active part of that. Pre empting that is something in the unconscious that we have to contend with. The issue of the missing book, "The Hundredth Monkey", of my letter, may be very critical, which is why it is missing. See Rupert Sheldrake and morphogenetic fields. We still have them all. Epigenetics have made some dominant that are not contributing to our adaptation and survival. The brain cells produced therefore are less capable of perceiving needed instinct. Project four is integral to overall success within working effectively with the unconscious, which is vital to the entire proposal.
  6. Ironic! April 15, 1912 is the day the Titanic sunk, with 40 of Americas weathiest people AGAINST the federal reserve. In 1911 2/3 of the states applied for an Article V convention to stop the federal government from moving over to fiat money. Congress violated the law, the constitution and their oath by not calling a convention. In 1913 the federal reserve was created. Americans pay taxes in ceremony acquiescing to mass murder pursuant to taxation without representation. The queen loves it!
  7. James, have you been reading my letter to the "Union of Concerned Scientists"? http://algoxy.com/law/treasonresist/ucs.html The letter is very much in line with your entire post. It was sent, certified return in February. Examine the 3 .pdf graphics very carefully. They basically diagram much of what you describe. The basic issue is much more serious than the context of your post implies. No response, no accountability. It appears as though they are completely controlled by unconscious, unreasoned fears. I suggest you mail them a letter certified return as well. We do not have a more advanced (in premise) group of scientists to appeal to as far as I know.
  8. I heard this too but cannot document it in any way. Can you?
  9. Because they want the ultimate form of secrecy and violate constitutional rights of citizens in courts, we have psychotic murderers that create reason for them to diminish 2nd amendment rights. The cost of mentall illness that could be cured with direct treatment to the unconscious mind is actually staggering. How bad do Americans want their 2nd amendment rights? Bad enough to demand courts compel government mental health to develop it within their reduced liability?
  10. Considering Chinese traditions, it is very unlikely that there would be any treachery or deception in this peaceful gesture. The loss of face of an entire society from insincere outreach with ongoing trade partners relating to peacemaking would be very much disapproved of by the people. Perhaps they've learned about the WTO manipulations that have them taking the brunt of degrading industrial pollutants and now realize that the benefits of technology gained is a double edged sword. And so seek to learn industrial sustainability in a cooperative work environment. They know we have problems with media misleading the public about threats in order to justify increased empire military spending. So naturally work to offset and change it towards one of mutual cooperation through their corporate dependencies.
  11. Good example of cognitive distortions, perhaps only resolved by living in an apartment along the highway serving the long beach ca harbor.
  12. Burning coal destroys the environment and our descendants are going to need that. Maybe you do not care about your children. Destroying the environment is a behavior that will eventually destroy human life. One not altogether different from mass murders with guns, just long term, widespread and absolute. Consider, human beings have a responsibility to control themselves in the long and short term. The same mental health care that could intervene in psychotics behavior preventing mass murder, could be used by us to help us control our wants and desires and STOP putting them over our needs. Courts and government WANT us out of control, then they can justify controlling us. But dems and reps are too filled with social fears surrounding the mysterious unconscious mind to demand effective mental health care. They constantly pretend to be reasonable, but they are not.
  13. Why do they think that regulating our society is their ONLY business? What if war is a front for investment in a replacement society which is cultivated in secrecy? Consider my point about secrecy. in the the "gun rights extremists" thread. http://www.liberalforum.org/index.php?/topic/164139-2nd-amendment-extremists-lose-as-judge-upholds-colorado-gun-laws/&do=findComment&comment=1058872925
  14. Not the full story. American corporations demand the highest possible profits, and consumer advocacy is all but gone. Free speech is abridged so the public cannot keep them selves well informed upon what is the highest quality. Chain stores make more on inferior products competing with better. Because of public ignorance.
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