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  1. Phoenix Protestors

    How is going out into the streets, beating people, shutting down lawfully organized public rallies with illegal ones and damaging property a good thing. You are supporting lawlessness and mob mentality over debate and changing people's minds in the realm of ideas. They are being fascists. Also they will continue to push their agenda to not just nazis but to anyone they disagree with. They even protest trump supporters, no matter what. You don't have a right to run around the streets and confront people who have red MAGA hats and intimidate them. That is what they do.
  2. Rober E. Lee & Monuments

    I understand that and agree it is a problem. That is the core problem with the left, they never stop their push to control everyone. I am only commenting on my opinion on this issue. My opinion is each community with these monuments should decide what to do. If they decide to remove them from public property, then put them in a museum so people can learn who these people were.
  3. Rober E. Lee & Monuments

    He wasn't fired. he was pulled from doing a football game in Virginia. It was stupid and pathetic but he wasn't fired. ESPN is a leftist channel. They have been for many years. it is one of the reason they are having problems with people tuning in to them.
  4. Phoenix Protestors

    Nazi's did a lot more than just gas jews. The antifa crowd are hardline communist and anarchists. They are using fascist tactics in order to push their agenda.
  5. National Anthem

    Dan Marino's half brother.
  6. Really? Did you make a thread about this after 8 years of Obama being lost with out a teleprompter? You are an idiot. Seriously, trump may be a dumbass but you are half of what he is and that ain't much. LOL!
  7. That is idiotic. No wonder ESPN is going down the tubes. It has been a liberal circle jerk for decades and has only been getting worse.
  8. I came across this article today that helped to change my mind a bit on this issue. Make no mistake, the south left the union because they wanted to protected their slavery institution. They said this in their secession declaration. And here is where I've changed my mind. The monuments to civil war "heroes" in the south should be taken down and put into museums but only those states should decide this. This is not a federal issue. The reason is simple, these people betrayed our American ideals by wanting to harm our founding by leaving the union and weakening it. The reason we would not take down Washington and Jefferson monuments (as I stated as a counter argument to not tearing down southern monuments) is because they are recognized for what they did to form, fight for and advance our American ideals. The southern war "heroes" are recognized for fighting against those ideals. It is inappropriate to recognize them for that.
  9. what is tax reform??

    Tax the rich more, take their money and give it to the poor blah blah blah blah blah bleet bleet bleet bleet herpa derp
  10. Another thread crying about Trump. That is all you losers post. Pathetic
  11. FFS can you cry more? All you do is post thread after thread crying about Trump. You sound like a child. Grow up and get over it. Trump is president, like it or not.
  12. Did you really type this and think it was a good post? LMAO!
  13. Huh? LOL! Going after advertisers in an effort to to get them to stop spending money with a company because you don't like their politics, is fascist shit. Breitbart has really gone down hill since Ben Shapiro left. If they go out of business, it's because they do not put out a product people want. It shouldn't be because a bunch of leftist twats got together to pressure companies not to do business with them. You leftists are disgusting. I don't understand why you don't like a competition of ideas and feel the need to control everyone.
  14. That look...

    Yeah, I'll skip breakfast this morning... bleh
  15. To Dye 4

    No,it isn't.