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  1. So you are saying you can't actually debate effectively, because you don't even understand the point being made or that the video is an example of your rhetoric tactics. LOL Channel 4 News and Channel 4 New is liberal. LOL
  2. AHAHAHAAH! Nothing you say is half way intelligent. You are using the Kathy Newman form of arguing. It's funny as poo to see it.
  3. Did Obama actually say "you're in my house"? WTF!? The white house is the people's house. It is NOT your house. You stay there at our pleasure. The moron in the crowd should have been kicked out.
  4. A couple of things here. 1. Amazon is a horrible company ran by a leftist twit. 2. Who the hell cares how much he makes. It isn't any of your business and stop being jealous about other people's money.
  5. Dowd worked on the Bush campaign in 2000 and was a chief strategist during the 2004 reelection campaign. Democrat Al Gore won the popular vote in 2000 and fought a 36-day battle to recount votes in Florida. The Florida Supreme Court proposed a recount in 2000 that was ultimately stopped by the U.S. Supreme Court, giving Bush a majority in the Electoral College. Gore later conceded the race to Bush. The 2018 Florida Senate race between Sen. Bill Nelson (D) and Gov. Rick Scott (R) has tightened and appears headed for a recount.
  6. BWAAHAHAAHAHAH! I laughed for a good 5 minutes on this one. Of course the guy in the truck was stealing but DAMN that was some funny sh!t right there.
  7. WTF is your damage? Are you seriously this damaged as a person that his threads bug you? Just ignore him, everyone else does. I am curious, are you willyboy's sock? Are you just trying to drum up more attention to yourself? LOL! I fined you and willyboy to be the exact same person. The only difference is you cry about him. He has YOU by the balls. He has made you his b!tch, because you are doing exactly what he wants. He wants people to respond to him and be annoyed by him.
  8. aaaahhhhhhhh.... HAHAHAHAHAAHAH you have no argument. Check this guy out. He points to some vague fantasy cabal for his argument. BWAHAHAHAAH
  9. You would be correct if I was talking about someone but I was talking about no one. I ask him and he said he didn't care. LOL
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