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  1. A couple of things here. 1. Amazon is a horrible company ran by a leftist twit. 2. Who the hell cares how much he makes. It isn't any of your business and stop being jealous about other people's money.
  2. aaaahhhhhhhh.... HAHAHAHAHAAHAH you have no argument. Check this guy out. He points to some vague fantasy cabal for his argument. BWAHAHAHAAH
  3. Megyn asks a question and is fired. Who would though a journalist would be fired for asking a question. BWAHAAH Mean while Jimmy Kimmel can go full black face and make fun of how Karl Malone talks and he is a hero of the left today, all because he cries like a b!tch on TV. LOL
  4. There is already a thread on this, dummy.
  5. I hard he was a Manchurian candidate for the Oompa Loompa. It is obvious Trump is at least half Ommpa Loompa. He is doing it so his people can take over the world and force poor quality chocolates on us all.
  6. LOL! There would be racoons with antifa gear beating up kitties.
  7. No it isn't. Go to the Hello Kitty forum. This place is above your IQ level. LOL
  8. You call him a pussy but you are the one runny away from the debate. BWAHAAHAH This is why I call you anal baby. You CHILD! LOL
  9. A dark moment if you are a liberty hating leftist such as yourself. LOL! The deficit is a result of continued spending, not a lack of tax revenue, since we have been bringing in tax revenues. Nice try though. Don't act as though you care about spending. BWAHAHAHAH! I admit the GOP doesn't care about spending and we both know the democrats LOVE spending.
  10. I hope he does. If Trump starts getting rid of full departments, I will become a big time Trump supporter.
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