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  1. Honest, employed, law-abiding Americans should--must--lay the blame for the riots in Baltimore on the skeletal shoulders of Whangdoodle Barry and his rabble-rousing, former Departtment of Injustice Chief Thug, Eric Holder. Since the so-called Arab Spring, Ferguson MO and now Baltimore, this tag team of unlawful, racist, agitators have deliberately fomented civil unrest resulting in destruction, even deaths. Hope and Change? Try hate and Murder. Yikes, these leftists in Washington are scary and dangerous.
  2. Who does this bigoted, anti-semite, Whangdoodle Barry, think he's fooling? If he could, this confirmed Jewish hater from Jeremiah Wright's racist, front pew church, would launch devastating airstrikes against Israel, helping his Moose Limb pals in the Middle East. But Whangdoodle can't. Not now, anyway. Instead, under the pretext of helping Iran secure "peaceful nuclear power" capabilties, Whangdoodle Barry is making sure the crazyass mullahs who infest the Irianian leadership are closer than ever to developing a nuclear weapon which they can use against the Jewish people, maybe Amer
  3. After months of provocation by extremist leftists in the government and white liberal media, the Mob in Ferguson, MO this week crossed the line into criminality and shot two police officers. This sordid episode in American history was authored, primarily, by two principles, the invidious tag team of racists in the White house and Department of Justice: Whangdoodle Barry and Eric Holder. Today, the national media reports that local police will begin investigating the shootings in Ferguson. They ought to begin their investigation in the Oval Office and the DOJ.
  4. It's unlikely the craven Republicans in the House and Senate will impeach Whangdoodle Barry, the most racist and anti-semitic president in U.S. history. It's up to law enforcement agencies to arrest, handcuff and perp walk this lawless character. But who should step forward and collar this scofflaw? Capitol Police? The FBI? The Texas Rangers? The Chicago Police Department? Interpol? The Ferguson Missouri Police Dept? Navy Seals? The X-Men? The Gay San Francisco Police Department? Border Patrol?
  5. Ordering a pizza (no anchovies) Spreading nasty rumors about Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren Practicing her DemonKKKrat presidential nomination speech Making crank calls to Monica Lewinsky Excercising hard to lose 100 pounds of ugly fat (most of it above her neck) Ordering another pizza (extra peppers) Writing a new book titled, " My Brain Is Even Bigger Than My Butt" Calling Al Sharpton and asking if he'd be interested in becoming her Secretary of State
  6. So far, Mrs. Queen Hillary The First, The Smartest And Most Independent Woman Who Ever Lived (With A Man), has been publicly humiliated twice. First, during her husband's administration and the revelation of many sexual betrayals by Bill culminating in the Monica Lewinsky affair. Then, Hillary Benghazi Clinton was further humilated in 2008 when her putative presidential nomination was unceremoniously discarded in favor of a barely known lazyass from Chicago. Now, there's the possibility of a third public humiliation in the works. The DemonKKKrat faithful are beginning to seriously wo
  7. Ah, shaddup you toothless ol' hobo. Yo momma with her legs spread wide open seemed to like it just fine.
  8. Brothers and sisters, knights-in-waiting, do we need a new set of Crusades? Absolutely! The Moose Limb-appeasing politicians in Western countries, including the United States, are useless and will only result in the deaths of more Christians. We need a new Crusades, right now, in the following locales: New York City Boston London Madrid Sidney Berlin Los Angeles Michigan Nigeria Scandanavia The White House
  9. Ma'am, put down the crack pipe and wake up. It's 2015--not 2007. Yikes.
  10. These Islamofascist cockroaches are becoming more brazen. We desperately need a war time president, not a lazyass, cheap crook who hates Americans and can't even bring himself to describe these savages as Islamic terrorists. Can you imagine what can happen if these Moose Limb monsters get their hands on a nucelar weapon?
  11. Since their street corner savior, Whangdoodle Barry, was coronated once again in 2012, white libs have been bleating about the lack of GOP candidates for the 2016 presidential election. As if any Republican candidates would ever meet their approval anyway. A possible shining pair nobody is talking about: Scott Walker, the Republican governor from Wisconsin and for Vice-President, Susana Martinez, the fiesty Mexican-American governor from New Mexico. Think about it, all ye faithful. Walker would more than satisfy the all-important conservative base and Martinez would bring in the so-c
  12. Nothing funnier than a bunch of ol' white libs scurrying to defend their crooked belief system.
  13. Today, the three Islamofascist cockroches who killed twelve people at a newspaper office and four hostages at a kosher market, were shot dead by French police. Good job, gendarme! But your work, Mr. French policeman, has just begun. First, you must ignore the ignorant leftist politicians who will insist on drafting more gun laws. Secondly, ignore the equally stupid white lib media in France, Europe and the USA who are already fretting about how civilized people will view all Moose Limbs. Finally, arm your Paris policemen with heavy duty firearms. A Parisian policeman who doesn'
  14. Don't deny it, white liberal. Your hero, Whangdoodle Barry, his racist henchmen like Eric Holder and Al Sharpton and the equally vicious lib media are all complicit in the murderous rampage in Paris yesterday by three Moose Lib fascists. Barry and libs everywhere--never forget--implicitly agree with the grievances of Islamofascists. Whangdoodle Barry and his henchemen are purposely stoking the hatred of these anti-Christian, anti-Western savages. The French, like the British, are fighting a losing battle. Here in America, we must re-double our efforts against these hate-filled bi
  15. Later this week, college football's four best teams will be face to face, nose to nose. The first game, the Ohio State Buckeyes versus the Alabama Crimson Tide, will be be a no contest. The red and gray Ohio team cannot match Alabama's superior athleticism and multi-demensionalism. Winner: Alabama by 12. The second game, the Oregon Dicks versus the Florida State Seminoles will feature the two Heisman trophy winners from the past two years. The Noles, I think, will have finally run of out fourth quarter heroics. Winner: Oregon by 8. The natonal championship game will be one of t
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